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  • Peter Müller


    i created a header-menu with a sub menu. the header is transparent and sticky.
    so far so good – after finding out how to manage this i’m satisfied with the result but i expirience some strange scolling effect.

    it looks like i’m reloading the menu when i’m scrolling down, at some point the menu disappears.

    may you help me out ?


    kind regards

    Mohsin Al-Rabieai Support Team

    Hi Peter,

    It was just a combination of a bunch of bad practices:

    – Please avoid enabling the Sticky option on header sections using somewhere third party plugins or Elementor Pro. I disabled this option on both of your header template sections.

    – When you set the sticky header, do not set the offset to 0. Use a greater value than your header’s height. If you want to have a fixed, header, please set the header to be fixed.

    I just fixed the issue using the above practices. Please check them now.


    Peter Müller

    hello mohsin,

    thannk you for your help – it seems that elementor doesn’t work anymore. i have no admin panel and when i try to edit a pade with elementor starting from pages i get somekind of a timeout with a message that i should activate safe mode and look for what is not working.

    ideas ?

    Peter Müller

    this message comes up when i try to load a page when i use the site menu

    “Your Coming Soon or Maintenance page needs to be setup.”

    Peter Müller

    screenshot errormessage

    Mohsin Al-Rabieai Support Team

    Hi peter,

    sorry, I had to disable the maintenance mode to investigate the issue and when I turned it on again, apparently, it needed a maintenance page setup. I settled a maintenance page on the maintenance plugin settings and the issue is resolved. Please check.


    Peter Müller

    thank you for your help! that saved my day !!!

    Peter Müller

    elementor still doesn’t lead – i increased memory limit to 256mb … no success

    any ideas about that ?

    Mohsin Al-Rabieai Support Team

    You are most welcome 🙂

    We would greatly appreciate it if you could please share your experience in using our product and the support you’ve received. You can quickly do so by going to the “Downloads” tab in Themeforest. Thank you on behalf of the whole Artbees Team!

    Peter Müller

    i get this errorcode when elementor loads

    Peter Müller

    i increased memory limit to 512mb and talked to my hoster about that … i get random error message about that 500 code

    any ideas?

    Nodari Support Team

    Hi Peter

    Where and where exactly this is happening? I tried a few pages, added some random widgets, updated them, then deleted them and was not able to see the error, is this already resolved?


    Peter Müller

    hit posts, there are 2 posts only. try to edit the marked one – it loads forever, and the message to turn on safe mode in the bottom right appears.

    Peter Müller

    try the second – the first post is working now

    Mohsin Al-Rabieai Support Team
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    Peter Müller

    hello mohsin,

    thank you for your help – to make things short, … i moved the site from my developer-site to it’s original host.
    i wanted to make shure not to run in other problem than that.

    everythings works.

    i was trying to clear the browsers cache, used firefox, chrome, opera.
    i was even talking to my hoster if they have problems on their site of the i-net.

    it looked like this problem moved from one page to another.

    but again, thank you for your patience and your tips. everything works!!

    beste wishes and kind regards

    Alexander Hutsol Support Team

    Hello Peter,

    You are welcome 🙂

    We are glad to know everything works fine, thank you for notifying.



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