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The latest updates to Jet Engine Plugin :

2.6.0 - December 4, 2020

  • ADD: Possibility to Differentiate Account Pages by Roles in User Profile Builder;
  • ADD: REST API Endpoint Management for CCT;
  • ADD: REST API Listings;
  • ADD: REST API Request Form Notification Type;
  • ADD: Possibility to Add Posts to Data Stores Upon the Post Review;
  • ADD: Possibility to “Inject alternative listing items” in last position;
  • ADD: ССТ Items Duplication;
  • ADD: Allow to automatically generate forms for the CCT items;
  • UPD: New UI for Module Management;
  • FIX: various fixes and improvements.

2.5.6 - November 18, 2020

  • ADD: `datetime` field type in the Form module;
  • ADD: `post_date`, `post_date_gmt` post properties to save appropriate form fields;
  • ADD: `Decimals Point` and `Thousands separator` settings in the Dynamic Functions Tag;
  • ADD: `ignore_sticky_posts` in the Listing Grid widget;
  • FIX: Getting map popup data with plain permalinks enabled;
  • FIX: dynamic value for form fields if user not logged;
  • FIX: lazy load listing inside another lazy load listing;
  • FIX: prevent CCT DB tables creation error on some MySQL versions;
  • FIX: an ability to change size and hover color of svg icon in dynamic widgets;
  • FIX: Crocoblock/suggestions#2054;
  • FIX: CCT listing with lazy load.

2.5.5 - November 9, 2020

  • ADD: an ability to use dynamic value for conditions in the Form;
  • ADD: ‘Is mobile device’ condition for Dynamic Visibility module;
  • ADD: user listings and Data Stores compatibility;
  • UPD: allow to get data in the dynamic widgets depends on selected context (post, current user, current author etc);
  • UPD: alt text for images in the Dynamic Image widget;
  • FIX: hide the load more button if listing empty;
  • FIX: no selection option in dynamic user value in the Form.

2.5.4 - October 29, 2020

  • ADD: `Hide past events` option to the Calendar widget;
  • ADD: Search Query parameter for the Listing Grid widget;
  • ADD: CCT and sorting widget compatibility;
  • FIX: injecting posts listing settings if enable CCT module;
  • FIX: admin area access redirect on AJAX requests.

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