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    Hi there,

    I created a customized sticky header with Elementor Pro.  The main header is transparent and supposed to swap to the sticky header with opaque background as the screen scrolls.  It works fine in Elementor editor, but behaves in weird way on Jupeter X pages.

    The sticky opaque version only appear once at the position where it supposed to swap (100 px) then it swap back to transparent header, even worse when scroll back to the top, it changes to sticky header where it supposed to be transparent.

    I’ve tried to update all plugins and other methods mentioned in the forum with similar issues but none of the solutions works for me.

    Mohsin Al-Rabieai Support Team

    Hi there,

    The Elementor method of creating sticky header has conflicts with Jupiter X. You should either drop using sticky header with Jupiter X or avoid using Elementor Pro method. It is explained here already:

    What I did to fix this was to copy the sticky header section to your Header Sticky template, removed the Display Conditions on your Elementro Pro “My Header” template, and assigned the header and sticky header template through Appearnce -> Customize -> Header. I also added a light transparent background to your sticky header so you be able to see the sticky header on white backgrounds.

    Hope it helps 🙂


    Great! It works perfectly now.  Thanks!



    Alexander Hutsol Support Team


    You are welcome 🙂

    Feel free to create a new topic if you have any other questions.



Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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