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  • George Sears

    Howdy Artbees,

    I’m running into an issue where Google is not propogating my page titles properly, SEO wise. Within Yoast, I have custom page titles configured, yet these are not propogating successfully and instead are displaying titles less descriptive, pulling content from the page instead of the titles and descriptions I configured in Yoast. It has been almost two weeks since the page titles were crafted in Yoast which should be more than enough time for google to propogate.

    Are there multiple page title tags and descriptions I am not aware of? Is there a way to force the correct one title and descriptions and remove the incorrect ones?

    Let me know what I can do to fix this or if y’all have a fix for this. I’ll attach a screenshot below of what I’m talking about for the contact page only. This is affecting almost all pages, but I figured only one would be needed.

    Thank you!

    Mohsin Al-Rabieai Support Team

    Hi George,
    I see the issue and understand it, but after I carefully inspected the page source I realized everything is the way it should be. I guess this article can be helpful though:


    Maybe, also add your website to your Google Search Console and see if there are any errors. Only the site owner can do this.


    George Sears
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    Amir Rather Support Team

    Hi There

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Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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