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  • Paul Barkley

    First, the dashboard says:  “An error occured while validating your license. Please try reloading the page. If the problem still persists, contact Artbees support.”

    This website has been working fine for several months.  I updated a few of the plugins today, then deactivated and reactivated them, and the problems started.

    In addition to the above error, Raven, which is required, has disappeared.  Although JupiterX complains that it’s needed, it doesn’t appear as a plugin; a link for Advanced Custom Fields was provided, but not one for Raven.  Thus, I don’t know how to get it back as a plugin.  It was probably my fault that I deleted it accidentally, but there should be a way to recover from that.

    Attempting to update the system (Updates tab) throws this error message:  “Something went wrong, please try again.”  I thought an update might bring back Jupiter X.

    In addition, the system incorrectly complains about a missing required PHP module:  “The required module, imagick, is not installed, or has been disabled.”  This is not true.  Although this is a shared server, the module is in place (confirmed by tech support) AND I have added code to BOTH the php.ini file AND the .htaccess file so there is no chance this is disabled.

    I’m guessing that updating the plugins today, and deactivating a few of them momentarily, caused this problem, but there seem to be cascading issues here.  I would appreciate a little help.




    Olaf Guse

    I got the same Issue, after Updating to Jupiter 1.21.0 in two separate WordPress in both the Raven-Plugin is missing. I see the message in control panel that the Plugin is required with a link to the Installer-Section but there it is missing, too. I deleted the Plugin before Theme-Update as is advised in Update-Notice. Is Raven deprecated or ist it an Error in the updater-routine?

    Olaf Guse

    I noticed all Raven-Elements are still present in Elementor but are now called “Jupiter X Elements”. So Raven is history now? Artbees should communicate that better. And after the theme-update it is not possible to delete the Raven-plugin, this had to be done before the Jupiter-Core-plugin-update. I downgraded Jupiter and Core-plugin, deleted the Raven-plugin and did the Update again to solve the problem.

    Danish Iqbal

    Hello Paul,

    Sorry for the inconvenience.

    1 – We are aware of the registration issue with the latest theme update. The team is fixing it and will soon release a patch. If you want I can fix it temporarily for now.


    2 – The Raven plugin is merged with Jupiter X Core now and you should delete the Raven plugin.


    3 – Sometimes, the automatic theme update can have problems and the alternative is to update the theme via WordPress Dashboard. Please follow this article to update the theme Via WordPress Dashboard https://themes.artbees.net/docs/updating-jupiter-x-theme-automatically/#updating_jupiter_x_theme_via_wordpress_dashboard


    4 – The issue with the Imagick seems to be valid. I have created a bug report for this and the team is on it.



    Paul Barkley

    In a world where 99% of the errors are my fault, it’s refreshing to occasionally run into a problem that someone else needs to fix.  🙂  Thank you for your detailed reply and for getting on this so quickly.  I’ll wait until you get the patches done and then I’ll update again.




    Danish Iqbal

    The update will be available soon 🙂

    Thank you for your patience, Paul.



Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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