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    I cant figure out what’s happening, but my H3 headers are showing up blue. In Theme Styles, I’ve set the default color to a dark grey. The headers that I set the color directly on the header widget are fine. But the ones that were set to a default color are blue. I attached a screenshot of an edit page showing the H3 header color set to default and the title is dark grey. Then I have another screenshot that shows the front end displaying a blue title instead. Here is the page used in the screenshot, but like I said, it’s happening all over the site.

    However, this did happen after I changed the color of the header reading “description” on this page.

    Thank you for your help.


    Shucks, the attachments didn’t go through. Here they are.


    I added another screenshot of the text in a section at the bottom of the same page. I noticed this as well, I think it might be a similar thing happening. In this image, all the text should be the same as the word “Analula”

    Amir Rather Support Team

    Hi There

    In the Elementor Global Settings > Site Settings > Global Colors I set the Primary Color to Grey https://take.ms/5Vjds

    Please check now.



    I have the same issue, overnight. I edited my staging site only (not live) and added a new primary colour – only used this colour on one section background. did not change anything else…

    Today on both my live site (which was not updated from staging at all) and staging site all the H1, H2, H3 etc font colours are a shade of blue… but when I edit the site in elementor they appear ‘normal’ ie the almost black they should be.

    Also colours have changed on menu selection (to a shade of bright green) – again on both live and staging, with no changes made in this area…

    any ideas?

    Further info – both my sites are set to autoupdate the elementor plugin, both are running 3.4.1 which was updated 17 hours ago, wondering if a change in the plugin is causing the issue with my jupiterx theme…

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    Alexander Hutsol Support Team

    Hello Tim,


    Yes, the issue is caused by Elementor new version.

    Please roll back to 3.3.1 version via Elementor > Tools > Version Control.

    For now don’t update Elementor.

    Let us know the result.




    Hi Alexander,

    Elementor have done another update 3.4.2 about 8 hours ago and the issues seem to have resolved. However, following your notes above I checked the version control area (thanks for this info) and found the following (see screenshot) – any idea whether its safe to run the update script to migrate to v3.0 or will that permanently mess up my sites?



    Amir Rather Support Team

    Your version is 3.4 already no need to migrate anymore in my opinion.


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