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    Hi again,

    Thank you for all your help.

    I would like to directly link to certain filters that appear on dev-khayeriflooring.tetrixdigital.com/shop however I seem to be having trouble with it. I made sure that all template pages were made on Woo Builder however when I click on a certain filter on the SHOP page I notice that the URL doesn’t in fact change.

    The products that have been added all have different categories and I would like to link to those categories/subcategories but need to have a valid URL so that when that particular URL is opened, it will bring the SHOP page with that filter option already selected.

    Your kind help is much appreciated!

    Amir Rather Support Team

    Hi there

    You can find the Product Category URLS here https://dev-khayeriflooring.tetrixdigital.com/wp-admin/edit-tags.php?taxonomy=product_cat&post_type=product as well as Sub Categories.

    However, JetSmartFilers don’t provide the URLs for individual filters, in fact, it doesn’t create URLs for them so that is not possible, unfortunately.



    Thank you Amir for your reply, I actually was able to get the URL from that page however the issue is when you open that URL, it brings the shop page with all the products in it.

    For example the URL: https://dev-khayeriflooring.tetrixdigital.com/product-category/scandinavia/

    When you open it, it brings the shop page and shows that Scandinavia has been selected however it shows ALL the products that have been added to WooCommerce. I know there was a way that you would open the category URL and it would only display items from that category however I don’t remember how to set that up.


    Amir Rather Support Team

    Hi there

    This was because all products were shown through the JetWoo template, I enabled the Use Current Query option here https://take.ms/jyqOM

    This option works on the shop archive page and allows you to display products for current categories, tags, and taxonomies.

    check this category now https://dev-khayeriflooring.tetrixdigital.com/product-category/scandinavia/copenhagen/



    Thank you very much that really helped. Now my next question is when you are on https://dev-khayeriflooring.tetrixdigital.com/product-category/scandinavia/copenhagen/ and then decide to also click on another filter for example NORDIC (right underneath Copenhagen) then all of a sudden it shows the message: No products found. The only way to fix it is by visiting the shop page and then re-selecting the filter.

    Is there a workaround for this by any chance?


    Thank you

    Nodari Support Team
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    Hi, so sorry for the late reply, I’ve noticed right now the APPLY FILTER button is causing more problems, basically any category I select and press APPLY FILTER it shows the wrong products.

    For example, when I select NORDIC and press APPLY FILTER it shows items from other categories as well.

    Is there a way to fix this?

    Mohsin Al-Rabieai Support Team

    Hi Sam,

    Sorry for the delayed response. you are using a shop page template, so you need to change the filter to apply on WooCommerce Archive (by JetWoobuilder) instead of “Products Grid).

    I changed it for one of the filters and it was effective and fixed the issue. You need to do the same for the rest of the filters on your shop page template.




    Thank you Mohsin for your help, really appreciate it!

    Alexander Hutsol Support Team


    You are welcome.

    Feel free to create a new topic if you have any other questions.



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