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The latest updates to Jet Engine Plugin :

2.10.2 - November 26, 2021

  • ADD: Title Field option for the Repeater Meta Field;
  • ADD: an ability to copy repeater item in meta boxes;
  • ADD: an ability to collapse repeater items in meta boxes on page load;
  • ADD: Author ID parameter to WC_Product_Query;
  • ADD: warning tooltip on removing repeater item in meta boxes;
  • ADD: base macros class to more refined custom macros registration -
  • FIX: WC_Product_Query id in Data Stores;
  • FIX: %current_terms% and %queried_term% macros in WC_Products_Query Tax Query;
  • FIX: select2 styles in interface builder module;
  • FIX: prevent js error in Elementor Editor;
  • FIX: print inner templates styles in listing item on ajax;
  • FIX: hierarchy relations.

2.10.1 - November 17, 2021

  • ADD: support Save as array checkbox fields for terms meta;
  • ADD: Post Has Terms condition in the Dynamic Visibility module;
  • ADD: updating the user display_name property on update user action;
  • ADD: an ability to use shortcodes in email notifications content;
  • ADD: an ability to use multiple post types in the Calendar Listing;
  • FIX: applying Is checked setting from glossary option;
  • FIX: init Data Store Button script;
  • FIX: Images gallery slider callback in Blocks Editor;
  • FIX: JetSmartFilters Indexer compatibility lazy load with Use as Archive Template;
  • FIX: process meta box conditions for non-hiearachical terms.

2.10.0 - November 9, 2021

  • ADD: New admin conditions for meta boxes;
  • ADD: Admin filters for CPT;
  • ADD: Quick Edit support for CPT and CCT;
  • ADD: Dynamic data funcitonality for blocks editor;
  • UPD: compatibility between JetReviews and WC_Product_Query;
  • UPD: notice if custom format don't have %s or %1$s in the Dynamic Field;
  • FIX: better custom query check for Listing Grid widget;
  • FIX: calendar widget with nested listings;
  • FIX: ensure indexer correctly works with CCT and filters with multiple keys;
  • FIX: better Query Builder and JetSmartFilters compatibility;
  • FIX: custom query check for Listing Grid widget;
  • FIX: avoid CCTs REST API Create endpoints from updating existing items if _ID is presented in the request.

2.9.4 - October 20, 2021

  • FIX: gallery dynamic tag if value is empty;
  • FIX: export CCT items to CSV for available users;
  • FIX: prevent js error on init captcha in popup if popup don't have form;
  • FIX: calendar widget with nested listings;
  • FIX: additional output validation in the Dynamic Field;
  • FIX: ensure select, radio and checkboxes fields are processed correctly when registered programmatically;
  • FIX: pin view if using global colors in the Map Listing;
  • FIX: inline svg icon color in the Map Listing;
  • FIX: prevent remove term metadata on quick edit term;
  • UPD: compatibility with upcoming JetSmartFilters indexer update;
  • UPD: better compatibility glossaries with filters;
  • ADD: an ability to use Query Count dynamic tag in the Dynamic Visibility;
  • ADD: Icon Size control for the Data Store Button widget;
  • ADD: compatibility with SEOPress plugin.

2.9.3 - September 15, 2021

  • FIX: meta condition with glossary;
  • FIX: PHP error in Map Listing if Elementor deactivated;
  • FIX: better compatibility with the Hello theme;
  • FIX: prevent PHP errors on Elementor data update;
  • FIX: init listing slider in Blocks editor;
  • FIX: open map marker popup by click on the CCT listing item;
  • FIX: Crocoblock/suggestions#3852;
  • FIX: current-id macros for WC_Product_Query;
  • ADD: Center Mode setting in the Listing Grid Slider;
  • ADD: hooks for adding custom arrow icon in the Listing Grid slider;
  • ADD: allow to export/import queries and glossaries.

2.9.0 - August 27, 2021

  • ADD: Import glossaries from the file;
  • ADD: Calculated Columns and Grouping Results for SQL Queries;
  • ADD: Advanced mode for the SQL queries to write Query manually;
  • ADD: Current user meta macros;
  • ADD: Query Results for Dynamic Functions;
  • ADD: External Modules;
  • ADD: Dynamic Tables Module;
  • ADD: Dynamic Charts Module;
  • ADD: Post Expiration Period Module;
  • ADD: Attachment file link by ID Module;
  • ADD: Custom visibility conditions Module;
  • ADD: Trim string callback Module;
  • FIX: various fixes and improvements.

2.8.6 - July 17, 2021

  • ADD: Bearer Token authorization type for REST API;
  • ADD: an ability to query CCT by random order;
  • ADD: an ability to change size of delimiter in the Dynamic Repeater;
  • ADD: an ability to change size an icon marker in the Map Listing;
  • UPD: Make Dynamic blocks compatible with new Query Loop feature;
  • UPD: avoid PHP notices when accessing CCT REST API endpoints;
  • FIX: prevent php error on Elementor Data Updater action;
  • FIX: Hide past events in the Calendar;
  • FIX: compatibility the Dynamic image widget with Hello theme;
  • FIX: avoid Glossaries options glitch on delete;
  • FIX: WC_Product_Query items per page;
  • FIX: Exclude children tax query option in the Query builder;
  • FIX: init forms block on document.ready to ensure WYSIWIG field worked correctly;
  • FIX: avoid recursion in the Dynamic field.

2.8.5 - June 15, 2021

  • ADD: CCT and map listing compatibility;
  • ADD: WC Query for Query Builder.

2.8.4 - June 9, 2021

  • FIX: compatibility the Map Listing with the JetSmartFilters

2.8.3 - June 8, 2021

  • ADD: allow to calculate Dynamic Functions values by related posts;
  • UPD: API method to get meta fields by context;
  • FIX: Crocoblock/suggestions#3310;
  • FIX: Crocoblock/suggestions#3068;
  • FIX: Crocoblock/suggestions#3423.

2.8.2 - June 2, 2021

  • FIX: PHP 7.0.x compatibility.

2.8.1 - June 1, 2021

  • ADD: Global settings for actions, additional sidebar plugins, for example reCAPTCHA v3;
  • ADD: The ability to use global settings in MailchimpGetResponse & ActiveCampaign actions;
  • ADD: Compatibility with JetForms Add-оns;
  • UPD: Allow to show total count and current page count in the Query Count dynamic tag;
  • FIX: Prevent accidental deletion of CCT item;
  • FIX: Remove mask from empty input on submit the Form;
  • FIX: Ensure only CCT item author can edit CCT item with front-end form;
  • FIX: Prevent php error in cct preset form.

2.8.0 - May 14, 2021

  • ADD: Query Builder functionality;
  • UPD: Better compatibility CCT and SmartFilters;
  • FIX: various fixes.

2.7.8 - April 9, 2021

  • ADD: Column Width control for Checkbox & Radio Fields in the Form;
  • FIX: correctly setup the current object.

2.7.7 - April 8, 2021

  • FIX: additional output validation for some widgets.

2.7.6 - April 8, 2021

  • ADD: an ability to choose value format for media and gallery meta fields;
  • ADD: compatibility with Rank Math and Yoast;
  • FIX: additional output validation for some widgets;
  • FIX: wisywig field on Options Page;
  • FIX: save terms meta;
  • FIX: various minor fixes.

2.7.5 - March 31, 2021

  • ADD: assign_terms capability in the Taxonomies component;
  • UPD: allow to filter SQL query before dynamic function is applied;
  • FIX: lazyload listing on search result page;
  • FIX: conditional logic in the form with URL field;
  • FIX: saving the date value in timestamp format on Option Page;
  • FIX: correct display the value in date control on Option Page;
  • FIX: display an icon of widget in elementor context menu;
  • FIX: JetSmartFilters pagination + CCT.

2.7.4 - March 17, 2021

  • ADD: Glossaries functionality;
  • ADD: an ability use `REGEX` and `NOT REGEX` options for the Operator control in the Meta Query;
  • ADD: convert cyrillic slug of CPT, Taxonomies, Option Page, CCT to latin;
  • UPD: help_links in components;
  • FIX: prevent php notice in the injections module;
  • FIX: avoid letter-casing related errors when checking if DB table is exists;
  • FIX: index value in `verbose_repeater` method;
  • FIX: default items indents in masonry layout;
  • FIX: export/import the Listing items of blocks type;
  • FIX: PHP error on some servers;
  • FIX: duplicate print elementor-frontend css on lazyload listing;

2.7.3 - March 3, 2021

  • ADD: Include option to the Terms Order By control
  • ADD: JS trigger on add/remove items into store
  • FIX: Elementor 3.1.2 compatibility issue
  • FIX: submitting a form if a required media field is hidden

2.7.1 - February 22, 2021

  • FIX: prevent error on adding Listing Grid block without any additional modules activated.

2.7.0 - February 22, 2021

  • ADD: Dynamic Tag to insert macros in visual way;
  • ADD: Query and layout controls fro the Listing Grid block for the Gutenberg editor;
  • ADD: Listing Calendar block for the Gutenberg editor;
  • ADD: Map Listing block for the Gutenberg editor;
  • ADD: Forms block for the Gutenberg editor;
  • ADD: Allow to style JetEngine Gutenberg blocks with JetStyleManager plugin;
  • FIX: various bug fixes and improvements.

2.6.4 - February 12, 2021

  • FIX: compatibility the load more listing with filter by checkboxes field;
  • FIX: remove mask from empty input on submit the Form;
  • FIX: PHP 8 compatibility;
  • FIX: wysiwyg field in WP 5.6;
  • FIX: CCT forms preset processing;
  • FIX: setup _listing_type on create a listing item.

2.6.3 - January 27, 2021

  • ADD: copy to clipboard for shortcode generator;
  • ADD: meta viewport for page canvas template;
  • ADD: an ability display the Post ID in Admin Columns;
  • FIX: User listing and SmartFilters pagination compatibility;
  • FIX: wysiwyg field in WP 5.6;
  • FIX: work of macros in the Calendar widget;
  • FIX: Rest API endpoints and listing creation;
  • FIX: compatibility the dynamic visibility module with the map listing module;
  • FIX: Getting CCT items from data store;
  • FIX: checked radio/checkbox field with custom template.

2.6.2 - December 17, 2020

  • UPD: JetDashboard Module to v2.0.6;
  • UPD: better CCT forms preset processing;
  • FIX: saving a date field of term as a timestamp;
  • FIX: conditional logic in the Form.

2.6.1 - December 16, 2020

  • ADD: conditional logic to inside repeater in the Form;
  • ADD: an ability to disable the marker clustering in the Map Listing widget;
  • ADD: RapidAPI auth for REST API listings;
  • UPD: better human_time_diff callback handling;
  • UPD: better compat with WPML;
  • UPD: better Gutenberg compatibility;
  • FIX: duplicate init elements handlers;
  • FIX: save checkbox value inside repeater in the Option Page;
  • FIX: prevent error on empty rest API query result.

2.6.0 - December 4, 2020

  • ADD: Possibility to Differentiate Account Pages by Roles in User Profile Builder;
  • ADD: REST API Endpoint Management for CCT;
  • ADD: REST API Listings;
  • ADD: REST API Request Form Notification Type;
  • ADD: Possibility to Add Posts to Data Stores Upon the Post Review;
  • ADD: Possibility to “Inject alternative listing items” in last position;
  • ADD: ССТ Items Duplication;
  • ADD: Allow to automatically generate forms for the CCT items;
  • UPD: New UI for Module Management;
  • FIX: various fixes and improvements.

2.5.6 - November 18, 2020

  • ADD: `datetime` field type in the Form module;
  • ADD: `post_date`, `post_date_gmt` post properties to save appropriate form fields;
  • ADD: `Decimals Point` and `Thousands separator` settings in the Dynamic Functions Tag;
  • ADD: `ignore_sticky_posts` in the Listing Grid widget;
  • FIX: Getting map popup data with plain permalinks enabled;
  • FIX: dynamic value for form fields if user not logged;
  • FIX: lazy load listing inside another lazy load listing;
  • FIX: prevent CCT DB tables creation error on some MySQL versions;
  • FIX: an ability to change size and hover color of svg icon in dynamic widgets;
  • FIX: Crocoblock/suggestions#2054;
  • FIX: CCT listing with lazy load.

2.5.5 - November 9, 2020

  • ADD: an ability to use dynamic value for conditions in the Form;
  • ADD: ‘Is mobile device’ condition for Dynamic Visibility module;
  • ADD: user listings and Data Stores compatibility;
  • UPD: allow to get data in the dynamic widgets depends on selected context (post, current user, current author etc);
  • UPD: alt text for images in the Dynamic Image widget;
  • FIX: hide the load more button if listing empty;
  • FIX: no selection option in dynamic user value in the Form.

2.5.4 - October 29, 2020

  • ADD: `Hide past events` option to the Calendar widget;
  • ADD: Search Query parameter for the Listing Grid widget;
  • ADD: CCT and sorting widget compatibility;
  • FIX: injecting posts listing settings if enable CCT module;
  • FIX: admin area access redirect on AJAX requests.

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