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    I made a template to use on all my single portfolios. It is saved as a template.

    When i create a single portfolio, I import my template, edit it with the right info and publish it.

    On the front it shows the template, not the single.

    I tried to change the main page template ( default, and the others…) its not displaying my single.

    Where am i wrong please?

    Local environment.

    Thank you.


    I also did set my template on the customizer.

    Amir Rather Support Team

    After setting it in the Customizer the Portfolio single should show the Custom Template.

    Are you using the Latest Theme and Plugin version? Also please provide screenshots of the template, customizer setting and the single portfolio view.



    Hello, thank you for your answer Amir,

    Yes all up to date.

    Here are 3 screens :

    When i set the customizer for single to my custom tempate, it just shows the template, not the single portfolio content.

    If it set the customizer to defaut, i get the content of the single.

    From what i understand, the template doesn’t really work as a template.

    Its just a prebuilt bloc that you can apply to a page.

    I need to create one template as a reference and then fill the different data for all the porfolios on that template.

    AND more importantly, to be able to propagate the template changes automatically to all the single portfolios.


    With elementor PRO activated, we get smart elements such as post name. this is getting where i want to.. BUT

    When i create my template with those automatic elements, i cant have it working on the single. It says that i need to use the content element. That element just doubles all my other element without the possibility to edit them seperatly.

    Does it make sense?

    Am i doing it wrong ?

    Also, elementor pro is conflicting with my custom header. I did not use / remove any conditions.

    Does it make sense?

    Am i doing it wrong ?

    You have no idea how many hours i m loosing trying to make those basic things work. It was supposed to make me gain time..

    My experience with jupiterx is very frustration so far. Redoing things, searching where it blocks.. Trying to understand your logic… Lost of conflicts, conditions, and not user friendly features. Makes me feel like i’m an idiot….

    Finally, the code has many issues for me. Lots of element have the same ID trouhout the theme.

    When Styling one specific element, others get affected. This should not happen.

    I hope my feedback helps making it more userfriendly.

    Thank you.


    I have just spend another day trying to make your custom template work without success.

    I have an extended amount of single portfolios to display and i choose your theme for the possibility of creating a template.

    I need the changes to propagate to all the child pages using that main template.

    You are very good for marketing your theme but it feels like its a nice empty shell in the end.

    The behaviors are weird and i encountered lots of nonsense.

    Not no mention the absence of support.

    I m disapointed and i wont use your theme again after i get out of this mess.

    Mohsin Al-Rabieai Support Team

    My apologies for the inconvenience and the delay. I just tried to style the elements within a portfolio template on my local machine and it worked just fine. Is there any possibility that you can provide a temporary username and password and a link where we can see what is wrong on your website? If yes, please provide it on a private reply. Thanks.


    I did mention “Local environment.”

    I have plenty issues with :

    • Custom template not working. Just not propagating the modifications to the singles where i imported the custom template
    • Global widget ( posts) not being able to sort when made global. Working only when unlinked which means i have to do all the changes manually to all of my portfolio posts… and there is a lot!!!
    • Main div showing with a top-margin. possible to set a custom css marging to negative but i should not have to do this.
    • ALL font-awesome not showing. Is it an issue related to the local environement? the https?
    • Not possible to get the specific headers to work on specific pages when elementor pro is activated.
    • errors in console : DevTools failed to load SourceMap

    All the answers i got were, give us your credentials.

    First of all those issues should not be happening.

    Secondly this is no kind of support.


    I hope you have something better for me.

    Thank you.

    Tatyana Hutsol Support Team



    Sorry for a delay.

    As my colleague told in the previous post, such issues don’t persist on our test site. So we need to check your installation.

    Can you upload your site to any web host and provide us with WP Dashboard credentials in the private reply?

    It will help to investigate the problems you’re experiencing.


    Much appreciated.


Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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