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    When I try to change the Image Size of my Single Product via the customizer, only the image in the shop katalog is changed. How Can I change the Size of the Image on my Product Page?


    Thank you Very much!

    Nodari Support Team

    Hey there

    Please try configuration of a single product image form the Appearance > customize > Shop > single product and then from the style tab in the image section you will have a different section, I tried it and it works normally, https://prnt.sc/u9hpa8

    Hope it helps 🙂



    thank you for your message!
    Unfortnatly this is not the Problem.

    Appearance > customize > Shop > single product and then from the style tab
    Let me change the Size of the Image in the given Size, currently 462 x 308 is to small and i want to mage the Images bigger.
    I want to Change the Size of the box in which the image is in. Can you please tell my how I can do that?

    Thank you very much,

    Nodari Support Team

    Hello Alex,

    I just set it to 900px height and it worked without any problem: https://prnt.sc/ua2emq

    Also, I removed the top and bottom margin 100px

    Is this what you wanted Alex?


    thank you, but what I try to accomplish is actually to modify the width and the height. f. e. I want the Size of the Images to be 565 x 375, how change the width?


    &  in this video https://jupiterx.artbees.net/feature-shop-customizer/ it is said that the on mobile it looks “automaticly” good but when you look at the pahe from a mobile phone thare are many things to fix like right image size. Hox can I do that? In the Customizer isnt a option for that?


    Nodari Support Team

    Hello Alexander

    Only the option to change the height and width of the featured image in the single product page is from here: https://prnt.sc/ua2emq there is no other option for default template, however, you are able to manually create a custom single product template where you can create custom size featured: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bzIrF6-ULGo

    Hope it helps but if you still have any question im here 🙂

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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