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The latest updates to Elementor Plugin :

3.0.11 – 2020-09-30

  • Tweak: Added “Loading” state for Global controls to reflect data loading state
  • Fix: Inaccurate height in Divider widget (#12569#12630)
  • Fix: Global Colors and Fonts are not being generated on non Elementor pages (#12637)
  • Fix: Inactive “Delicious” social network from Social Icons widget
  • Fix: Can’t restore the Site Settings document revisions
  • Fix: Creating a new Global Color or Font won’t reflect in other dropdowns until the controls section init
  • Fix: Selecting a new Global Color or Font won’t be indicated in the dropdown until the controls section init

3.0.10 – 2020-09-23

  • Fix: space_between_widgets is missing on upgrade in some cases (#12298)
  • Fix: Global Color does not apply to some patterns in Divider widget (#12501)
  • Fix: Users with “Access to edit content only” aren’t able to access the Editor (#12521)
  • Fix: If the default page layout is set to “Canvas” Headers and Footers cannot be edited (#12509)
  • Fix: Global Color and Fonts that were deleted might cause style removal from the same element
  • Fix: Opacity indication is missing in the Global Color control dropdown and in the creation prompt
  • Fix: Wrong placement of “Add New” section in a Popup when using Optimized DOM mode
  • Fix: “Edit with Elementor” button is not in the correct location
  • Fix: Global Dropdown scrollbar has redundant border in Chromium based browsers
  • Fix: Entrance animation isn’t working on edge cases in Tabs widget

3.0.9 – 2020-09-17

  • Fix: Kit settings get deleted when modifying the Site Title or Tagline in WordPress Settings and Customizer screens (#12540#12538#12562) – 2020-09-14

  • Fix: Reverted Shape Dividers are in front other elements in Chrome 85 fix due to display glitches (#12393)
  • Fix: Auto Columns control setting causes layout to be displayed in one row in a Social icons (Topic#12519)

3.0.8 – 2020-09-14

  • Fix: Additional cases of Global Style inconsistencies in Editor and Frontend (#12363)
  • Fix: Edit with Elementor button is missing from the admin top bar in some cases since WordPress 5.4 (#11728#12175)
  • Fix: Unexpected columns view when Inner Section is muted (#12376)
  • Fix: Some Shape Dividers are in front other elements in Chrome 85 (#12393)
  • Fix: JS error elementorCommon is undefined (#12323, Props @shimondoodkin)
  • Fix: Site description doesn’t get updated from the ‘Customizer’ screen
  • Fix: When Global values aren’t available don’t return an empty object
  • Fix: Message After Submit RTL icon spacing glitch
  • Fix: Select2 control dimensions adjustments

3.0.7 – 2020-09-09

  • Fix: Additional cases of Global Style inconsistencies in Editor and Frontend (#12363)
  • Fix: Plugins conflict on non-admin login to the dashboard (#12383#12388)
  • Fix: PHP error undefined method add_repeater_row caused data updater issues and server overload (#12305)
  • Fix: Global Colors and Fonts not being saved when created in Site Settings (#12272)
  • Fix: Shared link is attached to post text in Twitter Share Button widget (Props @LensDigitalUK)
  • Fix: “No route was found matching the URL and request method” error when using plain permalinks
  • Fix: Site favicon that was set from WordPress customizer is missing in Site Identity screen

3.0.6 – 2020-09-06

  • Tweak: Added dismiss button for data updater notices
  • Fix: Global Colors and Fonts are missing on front-end (#12363)
  • Fix: Database update script causes unexpected errors (#12305)
  • Fix: Custom Breakpoints stopped working since v3.0 (#12320)
  • Fix: Shortcuts for Navigator is not correct (#12365)
  • Fix: Can’t close a Navigator since v3.0 (#11836)
  • Fix: Select field dropdown caret visibility issue in edge cases in Form widget (#12053)
  • Fix: Missing iFrame title attribute in Google Maps widget (#9955)
  • Fix: Missing default size unit selection in default Global Font properties font-size and line-height controls
  • Fix: Toggle widget title style missing in Editor
  • Fix: Exiting Site Settings menu after accessing it from “Manage Global Fonts/Colors” Global dropdown menu throws a JS error

3.0.5 – 2020-08-31

  • Fix: Motion Effects not working when assigned to a column and throws JS error when DOM optimization is disabled (#12299#12275)
  • Fix: Elements behave unexpectedly in the Editor when a custom repeater control is added to Column and Section elements (#12275#12242)
  • Fix: Glitches in migration script for Gap Between Widgets global setting (#12298)
  • Fix: Console error elementorCommon is undefined (Props @shimondoodkin)
  • Fix: Missing translation string for ‘color_picker’ in the Color Picker title
  • Fix: Revisions won’t get updated to the correct one

3.0.4 – 2020-08-30

  • Tweak: Added Skype and Viber to the allowed URI protocols (#11619)
  • Tweak: Replaced WordPress “Learn More” links with dynamic links for better control over time (#12312)
  • Fix: Global Colors and Fonts inconsistencies between Editor and Frontend (#12245#12235#12303#12249)
  • Fix: Global dropdown is not available for all users
  • Fix: Removed unused strings

3.0.3 – 2020-08-27

  • Tweak: Added option to re-migrate Global Colors and Fonts from earlier versions
  • Fix: Repeater controls doesn’t work in some edge cases
  • Fix: Load Theme Builder with relevant UI theme
  • Fix: Dialog texts are not center aligned in Theme Builder
  • Fix: Changes are not reflecting on frontend when CSS Print Method is set to Internal Embedding
  • Fix: Icon List widget does not use render attribute (Props @ibndawood)

3.0.2 – 2020-08-26

  • Tweak: Added Select2 And File Import Components to Theme Builder application
  • Tweak: Added default values as placeholders to the number inputs in the Breakpoints settings section
  • Tweak: Minor UI tweaks to Globals dropdown
  • Tweak: Updated video tutorials in Theme Builder
  • Fix: Column & Section Elements fires elementor/element/after_add_attributesearly (#12185, Props @ibndawood)
  • Fix: hexdec() returns a deprecation notice (#12161)
  • Fix: Repeater controls issue after the moving to container.repeaters (#12239#12221)
  • Fix: Column Widget Space is not working when DOM Improvement is disabled (#12256Topic)
  • Fix: Resetting a style throws JS errors
  • Fix: Repeater controls backwards compatibility
  • Fix: Global Color dropdown shows Primary as marked when a custom value is added
  • Fix: Adding new Global Fonts won’t be added to the dropdown list until page reloads
  • Fix: Clicking on the Theme Builder Logo reopens it
  • Fix: Finder gets loaded in preview iframes

3.0.1 – 2020-08-25

  • Tweak: Changed “Exit to Dashboard” and “View Page” panel menu links to use <a> tag
  • Fix: set-error-handler conflict with 3rd party addons that uses REST-API (#12219)
  • Fix: Conflict between responsive options and the Navigator “Hide” option (#12123)
  • Fix: Radio inputs layout breaks when using Multi-Step Form
  • Fix: Global typography popover glitch in RTL websites

3.0.0 – 2020-08-23

  • New: Introducing Site Settings – manage your entire site within the Editor
  • New: Meet Global Fonts – the smartest way to manage your text styles (#1553#1863)
  • New: Meet Global Colors – manage your site colors more consistently (#1553#1324)
  • Tweak: Improved Elementor’s frontend dynamic CSS rendering performance significantly (#8053)
  • Tweak: Removed .elementor-inner.elementor-row and .elementor-column-wrap from DOM output to improve performance (#7351, #7817, Developers Blog Post –
  • Tweak: Added an option to set columns in Social Icons widget (#11295)
  • Tweak: Added Default Page Layout to Global Layout Settings (#4925)
  • Tweak: Made ‘z-index’ control responsive in widgets Advanced tab (#10918)
  • Tweak: Added rem unit support for Padding and Margins controls (#2810)
  • Tweak: Added control for setting link width in Icon List widget (#11945)
  • Tweak: Added image Border Radius control to Image Box widget (#9301)
  • Tweak: Added more Google Fonts subsets (#1630#1915#8186, Props @andrejm)
  • Tweak: Improved Lightbox accessibility (Props @ramiy)
  • Tweak: Added “Height” & “Object Fit” controls to Image Widget (#10962, Props @ramiy)
  • Tweak: Added a filter for allowing adding Google Fonts subsets (Props @andrejm)
  • Tweak: Changed Elementor grid to work with CSS Variables (Developers Blog Post)
  • Tweak: Updated eicons library to v5.9.1
  • Tweak: Updated e-gallery library to v1.2.0
  • Tweak: Updated Dialog library to v4.8.1
  • Tweak: Updated Google Fonts list to 07/2020
  • Tweak: Added lazyload to Lightbox slideshow images
  • Tweak: Removed unused elementor-edit-area-preview class
  • Tweak: Adding support to Vimeo external links structure
  • Tweak: Improved Masonry layout mechanism in Gallery widget
  • Tweak: Allow using Repeater control in page settings
  • Tweak: Save all Global settings to the Kit entity
  • Tweak: Converted schemes to Global variables
  • Tweak: Updated WeChat and Weibo social networks colors in Social Icons widget
  • Tweak: Added font-family property to text-area control for better readability
  • Tweak: Migrated Elementor Style settings from WP dashboard to the Global Settings menu
  • Tweak: Added real-time JS handling to prevent redundant renders in Image Carousel widget and Background Slideshow
  • Tweak: Moved “Stretch Section” control to the end of layout settings in Section element
  • Tweak: Color tweaks to editor panel elements
  • Tweak: Minor UI improvements in the editor panel
  • Tweak: Added backup warning before major version plugin upgrade
  • Tweak: Improved dialog a11y to support more accessible lightbox close button
  • Tweak: Added infrastructure support for the new Theme Builder
  • Tweak: Added an option to set the mobile browser header color in supported devices
  • Tweak: Changed panel behavior when switching document to prevent laggy behavior
  • Tweak: Added Improved DOM Output option in Elementor settings to allow legacy mode of HTML DOM prior to v3.0
  • Tweak: Removed v2.9 reference from the Dynamic promotions
  • Fix: Image block alignment broken by Elementor general figure styling (#11906#9259#7331)
  • Fix: Elementor posts aren’t properly imported with WordPress Importer v0.7 (#11466#10744#11927)
  • Fix: Divider can’t use EM font-size unit in Divider widget (#11352)
  • Fix: Theme Style overrides Icon List items typography values when list items are links in Icon List widget (#12021)
  • Fix: Responsive glitch in Range control (#11233)
  • Fix: Multiple repeater controls in the same panel causes JS errors (#11523)
  • Fix: Multiple repeater control types in same panel glitches
  • Fix: Dark mode UI glitches in Display Conditions modal
  • Fix: The wrong video being opened in Media Carousel widget
  • Fix: Dark mode UI glitch in Display conditions modal
  • Fix: Connect issues when using non-latin character domains
  • Deprecated: See all deprecations to this version in our Developers Deprecations Post

2.9.14 – 2020-07-21

  • Tweak: Added compatibility with WordPress v5.5 (#11820#11830)
  • Fix: Elementor posts aren’t properly imported with WordPress Importer v0.7 (#11466#10744)
  • Fix: Added sanitization to post titles in WordPress dashboard for better security

2.9.13 – 2020-06-23

  • Fix: Duplicated Hidden type form fields inherited required attribute in Form widget (#11578)
  • Fix: Select2 control width glitch

2.9.12 – 2020-06-14

  • Fix: Dynamic default value not working in Form widget (#11578#11609)
  • Fix: Dark mode glitches in Form Step items (#11579)
  • Fix: Unfiltered files upload not working when enabled from WordPress dashboard (Props @jrutheiser)
  • Fix: File upload control has text cursor instead of pointer cursor
  • Fix: Dark mode glitches in File upload control
  • Fix: Clear icon dark mode glitch in the widgets search box

2.9.11 – 2020-06-02

  • Fix: Several URI protocols removed from links (#11518)

2.9.10 – 2020-06-01

  • Tweak: Updated eicons library to v5.7.0
  • Tweak: Added infrastructure improvements to Repeater control to support upcoming versions
  • Fix: Popup action links triggers 404 error (#11104)
  • Fix: Removed source map comment so browsers don’t look for source map in Swiper library (#10764)
  • Fix: Elementor posts aren’t properly imported with WordPress Importer v0.7 (#11466#10744)
  • Fix: Theme Style overrides link settings in some cases (#11462)
  • Fix: UI glitch in Media controls
  • Fix: Hardened sanitization in Custom Link Attributes and in URL control to avoid security issues

2.9.9 – 2020-05-24

  • Tweak: Added ‘Learn More’ link to URL Custom Attributes Description
  • Tweak: Added real-time JS preview handling in Image Carousel widget
  • Tweak: Added File upload control UI
  • Tweak: Added support for processing Envato Template Kit ZIP files
  • Tweak: Allow disabling a repeater item sorting option by adding a class
  • Tweak: Adjusted CSS selectors to be more generic in Forms
  • Tweak: Updated content in Getting Started screen
  • Tweak: Added JSON files support to files upload handler
  • Tweak: Changed SVG Uploads prompt message to Unfiltered Files
  • Tweak: Added an option for repeater item to disable itself
  • Tweak: Removed temporary code from Page Settings
  • Tweak: Added infrastructure improvements to Repeater control to support upcoming versions
  • Fix: Default line-height value in Heading widget is overriding line-height setting in Theme Style (#10501#10649)
  • Fix: Dynamic settings are not available in frontend JS in edge cases
  • Fix: Connectivity issues in Connect module
  • Fix: Removed source map comment so browsers don’t look for source map in Swiper library (#10764)
  • Fix: Render style on repeater item change in Page Settings
  • Fix: Added sanitization to Custom Link Attributes control to avoid security issue
  • Fix: Added sanitization to URL control to avoid security issue

2.9.8 – 2020-04-21

  • Tweak: Added .webp file extension support to Elementor Lightbox
  • Fix: Added missing font-family for elementor-button class to avoid system font (#11166)
  • Fix: Site Part without any content has no height and not accessible in some cases
  • Fix: PHP notice in Connect module
  • Fix: Navigator resize action is not available in edge cases
  • Fix: SVG sanitizer href attribute for better security
  • Fix: Hardened user role that is allowed to upload unfiltered files for better security

2.9.7 – 2020-03-25

  • Tweak: Added compatibility with WordPress v5.4 (#10745)
  • Tweak: Show Typography section to everyone in Section, Column and Inner Section elements (#10592)
  • Fix: Custom Attributes section missing in Advanced tab (#10881)
  • Fix: Title color & Typography settings are being overridden by Theme Style in Accordion and Toggle widget (#10900)
  • Fix: Merged “Play On Mobile” string for better i18n in Video widget (Props @pedro-mendonca#10315)
  • Fix: Whatsapp share link does not escape HTML entities (#10746)
  • Fix: Invalid request error conflict with Yoast plugin and Share Buttons widget (#10746)
  • Fix: FontAwesome Pro icons not loading in edge cases
  • Fix: Missing Dynamic indication in Range control (#10835)
  • Fix: Carousel spins multiple times when loading in Image Carousel widget
  • Fix: Theme style overrides Lightbox Share links color
  • Fix: Loading spinner placement glitch in URL control
  • Fix: Missing separator control in Icon widget
  • Fix: Dynamic Tags with the character “0” are not visible on frontend
  • Fix: Dashboard menu UI glitch for non-Administrator role users

2.9.6 – 2020-03-12

  • Fix: Removed redundant dynamic capabilities from all of color controls inside Group controls in Theme Style
  • Fix: Global widget is clickable when editing Theme Style
  • Fix: Dropcap not working immediately in Text Editor widget
  • Security Fix: Enable Safe Mode only for activate_plugins capability

2.9.5 – 2020-03-09

  • Tweak: Added new parameter to Swiper wrapper to limit breakpoint intervention (#10525)
  • Tweak: Updated E-Gallery library to v1.1.2
  • Tweak: Show descriptive Pro Promotions only for Administrator role
  • Fix: Inconsistent responsive display issue in the Editor when using Custom Breakpoints (#10540)
  • Fix: Editor not loading when the Library launches on load (Topic)
  • Fix: Gallery Columns does not update immediately in the preview when in Masonry layout
  • Fix: Navigator does not update according to the current site part being edited
  • Fix: Hidden responsive indicator missing in editor
  • Fix: Tabs widget title color not working on mobile

2.9.4 – 2020-03-04

  • Tweak: Added support for Elementor Pro v2.9.0
  • Tweak: Updated Swiper.js library to v5.3.6
  • Tweak: Added version expected release date for Theme Style Custom CSS and Dynamic Color promotions
  • Fix: Warning in /base/controls-stack.php when a 3rd party controls doesn’t have a default dynamic value (#10578)
  • Fix: Alignment issue on drag when not set to Infinite Loop in Image Carousel widget
  • Fix: Title Color change both title and link color in Accordion widget

2.9.3 – 2020-02-26

  • Tweak: Don’t show the “Have a look” link after successful Theme Style publish
  • Tweak: Show Database update notice only for users with update_plugins capability
  • Tweak: Added Custom CSS promotion section in Theme Style
  • Tweak: Added compatibility for Pro v2.9 features
  • Fix: Warning in /base/controls-stack.php when a control doesn’t have a dynamic capability (#10578)
  • Fix: Beta Tester sign up modal pops up multiple times after signing up
  • Fix: <a> Links appear with underline text-decoration
  • Fix: Shortcode doesn’t render when exiting inline edit
  • Fix: Whatsapp not sharing the link of the page in Share buttons widget
  • Fix: Whatsapp share doesn’t include line breaks between the page title and the URL in Share buttons widget
  • Fix: Box Shadow doesn’t display properly in Toggle widget
  • Fix: Custom Link Attributes are not being applied in Icon Box widget
  • Fix: Added sanitization to Custom Link Attributes control to avoid security issue (Props @yzy9951)

2.9.2 – 2020-02-16

  • Fix: Responsive issue when using Slides to Show control in carousel widgets (#10540)
  • Fix: Title and Description causes JS error in Lightbox in edge cases

2.9.1 – 2020-02-13

  • Tweak: Added Native WordPress Gallery support for lightbox pagination
  • Tweak: Updated eicons library to v5.6.2
  • Fix: Popup builder not accessible when Pro plugin is active (#10502)
  • Fix: Pagination not working when one item is visible in carousel widgets (#10508Topic)
  • Fix: Empty panel after dragging a widget in edge cases
  • Fix: Theme Style button being added in Theme Builder documents
  • Fix: Google fonts enqueuing issue
  • Fix: Preview mode not changing when dismissing the exit prompt
  • Fix: Kit showing up in Finder results
  • Fix: Missing preview icon in Finder
  • Fix: Missing preview icon in Theme Builder footer

2.9.0 – 2020-02-10

  • New: Introducing Theme Style – set your default HTML tags styling using Elementor (#534)
  • New: Added Custom Link Attributes to Link Options to allow adding custom attributes to <a> tags (#5716#3642#9225#9079)
  • Tweak: Added Title & Description to Lightbox (#9826#2502)
  • Tweak: Added Full Screen option in Lightbox (#5260)
  • Tweak: Added direct sharing options in Lightbox (#2502)
  • Tweak: Added Zoom option in Lightbox (#9399)
  • Tweak: Moved social-share.js to Core instead of Pro (Developers Blog Post)
  • Tweak: Moved link-actions.js to Core instead of Pro and changed its name to url-actions.js (Developers Blog Post)
  • Tweak: Added dynamic capabilities to Title control in Toggle widget (#10070)
  • Tweak: Disabled autocomplete feature from the Color Picker (#10030)
  • Tweak: Added Mix social network to recommended tab in Social Icons widget (#10099)
  • Tweak: Removed StumbleUpon social network from recommended tab in Social Icons widget (#10099)
  • Tweak: Added i18n function to translation string in DB upgrades manager (Props @ramiy)
  • Tweak: Added vh and em size units to Max Width control in Image widget (#5376)
  • Tweak: Added vh and em size units to Spacer widget
  • Tweak: Exposed external API for Swiper instances (Developers Blog Post)
  • Tweak: Updated Pickr library to v1.5.0
  • Tweak: Updated Dialogs Manager library to v4.7.5
  • Tweak: Added URL hash routing capability to Lightbox
  • Tweak: Refactored panel controls UI
  • Tweak: Updated Font Awesome library to v5.12.0
  • Tweak: Converted add_render_attributes for custom links to add_link_attributes()
  • Tweak: Added a mixin for absolute-center positioning
  • Tweak: Updated eicons library to v5.6.1
  • Tweak: Changed eicon-zoom-in icon to eicon-zoom-in-bold in Template Library
  • Tweak: Allow background image and color being displayed in empty column
  • Tweak: Converted editor-base.js to ES6
  • Tweak: Added featured_image URL to frontend config
  • Tweak: Made minor UI tweaks to “Recalc” button in System Info
  • Tweak: Added inline editing capability to Progress Bar widget Title
  • Tweak: Removed redundant display conditions from Drop Cap section in Text Editor widget
  • Tweak: Remove redundant label_block parameters from control instances
  • Tweak: Added ‘alt’ property when using SVG icons in Social Icons widget
  • Tweak: Added translators comment explaining the %s placeholder in Video Provider control
  • Tweak: Added Pro features descriptive promotions to Editor panel
  • Tweak: Added Dynamic capabilities to be active by default in WYSIWYG Control
  • Tweak: Changed the position of all panel tooltips to appear above the controls
  • Tweak: Replaced nerd icons with new Elementor emojis
  • Tweak: Added descriptive message suggesting backing up the Database before upgrading to Font Awesome 5
  • Tweak: Changed panel arrow icon to chevron
  • Tweak: Deprecated Typography section in Section & Column elements for users who didn’t place values
  • Fix: playsinline attribute missing when setting self-hosted video to Play on Mobile in Video widget (#9892)
  • Fix: Beta sign-up modal closes unexpectedly (#10355)
  • Fix: “Slides to Show” option doesn’t work on Tablet view in Image Carousel widget (#10227)
  • Fix: Previous and Next buttons are not displaying on Safari in Media Carousel’s Cube mode (#9725)
  • Fix: Form style being reset adding MailChimp/Getresponse action in Form widget (#9313)
  • Fix: Post Title and Archive Excerpt wrong values in edge cases
  • Fix: Wrong <select> field width in “Add New” dialog
  • Fix: Gap created by the “Add Media” button in Text Editor widget
  • Fix: “Insert Template” library button glitch
  • Fix: WordPress Media ‘Image Details’ fields are 100% width instead of contained
  • Fix: Pause on hover can’t be disabled in Image Carousel widget
  • Fix: Aligned Dark UI Theme gradients in panel and library tabs
  • Fix: Category Select2 dropdown stays above the view on scroll in Template Library modal
  • Deprecated: See all deprecations to this version in our (Developers Deprecations Post)

2.8.5 – 2020-01-27

  • Fix: Handle corrupted DB log
  • Fix: Template inserted upside down in edge cases
  • Fix: Added data sanitization on System Info
  • Fix: Error when trying to edit widgets with inline Icons control before Font Awesome 5 migration

2.8.4 – 2020-01-19

  • Tweak: Changed default color in Color Picker
  • Fix: Curved edge with background color in Toggle widget (#5156)
  • Fix: Added sanitize data on create new template
  • Fix: Inconsistent panel view when deleting all content
  • Fix: Empty Typography control after Reset Style
  • Fix: Inline sizing delay when position is set to Absolute/Fixed in Image widget
  • Fix: Wrong sizing on undo/redo to Section element columns

2.8.3 – 2020-01-01

  • Tweak: Improved accessibility to “Go Pro” menu item (#9021)
  • Tweak: Added new CLI command – User Connect
  • Tweak: Updated Recommended Icons tab in Toggle and Accordion widgets
  • Fix: Placement glitch when dragging a widget to a new section (#9954)
  • Fix: Controls popover closes when picking a color in it
  • Fix: Dark mode style glitches in edge cases
  • Fix: Correct calculation of usage data
  • Fix: Pasting style of one Section to other changes the structure
  • Fix: Long text overflow issue in Divider widget
  • Fix: Scroll bars visible when not needed in Icon Library

2.8.2 – 2019-12-16

  • Tweak: Improved hidden responsive elements visibility
  • Fix: Autoplay not working in Image Carousel widget (#9872)
  • Fix: Logger fatal error on upgrade (#9872)
  • Fix: Negative custom shapes in Editor (#9850)
  • Fix: Render correct widget data in Global widgets
  • Fix: 0 value in Dynamic Tags causes Undefined Index error

2.8.1 – 2019-12-11

  • Fix: Style pasting issue on Columns (#9811)
  • Fix: Column duplication not working for Inner Section widget (#9824)
  • Fix: Redundant renders when changing colors in Color control
  • Fix: Dark Mode glitches in WordPress widgets (#9829)
  • Fix: Repeater rows doesn’t have _id in edge cases
  • Fix: Connect issue for Multisite users
  • Fix: Dynamic tag fallback does not handle ‘0’ character

2.8.0 – 2019-12-09

  • New: Introducing new Color Picker control with Saved Colors built-in (#6968#8982Developers Blog Post)
  • New: Introducing Dark Mode UI theme (#9263#8249#9125)
  • New: User Preferences section in Editor Panel menu
  • Tweak: Better responsive visibility indication (#8020#4775)
  • Tweak: Added background-size and background-position controls to Background Slideshow (#9199)
  • Tweak: Removed Google+ network from “Recommended” tab in Social Icons widget (#9393)
  • Tweak: Replaced default Google+ network icon with YouTube icon in Social Icons widget
  • Tweak: Added dynamic capabilities to alert widget (#9436)
  • Tweak: Added “Play on Mobile” option to allow iOS autoplay to Video widget (#3442)
  • Tweak: Added inline skin for Icon control
  • Tweak: Added elementor/settings/controls/checkbox_list_cpt/post_type_objects filter to control over displayed CPT in WordPress Dashboard UI (Props @sc0ttkclark)
  • Tweak: Moved “Editing Handles” and “Lightbox in editor” options to the new “Preferences” section
  • Tweak: Added playsinline attribute to Vimeo and YouTube sources to allow autoplay on iOS devices in Background Video
  • Tweak: Added Documents count to System Info
  • Tweak: Added global utility function for adding link attributes in Button widget
  • Tweak: Re-designed responsive mode switcher control
  • Tweak: Re-designed alerts and notices in the Editor Panel
  • Tweak: Improved styling of checkboxes and radio inputs
  • Tweak: Changed “Custom Positioning” section label to “Positioning”
  • Tweak: Allow access to Templates Library for connected users only
  • Tweak: Changed icon control skin to “Inline” in Toggle and Accordion widgets
  • Tweak: Added Icon Manager “Recommended” tab in Toggle and Accordion widgets
  • Tweak: Changed all occurrences of text-overflow: ellipsis to a single mixin
  • Tweak: Added “Pause On Interaction” option to Image Carousel widget
  • Tweak: Updated e-icons library to v5.5.0
  • Tweak: Updated e-gallery library to v1.1.0
  • Tweak: Dropped Support for WP v4.9, now supporting WP v5.0+
  • Tweak: Dropped delete revision option in Revisions Panel since WordPress v5.3 (Topic)
  • Tweak: Added compatibility with WordPress v5.3
  • Fix: Use CSS Flex to align and order button icon (#561)
  • Fix: Remove Ninja Forms compatibility script which causes server issues (#8267)
  • Fix: Added title attribute to embedded iframes (#9374, Props @shipley-dcc)
  • Fix: Reset style in a button doesn’t work on colors (#8454)
  • Fix: No fallback when SVG file doesn’t exist (#9481)
  • Fix: Custom shapes “negative” support fix (#9761)
  • Fix : Shapes SVG include PHP Parse Error If the uploaded SVG file contain <?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?> (#9693, Props @MarieComet)
  • Fix: Added better output escaping in the attributes for checkbox lists in Admin forms (Props @MarieComet)
  • Fix: Adding a link overrides the Title and Description colors in Testimonial widget
  • Fix: Removed redundant Editor Panel Spacer in Image Carousel widget
  • Fix: “Delete All Content” doesn’t close current widget editing options
  • Fix: Pause on hover option doesn’t work in Image Carousel widget
  • Fix: Limit transition duration in Ken Burns CSS only to transform property
  • Fix: Recommended tab icons don’t change when there’s more than one Icons control per widget
  • Fix: Hidden sticky section generates redundant scroll offset when using Anchors
  • Fix: Inserting a saved section as a template uses the same ID
  • Fix: Double rendering of elements in Editor
  • Deprecated: See all deprecations to this version in our Developers Deprecations Post

2.7.6 – 2019-12-08

  • Fix: Transition Duration option not applying to elements background
  • Fix: Hide Beta Testers signup form if the user already subscribed
  • Fix: Added HTML escaping to Admin class and to System Info

2.7.5 – 2019-10-28

  • Tweak: Changed the “Finder” icon in the Editor panel
  • Fix: Added official color support for linkedin-in icon in Social Icons widget (#9298)
  • Fix: Ctrl/CMD + Shift + L not opening Library modal
  • Fix: Clear Log button HTML shows in System Info Copy & Paste section
  • Fix: Ken burns effect not working on the 1st slide if Infinite Loop option is turned off in Background Slideshow

2.7.4 – 2019-10-06

  • Tweak: Improved filtering animation behavior in Gallery widget
  • Fix: Icon custom colors being overridden by styling custom colors in Social Icons widget
  • Fix: Added SVG custom color support for Social Icons widget
  • Fix: Elements not being displayed when it has the value 0
  • Fix: Pagination glitch in image carousel widget
  • Fix: Select2 throws JS console error when trying to unset a dropdown value in Templates modal
  • Fix: Background Slideshow overrides the Columns’ border-radius
  • Fix: Tabs not working after previewing a template in Templates modal

2.7.3 – 2019-09-24

  • Tweak: Updated E-gallery library to v1.0.1
  • Fix: Images overlap issue in Image Carousel widget (Topic)
  • Fix: Removed extra character in Divider widget (#9102)
  • Fix: Console error after resetting “Background Slideshow” gallery
  • Fix: Popup templates not visible in My Templates tab on import action
  • Fix: Panel spinner issue caused by 3rd party addons when activating Safe Mode
  • Fix: Lightbox won’t close on background click in Image widget
  • Fix: “Need Help” hover UI glitch in RTL
  • Fix: SVG icon missing in Icon List widget

2.7.2 – 2019-09-16

  • Fix: Data updater stuck in site with large database (TopicTopic)
  • Fix: Added backward compatibility for deprecated hooks in page settings (#9060#9080)
  • Fix: Added support for custom document in autosave (#9070)
  • Fix: Changed the default slidesPerGroup from 2 to 1 in Image Carousel widget

2.7.1 – 2019-09-10

  • Fix: Self Hosted video lightbox closing when clicking on the video (#8931)
  • Fix: Downgrade from v2.7.0 causes 500 errors
  • Fix: Vertical alignment issue in Safari browser (#9034)
  • Fix: contains and !contains control conditions (#9043)
  • Fix: Use background updater for v2.7 script task (Topic)
  • Fix: Backwards compatibility for previous versions using Divider widget

2.7.0 – 2019-09-08

  • New: Added background slideshow to Section, Column and Inner Section elements (#2898#4022)
  • New: Editor JS API to improve capabilities and stability (Developers Blog Post)
  • New: Added additional divider styles to Divider widget (#7418)
  • Tweak: Background videos now support Vimeo as a source (#1903)
  • Tweak: Added the option to add Icon and Text to Divider widget (#7418)
  • Tweak: Converted all widgets JS handlers to ES6 classes (Developers Blog PostDevelopers Documentation)
  • Tweak: Added option to select the version you rollback to in “Version Control” tool
  • Tweak: Use swiper.js instead of slick.js in Image Carousel widget (Developers Blog Post)
  • Tweak: Implemented virtual list render in Icons Library to improve performance and stability
  • Tweak: Added support of wp_body_open in Canvas template
  • Tweak: Editor Panel UI tweaks
  • Tweak: Updated Gallery control UI
  • Tweak: Moved structure control into section panel in Section element
  • Tweak: Added option to allow background video to play on mobile devices if device support it
  • Tweak: Added more post statuses to show in the Finder (#8175)
  • Tweak: Added Space-aroundSpace-between and Space-evenly to Vertical Align options in Section element
  • Tweak: Added filter for additional styles by 3rd party plugins elementor/divider/styles/additional_styles to Divider widget
  • Tweak: Removed “Need Help?” button from WP widgets
  • Tweak: Updated Eicons library to v5.4.0
  • Fix: Background video plays on mobile devices in some cases (#8782, Developers Blog Post)
  • Fix: Icon List alignment issue (#8539)
  • Fix: Two clicks needed to start Vimeo videos with image overlay
  • Fix: Init navigator only once when changing page template
  • Fix: Added backwards compatibility for Controls_Manager::add_tab() and \Elementor\Core\Settings\Manager::add_settings_manager()
  • Fix: Carousels navigation arrows causes horizontal scroll when setting to Outside
  • Fix: Heading widget with the character “0” is not visible on frontend
  • Deprecated: Removed old deprecated aliases (Developers Blog Post)

2.6.8 – 2019-08-07

  • Tweak: Added SVG import/export support to Icons control
  • Fix: Empty caps while checking user caps (#8732)
  • Fix: Rotate control not working in Icon widget responsive modes (#8753)
  • Fix: Counter widget start number greater than 999
  • Fix: Avoid migrating old Icon value if new one exists on import
  • Fix: Editor not being loaded when using an Icon from removed Icon Set

2.6.7 – 2019-07-30

  • Tweak: Run .htaccess inspection only when needed
  • Tweak: UI glitches in select2 control
  • Tweak: get_style_depends styles are now loaded in editor preview
  • Fix: Avoid false-positive editor loading error (#8706)
  • Fix: Disable browser suggestions on panel elements search input (#6581)
  • Fix: Contributor role can view other contributors draft and pending posts when Elementor is installed (#8689)
  • Fix: Save changed before previewing a revision

2.6.6 – 2019-07-23

  • Fix: WordPress editor is open by default (#8628#8647)
  • Fix: Icon spacing disappeared after upgrading to Font Awesome 5 (#8609)
  • Fix: Star icon appears instead of an unset icon in Icon Box widget after upgrading to Font Awesome 5 (#8596)
  • Fix: Empty icon library by Using JS files instead of JSON for icon lists
  • Fix: Preview Could Not be Loaded message displayed if $_SERVER['SERVER_SOFTWARE'] is empty
  • Fix: Navigator Indicators RTL UI glitches

2.6.5 – 2019-07-18

  • Fix: Reverted the changes in Section and Column Vertical Alignment control

2.6.4 – 2019-07-17

  • Tweak: Added CSS variable for admin font family
  • Tweak: Updated dialog library
  • Tweak: Improved .htaccess error message in Preview Could Not Be Loadedmessage
  • Fix: Condition and Conditions not working together (#8233)
  • Fix: Pages are always displayed in draft status (#8510)
  • Fix: Incorrect Absolute position dragging values in RTL (#7719)
  • Fix: SVG icon hover color in Button widget

2.6.3 – 2019-07-15

  • Tweak: Improve Icon control preview color for better visibility (#8530)
  • Tweak: Cleaning all output buffering in order to enable Gzip

2.6.2 – 2019-07-14

  • Tweak: Make sure activeTab exists in Icon library
  • Fix: Star rating widget alignment is not responsive (#8444)
  • Fix: Temporarily reverted application/json content type to support various server configurations
  • Fix: Progress Bar typography backward compatibility
  • Fix: Missing fas icons in Social Icons widget
  • Fix: Navigator Indicators tooltip location
  • Fix: Added Icon List backward compatibility on template import

2.6.1 – 2019-07-10

  • Tweak: Added responsive controls to Icon size and Icon rotation in Icon widget
  • Fix: Preview Could Not Be Loaded .htaccess error if permalink structure not set
  • Fix: Added backward compatibility for Icon control
  • Fix: UI glitches in the global lightbox modal

2.6.0 – 2019-07-09

  • New: Introducing Icon Manager – the new way to add icons into your page (#110)
  • New: Introducing SVG file library (#5570)
  • New: Replaced Font Awesome 4 with Font Awesome 5 (#4430)
  • New: Added Help links to elements for better support flow
  • New: Added Navigator indicators for Custom Position (#2180)
  • New: Introducing Deprecated Notice control for developers (Development Doc)
  • Tweak: Added 9:16 Aspect ratio (vertical video) support for Video widget (#7051)
  • Tweak: Set pre-selected attachment when opening the media modal (#7937)
  • Tweak: Added more style options for Progress Bar widget (#3413)
  • Tweak: Added icon alignment option to icon list (#8219)
  • Tweak: Added option to hide columns in Navigator (#7863)
  • Tweak: Added vertical alignment option to Image Carousel (#6963)
  • Tweak: Added Responsive option for the Content Align in Column (#2554)
  • Tweak: Removed Prevent Scroll option from Google Maps widget which now defaults in the map origin (#8244)
  • Tweak: Reduce-motion accessibility support for CSS animation library (#7968)
  • Tweak: Added start & end time for self-hosted background video (#7941)
  • Tweak: Added Play once option for background video (#5129)
  • Tweak: Added the playsinline attribute to autoplay background video on iOS (#8198)
  • Tweak: Added text-shadow option to Button widget (#7317)
  • Tweak: Set $fonts_to_enqueue as public to allow manual enqueue of fonts (#7622)
  • Tweak: Show dashboard notices for admin role only (#7304)
  • Tweak: Added Viber icon for Social Icons widget (#4430)
  • Tweak: Added dynamic capabilities to link control in Social Icons widget (#8097)
  • Tweak: Added option to pick custom colors per icon in Social Icons widget (#4430)
  • Tweak: Added default background color to Social Icons widget
  • Tweak: Added opt-in form to Elementor updates for beta testers
  • Tweak: Updated E-icons library to v5.3.2
  • Tweak: Removed all Font Awesome 4 dependencies
  • Tweak: Clear 3rd party cache plugins on every change in Maintenance Mode
  • Tweak: Using application/json content type in order to avoid double zipping by the server to reduce load panel errors
  • Tweak: Added control to support Exit Animations
  • Tweak: Added editor notices bar for admin role only
  • Tweak: Moved elements PHP handles to JS – resolves double Editing Handles in the Post Content widget
  • Tweak: Added custom messages for “Preview could not be loaded” state
  • Tweak: Added focus state emphasis to Dimensions control
  • Tweak: Redesigned Media control
  • Tweak: Use wp_register_style to allow widgets to enqueue icon styles
  • Fix: Open the correct video when you have multiple images with the same video link in the same Media Carousel (#8047)
  • Fix: Added escaping in the template type (#8435)
  • Fix: Compression encoding for gzip to brotli conversions (Props @pingram3541)
  • Fix: Vimeo video lightbox is not playing automatically
  • Fix: Backslash was removed from Custom CSS in page settings
  • Fix: Set LTR direction only to input and textarea in RTL view
  • Fix: Color Picker UI glitches in RTL view
  • Fix: Avoid adding CSS for the first post in archive pages

2.5.16 – 2019-05-28

  • Tweak: Added reduce-motion accessibility support for CSS animation library (#7968, Props @drawcard)
  • Fix: Tabs Widget compatibility for IE (#8123)
  • Fix: Admin dashboard dialog button UI glitch

2.5.15 – 2019-05-07

  • Fix: Param type in doc block is partial (#7988)
  • Fix: Paste Style changes widget title in Navigator (#7931)

2.5.14 – 2019-04-16

  • Tweak: Remove default values on update to avoid 413 error (#7842)
  • Fix: Load minified common-modules.js & editor-modules.js instead of full version

2.5.13 – 2019-04-10

  • Fix: Resize viewport not working properly (#7795TopicTopic)
  • Fix: Remove Shape Divider in the editor if set to None

2.5.12 – 2019-04-08

  • Fix: DB updates process not running in edge cases (#7725)
  • Fix: Column width issue after Column Gap value changed (#7718)
  • Fix: Load minified frontend-modules.js instead of full version (#7082)
  • Fix: Removed source map reference from minified versions of JS files (#7082)
  • Fix: Missing section handles while using overflow: hidden option
  • Fix: Removed condition from content style in Accordion widget
  • Fix: Dialogs close button in RTL layout
  • Fix: Self-hosted background video resize issue
  • Fix: Dynamic Tag dropdown in RTL
  • Fix: Color picker UI glitch

2.5.11 – 2019-03-31

  • Tweak: Removed duplicated grid style from frontend.css
  • Fix: Document settings not saving (#7629)
  • Fix: Date-Time control triggering unnecessary edit event

2.5.10 – 2019-03-26

  • Fix: Preview for static homepage (#7440)
  • Fix: Added compatibility for Gutenberg plugin v5.3.0+ (#7557)
  • Fix: Slider control not setting correct position on Undo/Redo shortcuts
  • Fix: Duplicated shape divider issue in editor view

2.5.9 – 2019-03-18

  • Tweak: Modal style improvements
  • Tweak: Added preview debug link to “Preview could not be loaded” message
  • Fix: First section delete action not saving (#7477)
  • Fix: Compatibility issue with 3rd party plugins (#7467)

2.5.8 – 2019-03-15

  • Fix: Restore wp_localize_script for Gutenberg editor

2.5.7 – 2019-03-14

  • Fix: changed ElementorGutenbergSettings print order (#7457)

2.5.6 – 2019-03-14

  • Tweak: Minor UI improvement in Slider Control
  • Tweak: Added support for range handles in Slider Control
  • Fix: Stretch Inner Section in the editor (#7430)
  • Fix: Ensure print order of Elementor config JS variables (#7443)
  • Fix: Inline elements not working on new pages (#7433)
  • Fix: Removed media id when attachment is missing

2.5.5 – 2019-03-11

  • Tweak: Support gzipped Elementor Ajax data when GZIP is enabled
  • Tweak: Added labels and scales to Slider control
  • Fix: Device mode detection in IE and Edge browser (#7356)
  • Fix: Positioning issue while dragging inline text widgets
  • Fix: Empty widget calculation according to the new column flexbox model

2.5.4 – 2019-03-10

  • Tweak: Added flexbox notice dialog
  • Fix: Backward compatibility for flexbox property (#7366)
  • Fix: Allow None value for Entrance Animation control (#7355)
  • Fix: Device mode detection in IE and Edge browser (#7356)
  • Fix: Revert self hosted video background fix (#7374)
  • Fix: Removed Delimiter parameter form ucwords for older PHP compatibility
  • Fix: Slider control returns wrong value
  • Fix: Slider control for RTL

2.5.3 – 2019-03-06

  • Tweak: Reduced Editor memory usage by moving common controls injection to the frontend (#7308)
  • Tweak: Moved sync library from POST to GET method
  • Fix: ucwords support for older php versions (#7327#7310)
  • Fix: Background self hosted videos responsive
  • Fix: Group controls conditions support

2.5.2 – 2019-03-05

  • Fix: Custom space between widgets override (#7309)
  • Fix: Changed the default width of Absolute & Fixed position widget (#7311)
  • Note: This fix might affect previous custom positioning settings, if you have previously used position absolute or position fixed, please review your site.

2.5.1 – 2019-03-04

  • Fix: Inline Width (auto) not working (#7293)

2.5.0 – 2019-03-04

  • New: Added Position Absolute & Position Fixed for widgets (#5568)
  • New: Added inline & custom width options to place widgets side by side without columns (#4960)
  • New: Added responsive options for Column (#2965#6898, Props @wayheming)
  • New: Added Columns for Text Editor widget (#7104)
  • New: Added space-betweenspace-around & space-evenly for Vertical Alignment in Column (#5083)
  • New: Added Horizontal Alignment in Column for inline widget
  • New: Added responsive capabilities for Entrance Animation (#1639)
  • New: Added elementor/template/viewport_tag filter hook to Meta Viewport tag (#7043)
  • Tweak: Improved editor loading time and performance by ~50%
  • Tweak: Remember last editing tab per element in the editor panel for better workflow (#7087)
  • Tweak: Added text shadow & background color controls for caption in Image widget (Props @ramiy)
  • Tweak: Added access to super admin role in Maintenance Mode (Props @GermanKrutov)
  • Tweak: Added vw unit support for Typography size control
  • Tweak: Added vw unit support for Custom Min. Height control in section
  • Tweak: Added overflow option for section
  • Tweak: Renamed Content Position control to Vertical Align in column layout
  • Tweak: Renamed Scrolling Effects section to Motion Effects
  • Tweak: Added Dynamic capabilities to Inner Section CSS class and CSS ID (#6779)
  • Tweak: Added Dynamic capabilities to Section CSS class and CSS ID (#6779)
  • Tweak: Added Dynamic capabilities all widgets CSS class and CSS ID (#6779)
  • Tweak: Added Dynamic capabilities to Button CSS ID (#6779)
  • Fix: Separator inside Repeater control (#6851)
  • Fix: Selectors not working in dynamic tags in edge cases (Props @crazypsycho)
  • Fix: Entrance animations glitches (#6945)
  • Fix: Library “Blocks” tab empty
  • Fix: Custom shape dividers not loading in editor (#6550)
  • Fix: WP-CLI Flush CSS command glitch in multisite (#7190)
  • Fix: PHP 7.3 Compatibility when saving settings (#6890)

2.4.7 – 2019-02-18

  • Fix: Incorrect device mode detection in Safari (#7036)
  • Fix: Elementor dashboard templates URL corrupted links in edge cases
  • Fix: Sticky offset handling for menu anchor
  • Fix: Avoid WP admin bar handling errors

2.4.6 – 2019-02-11

  • Tweak: Use <a> for editor panel links (#6767#7025)
  • Fix: FireFox glitch in the color picker (#6968)
  • Fix: Horizontal scroll in Icon List widget (#6558)
  • Fix: PHP notice when user has no capabilities (#6936)
  • Fix: “Prevent Scroll” in popup options didn’t work in edge cases

2.4.5 – 2019-01-30

  • Tweak: Updated Eicons v4.2.0
  • Fix: Control conditions not working for toggle popover (#6780)
  • Fix: URLs with hash in admin cause JS error (#6902)
  • Fix: Wrong section structure in the panel

2.4.4 – 2019-01-24

  • Tweak: Added 1:1 aspect ratio to Video widget
  • Tweak: Added ability to add condition/s for tabs control wrapper (#6830)
  • Fix: Template search with no categories (#6810)
  • Fix: Make sure browser has access to localStorage
  • Fix: Removed Finder from the Customizer
  • Fix: Editor UI glitch in Firefox browser

2.4.3 – 2019-01-21

  • Tweak: Update width control label in Image Box widget (#6808)
  • Fix: PHP warning in self hosted video render_pain_content()
  • Fix: Responsive background-attachment issue

2.4.2 – 2019-01-20

  • Tweak: Better duplicate Error log entries handling
  • Tweak: Split and merge similar translation strings
  • Fix: Missing manual caption style in Image widget (#6791)
  • Fix: JS handlers not working in editor for other templates
  • Fix: Log only Elementor related errors
  • Fix: Background updates total iterations

2.4.1 – 2019-01-15

  • Tweak: Avoid widget rendering on box-shadow and text-shadow changes (#6737)
  • Fix: Capital letters not working in anchors
  • Fix: Admin menu position incorrect format
  • Fix: Avoid duplicate run of element handlers on nested documents

2.4.0 – 2019-01-14

  • New: Added Safe Mode for scenarios that the editor didn’t load properly
  • New: Added 
     tag support (#462)
  • New: Added Read More widget aka  tag
  • New: Added Categories taxonomy for Template Library (#886)
  • New: Added responsive capabilities for Background control (#2355)
  • New: Added custom option for background-size & background-position (#2571)
  • New: Added responsive capabilities for Border control (#3243#5284)
  • New: Added External URL source for Video widget
  • Tweak: Added a notice when clicking on Back to WordPress editor button (#5597)
  • Tweak: Added Link & Globe for Social Icons widget (#6405)
  • Tweak: Added elementor/controls/animations/additional_animations hook for adding custom Entrance Animations (#6545)
  • Tweak: Added elementor/controls/hover_animations/additional_animations hook for adding custom Hover Animations (#6545)
  • Tweak: Reorganized admin menu for Elementor settings & Template Library
  • Tweak: Exclude library CPT from Yoast SEO sitemap
  • Tweak: Added attributes for column wrappers (Props @thenovacreator)
  • Tweak: Added autocomplete parameter for URL control (default: true)
  • Tweak: Added sanitize data on Menu Anchor ID
  • Tweak: Added dynamic options for Testimonial widget
  • Tweak: Added PHP error log to System Info
  • Tweak: Added Quick Edit option for Template Library
  • Tweak: Renamed “Content” tab in Templates Library to “Page”
  • Fix: Inline editing issue for Repeater control (#6445)
  • Fix: Panel footer menu not closing on background click (#6547)
  • Fix: Typography control doesn’t generate default CSS (#6500)
  • Fix: Alignment issue in Icon List widget (#6507)

2.3.8 – 2018-12-20

  • Fix: Editor not working caused by last version

2.3.7 – 2018-12-20

  • Fix: Invalid type in Import templates (#6483)
  • Fix: Save global templates
  • Fix: WP widgets compatibility
  • Fix: Responsive device buttons always shown

2.3.6 – 2018-12-17

  • Fix: Back to WordPress Editor not working when meta-boxes are present (#6437)
  • Fix: Register documents only if needed
  • Fix: Style glitch in the responsive control (#6227)

2.3.5 – 2018-12-11

  • Tweak: Load elementor_debug_log option only on System Info page
  • Fix: Maintenance Mode admin console issue
  • Fix: Elementor stuck on loader instead of The Content Area Was Not Found
  • Fix: Temporary compatibility workaround for Chrome v70+ dragging above nested iframe issue
  • Fix: border-radius for Video not displayed in Safari browser
  • Fix: Avoid z-index changes by nanocss in build process

2.3.4 – 2018-11-29

  • Tweak: Make sure “Edit with Elementor” action link is the last link in My Templates
  • Fix: CSS parsing for non-existing controls (#6296)
  • Fix: Shows only editable documents in Finder

2.3.3 – 2018-11-28

  • New: Added elementor/frontend/{$element_type}/should_render filter
  • Tweak: Added a new render_html_attributes method
  • Tweak: Added placeholder support for date-time control
  • Tweak: Added ability to set a default value in a control selectors settings (#6241)
  • Tweak: Open links in new tab on Ctrl + Enter (#6258)
  • Tweak: Set the correct Dynamic tag categories for Self Hosted video
  • Fix: Video lightbox won’t open in some configurations
  • Fix: Self-hosted video lightbox width
  • Fix: Removed invalid href attribute in Tabs widget (#6261)
  • Fix: Restored element / widget hooks priority (#6189)
  • Fix: Drag the direct inner element only
  • Fix: Show unsupported templates on My Templates list
  • Fix: Make sure the document type exists in documents manager
  • Fix: Set default for slides to scroll in Image Carousel widget

2.3.2 – 2018-11-17

  • Tweak: Added vw unit to base control
  • Tweak: Added WP Plugins and Users links to Finder
  • Tweak: Updated Swiper progress style to new version
  • Fix: Missing “View Page” and “Exit to Dashboard” in editor menu
  • Fix: Background video position in edge cases
  • Fix: Incorrect keyboard shortcut in Hotkeys cheatsheet
  • Fix: Fatal error for 3rd party plugins (#6192)

2.3.1 – 2018-11-12

  • Fix: Print empty elements but not empty widgets (#6134)
  • Fix: Removed figcaption tag when no caption is set (#6134)

2.3.0 – 2018-11-12

  • New: Introducing Finder – The Easiest Way to Switch Between Pages (#292)
  • New: Added Keyboard Shortcuts modal
  • New: Introducing Star Rating widget
  • Tweak: Added Deviantart, freeCodeCamp and GitLab to Social Icons widget (#5820#5816)
  • Tweak: Show preview fonts select on scroll (#5207#3499)
  • Tweak: Added compatibility for WordPress v5.0 Beta (#6019)
  • Tweak: Added filter to rename external CSS files (#5968)
  • Tweak: Added dynamic option for caption in the Image widget (#5770)
  • Tweak: Updated YouTube related videos control due to YouTube’s API changes (#5984#5939)
  • Tweak: Added a general hook elementor/frontend/after_render to element-base
  • Tweak: Added elementor/element/before_attribute_render hook before attributes are rendered
  • Tweak: Added elementor/element/after_attribute_render hook after attributes are rendered
  • Tweak: New elementor/editor/init action
  • Tweak: A new get_post_type_title method for document
  • Tweak: Added Ctrl/Cmd + E shortcut to open Finder modal
  • Tweak: Added Ctrl/Cmd + ? shortcut to open all keyboard shortcuts modal
  • Tweak: Added Esc shortcut for opening the settings menu
  • Tweak: Update Eicons v3.9.2
  • Fix: Added default width for SVG image to support edge cases (#5987)
  • Fix: Better WP Widget hooks support (#5844)
  • Fix: Exclude image link from lightbox when the link has download attribute (#5996)
  • Fix: Background Gradient not working inside Repeater control (#5914)
  • Fix: Added support for future post status (#5681#6000)
  • Fix: Missing string translations (#5989)
  • Fix: Lightbox images links detection (#6103)
  • Fix: Animation class removed from Lightbox closing (#5911)
  • Fix: Allow plugins to set current page as Login Page for Maintenance Mode
  • Fix: Added navigation between tabs via tab keyboard for better accessibility
  • Fix: Use Thumbnail if selected size is missing
  • Fix: A new method to handle with multiple image custom sizes
  • Fix: Import template by WP CLI
  • Fix: Height of bar without content in Progress Bar widget
  • Fix: Added compatibility with a new embed API of YouTube
  • Fix: Don’t render wrapper of element if the content is empty
  • Deprecated: Source_Local::TYPE_META_KEY is no longer supported
  • Deprecated: Document::save_type() is replaced by Document::save_template_type()

2.2.7 – 2018-10-24

  • Tweak: Update Google Fonts list with more than 20 new fonts (Topic)
  • Fix: Admin Notice not dismissing in some server configurations (#5927)
  • Fix: Image link not respecting the image size in the Image widget (#5897)

2.2.6 – 2018-10-22

  • Tweak: Added get_render_attributes method to Element_Base (#5878)
  • Tweak: Sets the minimum width of the content area as 300px
  • Tweak: Darken Elementor Loader icon color
  • Fix: Field labels with multiple rows style glitch (#4295)

2.2.5 – 2018-10-07

  • Tweak: System Info now recognizes MariaDB versions
  • Tweak: Allow document to override widgets panel settings
  • Fix: Admin Notice not dismissing when JS disabled (#5832)
  • Fix: System Info Uncaught Error on edge cases

2.2.4 – 2018-09-20

  • Tweak: Added Poster option for Self Hosted in Video widget
  • Fix: Revert Gutenberg Image Block compatibility until stable version (#5763)

2.2.3 – 2018-09-17

  • Tweak: Improved browser compatibility with Elementor grid
  • Fix: Toggle Widget first toggle always open on load
  • Fix: Changed Dailymotion placeholder in Video widget

2.2.2 – 2018-09-16

  • Tweak: Improved IE compatibility mechanism
  • Tweak: Added remove_all_actions( 'after_wp_tiny_mce' ) hook for better compatibility with 3rd party plugins (#5686)
  • Fix: Content styling missing when no icon for Toggle widget (#5735)
  • Fix: Redirect issue on activation via Ajax
  • Fix: Excluded Actions label from ordering in Template library modal
  • Fix: Avoid setting empty title for elements in Navigator
  • Fix: Compatibility for Gutenberg Image Block

2.2.1 – 2018-09-03

  • Fix: Auto scrolling when clicking on long element (#5591)
  • Fix: Increased number input width besides slider control (#5521)
  • Fix: Typography line-height default unit for all devices (#5527)
  • Fix: Added Navigator compatibility for Role Manager (#5599)
  • Fix: Clear cache via native WordPress methods to support object cache plugins (#4179)
  • Fix: E loader RTL style glitch
  • Fix: History undo after adding a section
  • Fix: Styling issue with Testimonial widget image
  • Fix: Panel elements search error when the user is in content only mode
  • Fix: Better Navigator support for safari versions

2.2.0 – 2018-08-28

  • New: Introducing Navigator Panel (#1165)
  • New: Added Autocomplete URL functionality for Internal Linking (#255)
  • New: Added Cmd/Ctrl + I hotkey for the Navigator
  • New: Added Cmd/Ctrl + Shift + V hotkey for paste style
  • New: Added “Getting Started” page after new installation
  • New: Added reverse columns for tablet screen resolution (#2070)
  • Tweak: Changed the name of Columns widget to Inner Section to reduce confusion
  • Tweak: Added option to restore Editing Handles (#4981)
  • Tweak: Remember Editor panel width in localStorage (#2414)
  • Tweak: Added official color option on hover state in Social Icons Widget (#2032)
  • Tweak: New user interface for CSS Filters control
  • Tweak: Added Hue filter to CSS Filters control
  • Tweak: Added a Lazy Load option for the Video widget (#5189)
  • Tweak: Added Mixcloud icon to Social Icons widget (#5417)
  • Tweak: Added an additional aspect ratio (21:9) in Video widget
  • Tweak: Added edit capabilities in the responsive mode
  • Tweak: Removed default transparency on hover button (#4406)
  • Tweak: Redesign E loader
  • Tweak: Added elementor/frontend/before_render hook to element-base
  • Fix: Reverse column bug in responsive columns (#5421)
  • Fix: Compatibility for IE11 by adding IE CSS via JS (#5510#5530)
  • Fix: IE11 bug in case of min-height mixed with align-items: center
  • Fix: Resize the columns via the Column Width after moving the section (#5393)
  • Fix: Different videos with the same image showing the same video
  • Fix: Inline editing in Progress Bar widget

2.1.8 – 2018-08-19

  • Fix: Prevent columns from overflowing the grid area in Firefox browser (#5442)
  • Fix: Style glitch in the panel separator

2.1.7 – 2018-08-15

  • Fix: Avoid copying custom CSS ID when pasting style (#5416)
  • Fix: Responsive CSS for minimal grid utility (#5375)
  • Fix: Make Elementor Canvas compatible with iPhone X landscape orientation

2.1.6 – 2018-07-31

  • Fix: Removed reference to source map file in Swiper minified file
  • Fix: Element handle style glitch in mobile view
  • Fix: Delete element with hotkey after text editing
  • Fix: Avoid auto focus on the widget panel search field after deleting an element

2.1.5 – 2018-07-26

  • Tweak: Added Ctrl/Cmd + Y for redo action (#5090)
  • Tweak: Clear WP cache in upgrade steps
  • Fix: Corrected conditions for start/end times with loop in Video widget
  • Fix: Padding for first active control in section
  • Fix: Loader styling for some languages
  • Fix: RTL style for Choose control
  • Fix: Possible memory leak by parsing and sanitizing data and settings only when it’s necessary
  • Fix: Fixed text selection detection in FireFox
  • Fix: on-paste check for Choose control
  • Fix: fixed positions for Color Picker
  • Fix: Removed empty space from elementor/document/urls/edit hook name (#5216)
  • Fix: Dynamic tags support in Shortcode widget (#5214)

2.1.4 – 2018-07-18

  • Tweak: Show modified date instead of publish date on Dashboard widget (#4169)
  • Fix: Selector for CSS Filters control in column
  • Fix: CSS Filters for self hosted video
  • Fix: Avoid creating unnecessary CSS for widgets
  • Fix: Added backward compatibility for deprecated controls
  • Fix: Color Picker control value change detection
  • Fix: Avoid multiple ready trigger in preview
  • Fix: Save default page template

2.1.3 – 2018-07-16

  • Tweak: Added CSS filter control for Map, Video, Section and Column
  • Tweak: Added Inspector option in Tools page
  • Tweak: Added Inspector log for Canvas & Full Width templates
  • Tweak: The preview is now loading via plain URL to avoid errors in some server configurations
  • Tweak: Added print_elements_with_wrapper method to allow a document to overwrite it’s wrapper
  • Tweak: Added action hook elementor/template-library/after_get_source_data
  • Fix: Page template missing after import (#4498)
  • Fix: Maintenance Mode override theme template
  • Fix: Removed focus and active states from Hover Animations
  • Fix: Prevent submit forms in the preview
  • Fix: Disable history tracking when restoring a revision
  • Fix: Empty history changes after restoring a revision
  • Fix: Paste style on control with groups
  • Fix: Avoid overwrite _wp_page_template in edge cases

2.1.2 – 2018-07-08

  • Tweak: Set active/inactive category by 'active' => false (default is true)
  • Tweak: Added forms input style compatibility for some themes
  • Fix: XML Demo Import compatibility for admin based imports (#4947)
  • Fix: Set correct post_id when call enqueue_scripts from preview mode
  • Fix: Conditions not working on dynamic backgrounds
  • Fix: Paste of multiple content in Add Section Area
  • Fix: Set lower priority to template_include hook to override 3rd party plugins, e.g. WooCommerce
  • Fix: Hide Save Widget as Global button for old versions
  • Fix: Added RTL style for section with handles inside
  • Deprecated: Restore get_page method as hard deprecated (#4870)

2.1.1 – 2018-07-03

  • Tweak: Compatibility Gutenberg classic editor
  • Fix: Compatibility for PHP < 5.6

2.1.0 – 2018-07-03

  • New: Introducing Elementor Context Menu
  • New: Copy/Paste elements (#4151)
  • New: Copy/Paste element style (#1479)
  • New: Copy/Paste between pages
  • New: Reset element style
  • New: Added copy_all_content option
  • New: Change mobile & tablet breakpoints (#78)
  • New: Introducing Elementor WP-CLI integration (#2161)
  • New: Added collapsable panel categories (#3805)
  • New: Added Self hosted videos with HTML5 for Video widget (#3313)
  • New: Added Dailymotion provider for Video widget (#2285)
  • New: Added start/end controls for Video widget (#3565)
  • New: Added new icons to Social Icons widget: Android & Thumbtack (#4235#4486)
  • New: Hotkey: Ctrl / Cmd + C = Copy
  • New: Hotkey: Ctrl / Cmd + V = Paste
  • Tweak: Added CSS Filter group control (#3260)
  • Tweak: Added CSS Filters to Image & Image Box widgets
  • Tweak: Added compatibility with Gutenberg 3.0.+ (#2631)
  • Tweak: Added CSS ID for Button widget (#4535)
  • Tweak: Added keywords to all widgets for more accurate filtering
  • Tweak: Replace hover section with tabs Icon & Icon Box widgets
  • Tweak: Moved delete all content to the page level right click
  • Tweak: When converting content with only a shortcode to Elementor, a shortcode widget used instead of Text Editor widget (#4616)
  • Tweak: Updated Swiper library to v4.3.3 (#4170)
  • Tweak: Added elementor/shapes/additional_shapes filter hook to allow custom shape dividers (#4759)
  • Tweak: Added video support to media control (#4066)
  • Tweak: Dropped Support for WP v4.6, now supporting WP v4.7+
  • Fix: The wpColorPicker will not be updated after emptying the value
  • Fix: Added fallback for injection position when the injection control does not exist
  • Fix: Focus state behavior in the Repeater control (#4596)
  • Deprecated: Repeater::get_fields() is replaced by Repeater::get_controls()
  • Deprecated: Element_Base::get_parent() is replaced by Element_Base::get_data( 'parent' )
  • Deprecated: get_class_controls is no longer supported
  • Deprecated: \Elementor\settings\page\manager::get_page() is now removed (#4870)

2.0.16 – 2018-06-12

  • Fix: Dynamic Tag CSS not working on columns & widgets (#4662)
  • Fix: Hide title now also hides Post Title widget
  • Fix: Trigger Elementor ready only once

2.0.15 – 2018-06-05

  • Fix: Background video in Chrome v67+
  • Fix: CSS glitch in local library modal
  • Fix: CSS glitch with dynamic buttons in a repeater
  • Fix: Divider control on top of controls popover
  • Fix: Conditions check for in & !in
  • Fix: Prefix class when the value is numeric

2.0.14 – 2018-05-29

  • Fix: Missing Dynamic Image Background properties on front-end (#4577)
  • Fix: Avoid page settings global $post being overwritten by 3rd party plugins (#4563)
  • Fix: Editor won’t load for users without publishing capabilities
  • Fix: Only show Caption style section for Image widget if needed

2.0.13 – 2018-05-28

  • New: Dynamic Image Backgrounds (#3971)
  • Tweak: Updated Dialog Manager v4.3.2
  • Tweak: Better accessibility for Back to Editor button
  • Tweak: Confusing error message (#4546)
  • Fix: Panel buttons style glitch in edge cases
  • Fix: PHP notice in Polylang compatibility
  • Fix: Editor won’t load for users without publishing capabilities
  • Fix: Media queries ordering in CSS file for mixed min and max break points
  • Fix: Improved video background loading method

2.0.12 – 2018-05-15

  • Tweak: Added new method add_body_class
  • Tweak: Set library filter by the document
  • Tweak: Allow 3rd party developers to register documents on init
  • Fix: Set attach uploaded images to the current post
  • Fix: Scroll not working in the library modal (#4394)
  • Fix: Blocks dropdown menu escapes container on scroll (#3947)

2.0.11 – 2018-05-09

  • Fix: Stronger selector for heading widget color, to avoid section style override (#4266)
  • Fix: style missing when role manager in content only mode

2.0.10 – 2018-05-08

  • Fix: Added icon for Dynamic Tag without settings
  • Fix: Added offset for anchor scroll section is sticky (#4323)
  • Fix: Title changing on auto-save for various languages
  • Fix: Cannot scroll in the library modal (#4325)

2.0.9 – 2018-05-01

  • Tweak: Added ability to add Dynamic Tags from 3rd party applications
  • Tweak: Added ability to add custom classes to the wrapper for extending widgets
  • Tweak: Using full version of Select2.js in the admin
  • Tweak: Update Eicons v3.3
  • Fix: My Template tabs are not translatable (#4221)
  • Fix: Added compatibility for domain mapping with filter tag (#4307)
  • Fix: Popover closes after clicking on select2 search container (#4310)
  • Fix: Wrapping Dynamic Tag in the editor
  • Fix: Removed unnecessary condition from Transition Duration control
  • Fix: Removed listening to parent model on Repeater control
  • Fix: Controls styling in repeater
  • Fix: Ensure the frontend scripts are enqueued once in the editor preview

2.0.8 – 2018-04-23

  • Tweak: Added action hook for caching plugins when clearing CSS files do_action( 'elementor/css-file/clear_cache' ); (#4179)
  • Tweak: Added Page Templates support only for layout pages
  • Fix: Smooth scrolling not working (#4168#4125)
  • Fix: Stretch section for archive pages
  • Fix: Icon vertical alignment in icon list widget

2.0.7 – 2018-04-18

  • Tweak: Rename filter elementor/get_document/post_id to elementor/documents/get/post_id
  • Tweak: Added Divider control for Icon List widget on inline skin
  • Tweak: Added CSS classes per document in Preview
  • Tweak: Added option to avoid export data by adding export=false to control args
  • Fix: Support for editing images in WP Media Modal (#3062)
  • Fix: Responsive inline alignment for Icon List widget
  • Fix: Added higher priority to support Google Fonts in locations
  • Fix: Import templates with Dynamic data
  • Fix: Editing buttons missing when preview set as archive
  • Fix: Export document settings for all template types

2.0.6 – 2018-04-15

  • New: Image widget – added new control for Image width
  • Tweak: Added support for dynamic video via ACF
  • Tweak: Reorder admin columns in My Templates
  • Tweak: Update Eicons v3.2.2
  • Tweak: Added elementor/get_document/post_id filter for get document – compatibility for translation plugins
  • Tweak: Print container classes per document
  • Tweak: Added elementor-edit-area-preview and elementor-edit-area-activeclasses
  • Tweak: Removed wrapper for dynamic data
  • Fix: Per device Visibility for editor with multiple Elementor areas
  • Fix: CSS glitch for URL input with dynamic
  • Fix: Dynamic Show Before/After only when value is not empty

2.0.5 – 2018-04-11

  • Fix: Avoid merge for incorrect page settings data
  • Fix: Style tab on document settings not saving on autosave
  • Fix: Duplicate icons by updated Eicons library

2.0.4 – 2018-04-09

  • Tweak: Update Google Fonts list with more than 30 new fonts
  • Tweak: Updated Eicons to v3.2.0
  • Fix: Page template doesn’t work in draft status (#3706)
  • Fix: Make sure that document settings works only on existing posts (#3993Topic)
  • Fix: Removed some duplicate strings
  • Fix: Undefined index when save editor using old method
  • Fix: Use &nbsp; to add spaces before/after for tags with HTML (#3826)

2.0.3 – 2018-03-29

  • Tweak: Added Knowledge Base link to WordPress admin menu
  • Tweak: Improved performance in the editor using internal caching
  • Fix: Avoid WordPress override page template in auto-save status (Topic)
  • Fix: Set element ID before sanitizing data

2.0.2 – 2018-03-28

  • Fix: Title changing on auto-save
  • Fix: Page templates reverts to default on preview (#3933)
  • Fix: Editor won’t load when a custom image size is used (#3926)
  • Fix: WordPress Widgets not loading saved settings (#3930)

2.0.1 – 2018-03-27

  • Fix: Removed promotion in the Role Manager area (#3903)
  • Fix: Improved responsive style for My Template modal (#3914)
  • Fix: Issue with conditional repeater field (#3886#3865)
  • Fix: The notifications toast goes down when you change the page layout
  • Fix: Custom delimiter char for frontend template in the Counter widget
  • Fix: Import template from WP Admin

2.0.0 – 2018-03-26

  • New: Added new library tab for pre-design “Blocks”
  • New: Added new page template “Elementor Full Width”
  • New: Document Type method to register new template types (#3409)
  • New: Added new social icons for 500px, Steam and StumbleUpon (#3106#3636)
  • Tweak: Dropped Support WP 4.5, now supporting WP 4.6 and higher
  • Tweak: New settings interface for Role Manager
  • Tweak: Reintroduce divider control for UI panel (Developer API)
  • Tweak: Added inline view for icon-list widget (#1624)
  • Tweak: Added “Featured Image” control to document settings (#3429)
  • Tweak: Added custom thousand separator in Counter widget (#3459)
  • Tweak: Added “Image Size” control to the “Video” widget overlay image (#3488)
  • Tweak: Added “Image Size” control to the “Image Box” widget (#3251)
  • Tweak: Added “Image Size” control to the “Testimonial” widget (#3472)
  • Tweak: Added “Link” control to the “Testimonial” widget (#3480)
  • Tweak: Added “Caption Spacing” control to the “Image” widget (#3452)
  • Tweak: Added responsive control to the text padding in the “Button” widget
  • Tweak: Added compatibility for the future release of Elementor
  • Tweak: Added Groove style to the “Border” control
  • Tweak: Decreasing column minimum width to 2%
  • Tweak: Decreasing section minimum height in edit mode
  • Tweak: Match HTML tags for the section and the column (#3471)
  • Tweak: Renamed the clear_page section in the document settings
  • Tweak: Renamed the general-elements widgets category to general (#3729)
  • Tweak: Remember the last library tab and search/filters that was open
  • Tweak: Replace the select control with a switcher control in the Video widget “Play Icon” control (#3262)
  • Tweak: Video widget accessibility – added role="button" attribute to the Play button (#3270)
  • Tweak: Button widget accessibility – added role="button" attribute (#3271)
  • Tweak: Icon widget accessibility – added aria-hidden attribute to the i tag (#3272)
  • Tweak: Icon Box widget accessibility – added aria-hidden attribute to the i tag (#3273)
  • Tweak: Google Maps widget accessibility – added aria-label attribute to the iframetag (#3274)
  • Tweak: Moved placeholder and title settings from base control settings into individual controls that use them (#3795)
  • Tweak: Updated the “Icon Box” widget to handle cases where no icon is set
  • Tweak: Updated the way widget categories are registered in Elementor (#3729)
  • Tweak: Slick.js library Updated to v1.8.1 (#3538)
  • Tweak: Updated Eicons to v3.0.0
  • Tweak: Updated Select2 to v4.0.5
  • Fix: Document settings now saved as revisions on auto save (#3510)
  • Fix: Show preset section in the right side for RTL

1.9.8 – 2018-03-12

  • Fix: Activate publish button if there is an auto-save version
  • Fix: Server error message missing in edge cases
  • Fix: Updated dialog library (#3668)
  • Fix: Text Decoration option in Button Widget (#3701)
  • Fix: Added autopause=0 in order to allow multiple autoplay in Vimeo video
  • Fix: Added missing translation string to control in the Image Carousel widget

1.9.7 – 2018-02-27

  • Tweak: Element_Base::get_style_depends() method is now overwritable (#3494)
  • Fix: “Enter” key triggers Elementor mode instead of default submit action (#3556)
  • Fix: Stop showing Connection Lost notification when editing widgets
  • Fix: Counter widget – Allow spacing between prefix and suffix

1.9.6 – 2018-02-21

  • Fix: When selecting a color with alpha, the value is not fully visible (#3320)
  • Fix: “Create new Page” button in dashboard widget (#3491)
  • Fix: safe_copy_elementor_meta for editor revisions
  • Fix: Clear filters when syncing library
  • Fix: Background attachment fixed only on desktop

1.9.5 – 2018-02-14

  • Fix: Added reset for background video when the parent has set text-align: center;
  • Fix: Print global and post CSS files after all 3rd party plugins styles
  • Fix: Avoid setting editor changed-flag on auto-saving
  • Fix: Stretch section fallback to body when selector not found or the container doesn’t exist

1.9.4 – 2018-02-07

  • Tweak: Added draft posts to Elementor dashboard widget (#3379)
  • Tweak: Removed CodeMirror script for WP Custom HTML widget to improve performance
  • Fix: Fonts not loaded in edit mode for widget template (#3352)
  • Fix: Prevent template library modal close on actions in edge cases
  • Fix: Set save button as disabled if there is nothing to save
  • Fix: Added publish to editor translations
  • Fix: Added a flex-basis patch for better support in Firefox browser
  • Fix: Image Box heading link now works without an image (#2854)

1.9.3 – 2018-01-21

  • Fix: Enqueue style/script if when not needed (#3094)
  • Fix: Added compatibility for Safari browser accessibility
  • Fix: Error message in saver
  • Fix: Elementor missing WP editor content (#3139)
  • Fix: Changes lost on revisions panel tab destroy (#3242)

1.9.2 – 2018-01-16

  • Tweak: Improved querying for revisions to reduce load time on posts with lots of revisions
  • Tweak: Added new notifications when connection with the server is lost and on server errors
  • Fix: Autosave now show only Elementor data (#3144)
  • Fix: Show correct post content in autosave
  • Fix: Preview Changes button now uses wp_preview_url()
  • Fix: Typography settings not showing correctly in some cases (#3145)
  • Fix: Group control with conditions (#3182)
  • Fix: Import template in some configurations by checking if ZipArchive class is exists
  • Fix: Tooltip flickering in the responsive mode button (#3151)

1.9.1 – 2018-01-10

  • Fix: Conflict between responsive control and group control popup (#3130)
  • Fix: Color picker handle lag
  • Fix: Native WordPress widgets stopped working

1.9.0 – 2018-01-09

  • New: Added Autosave capability for editor
  • New: Added save as draft option (#2824)
  • New: Brand new Template Library
  • New: Added filter & sorting (new, trend & popular) to Template Library (#1711)
  • New: Added import & sync tools to Template Library (#2402)
  • New: Added search form to Template Library (#2499)
  • New: Added my favorites option to the Template Library
  • New: Added sorting (name, type, author & date) to My Templates Library
  • New: Added new social icons for Meetup, RSS & Skype (#2703#2701#3090)
  • New: Added Overview dashboard widget
  • Tweak: Added privacy control to video widget (#2741)
  • Tweak: Added new controls for Icons, Spacing & Padding to Toggle widget (#2836)
  • Tweak: Added new controls for Icons & Padding to Accordion widget (#2836)
  • Tweak: Added responsive space between control to Icon List widget
  • Tweak: Rename “Page Settings” panel to “Document Settings”
  • Tweak: Moved My Library to top of admin menu (#2843)
  • Tweak: Re-design menu of editor panel
  • Tweak: Replaced jquery-simple-dtpicker with flatpickr JS library (#2095)
  • Tweak: Reduced panel clutter by allowing group control to be displayed as a popup
  • Tweak: Added Gutenberg compatibility – “Add New Elementor” and “Back to Classic” edit screen
  • Tweak: Added excerpt control to the Document Settings if the post type supports excerpts (#2837)
  • Tweak: Added text-decoration to Typography control
  • Tweak: All functions, action hooks and filter hooks have been documented
  • Tweak: Implementing inline editing functionality in various Elementor widgets
  • Tweak: Accessible widget search – add label for screen readers in the search box (#2835)
  • Tweak: Improved Editor accessibility – replace title attributes with aria-label(#2861)
  • Tweak: Progress Bar widget accessibility – set correct role and added new aria attributes (#2861)
  • Tweak: Alert widget accessibility – make the “Dismiss” button accessible (#3108)
  • Tweak: Tabs widget accessibility – added idrole and aria attributes (#2913)
  • Tweak: Toggle widget accessibility – added idrole and aria attributes (#2836)
  • Tweak: Accordion widget accessibility – added idrole and aria attributes (#2836)
  • Tweak: Social Icons widget accessibility – added labels for screen readers
  • Tweak: Added Browser support notification for unsupported browsers
  • Tweak: Depended styles, various elements can set stylesheet dependencies (#1636)
  • Tweak: Added option to set control as required by required => true
  • Fix: Added wptexturize filter to match WordPress native text formatting
  • Fix: Alignment issue with Icon widget

1.8.12 – 2018-01-03

  • Tweak: Added style compatibility for multiple select field
  • Tweak: Added trim extra spaces in WP editor
  • Fix: WC session not defined in editor

1.8.11 – 2017-12-19

  • Tweak: Support W3C validation when using multiple Google Fonts (Topic)
  • Tweak: Eicons v2.9.0 Updated
  • Fix: TinyMCE inside repeater missing content after sort canceled (#2952)
  • Fix: Alpha color picker added # to default value (#2978)
  • Fix: Wrong parameter for multiple conditions with nested relations
  • Fix: Init heartbeat only after preview has been loaded successfully to prevent unexpected behavior in edge cases

1.8.10 – 2017-12-13

  • Tweak: Allow support for multiple conditions with relations
  • Fix: Waypoint in order to support default options and trigger once
  • Fix: Entrance animation near the bottom of the page (#2114#2060)
  • Fix: Avoid delete current revision preview, check it’s a valid revision
  • Fix: Change post-status in page settings

1.8.9 – 2017-12-06

  • Security Fix! – Prevent potential privilege escalation in page settings & history
  • Fix: Allow Contributors to preview library templates
  • Fix: Font Awesome icons are italicized (#2873)
  • Fix: CSS autoprefixer for minified files (now supports last 10 versions of browsers)
  • Fix: Import template in Safari browser
  • Fix: Post config for none singular pages
  • Fix: Re-Render WYSIWYG control inside repeater on sort changed (#2897#2450#2324)
  • Fix: Eicons CSS re-compiled (#2878)

1.8.8 – 2017-11-30

  • Tweak: Eicons v2.8.0 Updated
  • Security Fix! – Prevent potential privilege escalation in template library

1.8.7 – 2017-11-29

  • Tweak: Eicons v2.7.0 updated
  • Fix: Added per post type “edit_post” capability mapping in the editor (#2846)
  • Fix: Bump color picker script version to v2.0 to force a browser cached version refresh (#2550)

1.8.6 – 2017-11-26

  • Fix: Changed minimum editing capability to edit_posts (#2791)
  • Fix: Disable white-space: pre-wrap in advanced editing mode (#2776)
  • Fix: Check publish capabilities in the page settings
  • Fix: Fixed line break in webkit in cases when there are no active nodes.
  • Fix: Import/export template in some server configurations.

1.8.5 – 2017-11-19

  • Fix: Compatibility with the WordPress 4.9 native widgets (#2763)
  • Fix: Removed related videos from background video in some cases (#2372)
  • Fix: Element inside similar element conflict (#2760)
  • Fix: Responsive alignment in Icon List widget

1.8.4 – 2017-11-14

  • Fix: Accordion open/close icon (#2740)
  • Fix: Color control does not allow more than 7 characters (#2737)
  • Fix: Button wrap on Safari browser
  • Fix: Print duplicate styles when Print Method set to Internal Embedding

1.8.3 – 2017-11-11

  • Fix: Added nonce to export template action (Topic)
  • Fix: Native WordPress widgets stopped working (#2732)

1.8.2 – 2017-11-09

  • Fix: Added nonce to export template action (#2722)
  • Fix: Changes nonce key for third party plugins

1.8.1 – 2017-11-09

  • Fix: Bug loading Editor templates in some server configurations (#2712)
  • Fix: Added parameter to overwrite control recursively (#2702)
  • Fix: Patched nonce validation for all library actions
  • Fix: Glitch with Tabs widget on touch screen
  • Fix: Glitch with Button wrap on small screens

1.8.0 – 2017-11-07

  • New: Inline Editing added to all text, textarea & TinyMCE controls (#437)
  • New: Added auto complete for code editor (Custom CSS & HTML widget) (#2416)
  • New: Added more icons to Social Icons widget: Telegram & OK (#2670)
  • New: Set focus to search bar when you click on widget button in the panel (#2333)
  • Tweak: Added soft wrap for code editor
  • Tweak: Better accessibility for Tabs, Toggle & Accordion widgets
  • Tweak: Added option to disable the widget on-change rendering
  • Tweak: Improved error dialogs for better handling cases when the editor fails to load.
  • Tweak: Rename Global Colors & Fonts to Default Colors and Default Fonts for better clarify
  • Tweak: Update Google Fonts list with more than 10 new fonts
  • Tweak: Eicons v2.5.0 updated
  • Tweak: Added an “Elementor” post state for post table
  • Tweak: Added responsive control for Icon Box (Space & Size)
  • Tweak: Added compatibility and support for WP Color in WordPress 4.9 (#2550)
  • Tweak: Better nonce handling/renewing to avoid timeouts
  • Tweak: Added compatibility for the future release of Elementor
  • Fix: Icon List widget alignment with RTL
  • Fix: Render element on unknown control changed
  • Fix: Conflict elementor-clickable element with editor lightbox
  • Fix: Handle download media/gallery inside repeater control for export/import

1.7.12 – 2017-10-24

  • Fix: Stay in the same tab settings after saving
  • Fix: Refresh heartbeat token when nonce is expired
  • Fix: Space for mobile in Image Box widget (#2586)
  • Fix: Added visual indication for disabled swiper nav arrow button
  • Fix: Color picker alignment for extended panel (#2548)

1.7.11 – 2017-10-04

  • Fix: options is undefined error when using select2

1.7.10 – 2017-10-03

  • Fix: Extend of Icon control for Social Icons widget

1.7.9 – 2017-10-03

  • Fix: Bug loading editor in Windows server

1.7.8 – 2017-10-03

  • Fix: Font and Icon controls that got effected by previous update

1.7.7 – 2017-10-03

  • Tweak: If current value is not in the options show it as Unknown value for Select2 control
  • Fix: Import all template types by WordPress Importer
  • Fix: Pagination color default for carousels
  • Fix: Bug loading editor in some server configurations

1.7.6 – 2017-09-26

  • Tweak: Changed video lightbox width for tablet to 100%
  • Tweak: Changed Vimeo placeholder for the Video widget
  • Tweak: Added vh unit support for control base
  • Fix: Prevent showing of placeholder image in video lightbox
  • Fix: Show Swiper arrows navigation in the center
  • Fix: Set a centered image preview for media control in the panel
  • Fix: Removed sourceMappingURL reference to prevent an error with the Safari browser

1.7.5 – 2017-09-24

  • Tweak: Clear CSS Meta after change print method
  • Tweak: Set default style for UI controls in all sliders and carousels
  • Fix: Added compatibility for WordPress 4.8.2 & 4.7.6
  • Fix: Sync Library tool for manual updating

1.7.4 – 2017-09-18

  • Tweak: Added compatibility for the future release of Elementor
  • Fix: Space widgets applied on the last element (#2331)
  • Fix: Internal CSS for Template Library embed (#2394)

1.7.3 – 2017-09-11

  • Tweak: Added responsive size for icon list widget (#2302)
  • Tweak: Added keyboard control for lightbox slideshow (#2270)
  • Tweak: Updated E-Icons font v2.4.2
  • Fix: Changed image carousel breakpoints (#2341)
  • Fix: Handles editor view for Divi theme (#2342)
  • Fix: Live editing to the page settings custom CSS (#2363)

1.7.2 – 2017-09-05

  • Tweak: Added compatibility for the future release of Elementor
  • Tweak: Added API option for developers to insert controls between preexisting controls
  • Tweak: Added compatibility with Yoast SEO plugin
  • Fix: Added compatibility for Multisite installation with Domain Mapping (#2280)
  • Fix: Disappearing widgets when you undo remove section (#2301)

1.7.1 – 2017-08-29

  • Tweak: Removed some filters for better performance
  • Fix: Allow import .zip mime type to the library for some browsers / servers
  • Fix: Save checking for the history log
  • Fix: Change default template in page settings

1.7.0 – 2017-08-28

  • New: History actions in the editor (#266)
  • New: Hotkey: Ctrl / Cmd + Z = Undo
  • New: Hotkey: Ctrl / Cmd + Shift + Z = Redo
  • New: Hotkey: Ctrl / Cmd + D = Duplicate
  • New: Hotkey: Delete = Delete element
  • New: Added more icons to Social Icons widget: Weibo & WeChat
  • Tweak: Added color control for UI elements in the lightbox
  • Tweak: Allow to exclude devices in responsive control
  • Tweak: Added compatibility for Table of Contents Plus plugin (#2248)
  • Fix: Added compatibility for Multisite installation with Domain Mapping
  • Fix: CSS Animations names no longer minified, in order to prevent unexpected conflicts
  • Fix: Sometimes content in Repeater control disappears
  • Fix: Conflict rollback to the last version when beta testing mode enabled
  • Fix: Conflict with Polylang plugin (#2124)
  • Fix: Allow fullscreen in the editor preview for video player

1.6.5 – 2017-08-20

  • Tweak: Added compatibility for the future release of Elementor Pro
  • Fix: Set font size inherit for Heading widget (#2098)
  • Fix: Anchor links smooth scrolling not working when admin bar is disabled (#2210)

1.6.4 – 2017-08-06

  • Tweak: Allow to close lightbox when clicking outside of the element
  • Fix: Added font family inherit for input placeholder
  • Fix: Reload none-saved changes on editor reload
  • Fix: Added compatibility for WPMU DEV’s Domain Mapping plugin (#2120)

1.6.3 – 2017-08-09

  • Fix: Lightbox for Image Carousel (#2135)
  • Fix: Allow to dismiss message asking to share non-sensitive usage data (#2136)
  • Fix: Conflict with Advanced TinyMCE plugin (Topic)

1.6.2 – 2017-08-03

  • Fix: More compatibility for some server configuration (#2119)
  • Fix: Added lightbox control for image gallery widget (#2121)
  • Fix: Conflict with TablePress and other plugins that add buttons to TinyMCE (Topic)

1.6.1 – 2017-08-02

  • Fix: Conflict with Contact Form module by Jetpack (#2125)
  • Fix: Conflict with Popup Maker plugin
  • Fix: Updated previous stable version for rollback
  • Fix: Checking if the content area not found before anything else
  • Fix: Condition hidden for section control didn’t work well
  • Fix: Reset border for iFrame in video lightbox (#2121)

1.6.0 – 2017-08-02

  • Read more in the release post
  • New: Added native Lightbox for images and galleries (#218)
  • New: Added Text Shadow control (#1696) (Developer API)
  • New: Added Text Shadow option for Heading widget (#1940)
  • New: Added bulk import / export for template library (#1241)
  • New: Added elementor/widgets/wordpress/widget_args filter to customize WP widget markup (#2052)
  • Tweak: The editor loading now in the wp-admin area instead of the front-end
  • Tweak: Replaced editor icons from FontAwesome to Eicons for beautiful sharpness
  • Tweak: Added library access to all users with edit_pages capability
  • Tweak: Loading scripts from the preview for more accurate front-end simulation and fix some issues
  • Tweak: Replaced textarea input with WYSIWYG control for Testimonial widget (#1321)
  • Tweak: Changed default play icon for Video widget
  • Tweak: First step to move Autoloader classes method
  • Tweak: Switcher control label_on and label_off is not required anymore (Developer API)
  • Tweak: Style settings now also in the editor (under > menu > general settings)
  • Tweak: Changed the colors of editor loading screen to positive design
  • Tweak: Added Mute option for YouTube in Video widget (#1897)
  • Twaek! – Added compatibility for Polylang plugin (#1959)
  • Fix: Unknown text input in Group Controls (#1926)
  • Fix: Show edit with Elementor button on admin bar in regular posts
  • Fix: Inherit style for select field from field
  • Fix: Conflict with ManageWP on Multisite (#1600#1456)
  • Deprecated: elementor/controls/get_available_tabs_controls filter, please use \Elementor\Controls_Manager::add_tab( $tab_name, $tab_title ) instead of

1.5.5 – 2017-07-18

  • Fix: Page Settings data gets corrupted on revision save (#2031)

1.5.4 – 2017-07-17

  • Tweak: Re-organized SCSS files for the editor panel
  • Tweak: Added example how to remove some styles from front-end (#1992)
  • Tweak: Added do_action( 'elementor/preview/enqueue_scripts' ); for loading scripts in the preview only
  • Tweak: Added panel/widgets/{WIDGET_TYPE}/controls/wp_widget/loaded JS action to handle WP widget controls (#1886)
  • Tweak: Changed Image placeholder
  • Tweak: Return checkbox control as deprecated in v1.5 (#2003)
  • Fix: Changed carousel breakpoints for better responsiveness (Based on #1785)
  • Fix: After v1.5 some default unit in mobile editing set as pixel instead of the original default
  • Fix: Removed wptexturize from Elementor content to avoid some plugins wrong texturize

1.5.3 – 2017-07-09

  • Tweak: Google Fonts list updated with 17 new fonts
  • Tweak: Added responsive control for min-height in Column widget
  • Tweak: Added default value for HTML Tags
  • Tweak: Added editor compatibility for some themes
  • Fix: Added latin-ext subset in Font control for Polish language
  • Fix: Updated control condition on Skin
  • Fix: Glitch CSS in video iFrame
  • Fix: Hover effect opacity transition
  • Fix: Column background overlay condition in front-end
  • Fix: Shape divider width units for tablet and mobile (#1817)
  • Fix: Video Background position center of section (#1925)
  • Fix: Toggle & Accordion glitch in the editor
  • Fix: Hide errors for control without selector (#1923)

1.5.2 – 2017-07-02

  • Fix: Library dialog not loading in different languages
  • Fix: Removed duplicate data from editor loading
  • Fix: Navigation condition in Image Carousel widget (#1920)
  • Fix: Added latin-ext subset in Font control for Romanian language (#1915)

1.5.1 – 2017-06-29

  • Tweak: Show the fallback image until video playback starts (#1901)
  • Tweak: Set Animation delay value in milliseconds
  • Fix: Buttons size for different languages (Topic)
  • Fix: Destroy the Waypoint after one running (#1906)
  • Fix: Image stretch condition in Image Carousel widget
  • Fix: Restore value builder for rollback compatibility (#1911)

1.5.0 – 2017-06-28

  • New: A big UI makeover to the editor for the 1st birthday of Elementor (#493#335#692)
  • New: Added responsive mode for Column Width control, including Tablet! (#418)
  • New: Added option to set the column width trough the panel (#847)
  • New: Added Element Hover for Background, BG Overlay, Border & Box Shadow
  • New: Added nofollow option for all link controls (Topic#953#1695)
  • New: Added HTML Tag for Section & Column (#1619)
  • New: Added Inset option for Box shadow control (#1623)
  • New: Added option to rollback to a previous version of Elementor & Pro
  • New: Added option to get update notifications for beta versions of Elementor & Pro
  • New: Added Space Between Widgets option under global settings and per column (#1221)
  • New: Added Z-Index option for all elements and removed original default z-indexfrom widgets-wrap (#1743)
  • New: Import template get the page settings also if available
  • Tweak: Added Tabs UI for admin setting pages
  • Tweak: Added Layout tab for column for better workflow
  • Tweak: Elementor not active when WP version doesn’t meet minimum requirements
  • Tweak: Added Animation Delay to Entrance Animation for all elements (#558)
  • Tweak: Improved panel accessibility by adding for to the labels
  • Tweak: Added responsive control for min-height in Section (#630)
  • Tweak: Added responsive control for image size in Image / Image Box widgets
  • Tweak: Added PX unit & responsive control for border width in Divider widget
  • Tweak: Added responsive control for gap in Divider widget
  • Tweak: Added responsive control for spacing in Image Box widget
  • Tweak: Added responsive control for slides to show control in Image Carousel
  • Tweak: Added responsive control for border radius in Image widget
  • Tweak: Changed video embed method for better performance and fix loading bug
  • Tweak: Changed the_content priority for better integration with 3rd party plugins (e.g WooCommerce Membership)
  • Tweak: Added WP filter to get available image sizes
  • Tweak: Updated Swiper library to 3.4.2
  • Tweak: Limit up to 100 revisions to display in the panel for better performance
  • Fix: YouTube link detection regex for some situations
  • Fix: Content flashes before entrance animation (#1672)
  • Fix: Added latin-ext subset in Font control for Czech language (#1630)
  • Fix: Restore to post version without Elementor in Revision History
  • Fix: Removed margin: 0 setting from figure inside text editor widget
  • Fix: Content flashes before entrance animation (#1672)
  • Fix: Bug Image Carousel widget in RTL direction
  • Fix: show_label affected inner label in the repeater control (#1707)

1.4.10 – 2017-06-25

  • Fix: CSS autoprefixer for minified files (last 5 versions of browsers support)

1.4.9 – 2017-06-19

  • Tweak: Compatibility with the new WordPress 4.8 widgets (Rich Text, Image, Video and Audio)
  • Tweak: Disable Elementor editor in the default Blog page
  • Fix: Bug post archive when first post set as Canvas template

1.4.8 – 2017-05-28

  • New: Added new option: Set the CSS Print Method as Internal Embedding or External Files
  • Tweak: CSS autoprefixer now supports last 5 versions of browsers
  • Tweak: Nested all Swiper style under elementor class
  • Fix: Open the first section when switching tabs not working
  • Fix: Video widget cover image not displayed properly when lightbox on (#1763)

1.4.7 – 2017-05-18

  • Tweak: Added WP favicon support on Editor mode
  • Fix: Do not return empty <img> tag when not found image source on Image Size group control

1.4.6 – 2017-05-09

  • New: Added new Google font Arsenal for typography control
  • Fix: An issue with custom size in Image Widget (#1688)
  • Fix: Tilt shape glitch in wide screens
  • Fix: Increasing z-index for overlay settings in the editor (#1209)
  • Fix: The layout is reset when you drag the section
  • Fix: Register events on different skins to register multiple handles in one widget
  • Fix: Parse controls default settings by PHP
  • Fix: Advanced style apply in the element inside element

1.4.5 – 2017-04-30

  • Tweak: Use update_metadata instead of update_post_meta for revision history
  • Fix: If Image Carousel caption is set to none, don’t print the markup for the figcaption
  • Fix: Don’t run buttons arrangement when TinyMCE has custom configuration
  • Fix: Apply default value to desktop only for mobile editing
  • Fix: Double rendering in the editor
  • Fix: Prevent Elementor video autoplay in WordPress backend editor

1.4.4 – 2017-04-20

  • Fix: Customizer is not loading in some cases (Topic)

1.4.3 – 2017-04-19

  • Tweak: Avoid enqueue post.css for the_excerpt
  • Tweak: Updated E-Icons font v2.1.0
  • Fix: Conflict between different skins sharing a control with same prefix-class
  • Fix: Added compatibility for more WP widgets (Topic)

1.4.2 – 2017-04-04

  • Fix: Page Settings not reload on the page template (#1586)
  • Fix: Full width default value in preview mode
  • Fix: Responsive switcher in repeater control

1.4.1 – 2017-04-03

  • New: Added action elementor/frontend/after_register_scripts – runs after register scripts in the frontend
  • New: Added action elementor/editor/after_enqueue_styles – runs after enqueue styles in the Editor
  • New: Added action elementor/editor/before_enqueue_styles – runs before enqueue styles in the Editor
  • New: Added action elementor/editor/after_enqueue_scripts – runs after enqueue scripts in Editor
  • New: Added action elementor/post-css-file/parse to change Post CSS output
  • Tweak: Added new tool for editor loader method
  • Fix: Autosave settings on each change after 3 seconds (#1546)
  • Fix: Reset column resize after section sorting
  • Fix: Incorrect wrapper height in some cases in Video lightbox
  • Fix: ACE editor lines gutter overflows over panel footer menu (#1575)

1.4.0 – 2017-03-28

  • New: Canvas: Native Blank Page Template. No header, no footer, just Elementor
  • New: Maintenance Mode for Under Contraction and Coming Soon page
  • New: Page Settings: Choose Page Template, Change Status, Edit / Hide Page Title (#632#447)
  • New: Page Style: Padding and Background Color, Image or Gradient
  • New: Drop Cap option for Text Editor widget
  • New: Added Debug box in the System Info screen, to keep a record of recent error messages in the editor
  • New: Added more icons to Social Icons widget: Yelp, Xing, Email, Shopping Cart and Whatsapp (#1462#1463#1471#1481)
  • Tweak: Added hover style and animation for Social Icons widget (#426#1472)
  • Tweak: Removed unnecessary data settings from frontend output
  • Fix: Duplicate repeater field with switcher control (#1442#1472)
  • Fix: Google Font family with spacing
  • Fix: Custom image size in some situations (Topic)
  • Fix: Smooth scrolling for anchor links, now limited only to links with .elementor-element or .elementor-menu-anchor classes (#1478)

1.3.5 – 2017-03-20

  • Tweak: Minimum WordPress version is now v4.5
  • Fix: Shape divider glitch on some screen widths
  • Fix: Shape divider flip bug in safari browser
  • Fix: Conflict with jQuery FitVids plugin (Topic)
  • Fix: Generated CSS-file breakpoint for tablet – changed from 1023px to 1024px (#1454)
  • Fix: Close HTML div for Alert widget

1.3.4 – 2017-03-14

  • Tweak: Added more hooks for handling styles & scripts (Topic)
  • Tweak: Added Swiper library for future widgets
  • Fix: Added Revision History for all Elementor-enabled CPTs
  • Fix: Shapes for RTL direction
  • Fix: Issue with images not loading in some situations
  • Fix: Click on arrow icon in select field

1.3.3 – 2017-03-08

  • Fix: Negative shape rotation in front-end (#1438)
  • Fix: Error with anchor links with an invalid target (Topic)
  • Fix: Alignment issue in Icon List widget

1.3.2 – 2017-03-07

  • Tweak: Added Bring to Front option for shape divider
  • Fix: Normalize template data in some situations (#1432)
  • Fix: Removed shapes handler JS from front-end
  • Fix: Added support for shapes on Edge browser (#1427)
  • Fix: Shapes glitch on some screen width

1.3.1 – 2017-03-07

  • Fix: Insert or embed template in the editor (#1426#1425)
  • Fix: Imported templates were not saved correctly (Topic)
  • Fix: Comparing default values for array or multiple controls

1.3.0 – 2017-03-06

  • New: Added Shape Divider to sections
  • New: Added Lightbox for video widget (#741)
  • New: Added new social icons for Slideshare, Vkontakte & Tripadvisor
  • New: Print JS file just when is needed, by new method Widget::get_script_depends() (Code Reference)
  • Tweak: Improved Icon List widget by adding: line-up, divider and space between options (#822)
  • Tweak: Added box shadow control for Button widget (#1357)
  • Tweak: Don’t use html_entity_decode on json posted data (Improving JSON format for saving Data by deprecated html_entity_decode)
  • Tweak: Element-ID as anchor has no smooth scroll – Added ability to pass element id to selectors (#1333)
  • Fix: Added margin top property in .elementor-inner class for better handling with fixed headers

1.2.4 – 2017-02-28

  • Tweak: Improved embed google fonts in the front-end
  • Tweak: Added selector in Button widget to override custom style in some themes (#1285)
  • Tweak: Load unminified color-picker.js file when SCRIPT_DEBUG is true (#1364)
  • Fix: Bug when dragging a column from a single-column section to another section (#1346)
  • Fix: Reduced padding for Progress Bar widget in mobile (#1358)
  • Fix: Descriptor field style in the repeater field
  • Fix: Alt key for some keyboard input sources (#1328)

1.2.3 – 2017-02-14

  • Fix: Typography group data render (Topic)

1.2.2 – 2017-02-14

  • Tweak: Added filter to change the menu anchor distance
  • Tweak: Regenerate CSS run after editor saved for quicker saving
  • Tweak: Major performance improvement by optimizing backend method calls
  • Fix: Selector elementor:after added spacing after the Elementor content
  • Fix: Removed inline CSS from default section in frontend

1.2.1 – 2017-02-08

  • Fix: Change on Repeater control is not effect in the preview
  • Fix: When you add a widget base on remote only is render twice

1.2.0 – 2017-02-01

  • New: Added Gradient Background for Section and Column (#71)
  • New: Added full caption functionality to Image Carousel widget (#1212#1124#1197)
  • New: Added Custom Element ID control for all elements (#939)
  • New: Added Vertical layout option for Tabs widget (#449)
  • Tweak: Elementor now generates an external CSS file instead of inline CSS for global fonts, colors and settings (Part 2 of #325)
  • Tweak: Added Content Position option for each column
  • Tweak: Regenerate CSS after running Replace URL
  • Fix: Tabs on mobile now work like an Accordion widget to improve responsive design (#443)
  • Fix: Improve query in Replace URL for some configurations (#1191)
  • Fix: Added none option for Text Transform typography control
  • Fix: Bug when some controls left empty in Testimonial widget

1.1.7 – 2017-01-25

  • Tweak: Change box-shadow type control from select to switcher
  • Fix: On-loading glitch for Image Carousel widget
  • Fix: Background attachment for Section on mobile devices (#890)
  • Fix: Default WordPress widget checkboxes not holding values (#1210)
  • Fix: Heading with link custom color gone
  • Fix: Jumping of panel when the wp-color-picker is active
  • Deprecated: Plugin::get_version() method removed

1.1.6 – 2017-01-18

  • Fix: Improving enqueue assets if Elementor exists on the page
  • Fix: Inner Tabs in the section panel is broken

1.1.5 – 2017-01-17

  • Fix: Cannot open editor panel on WP widgets

1.1.4 – 2017-01-17

  • Tweak: Added compatibility for edit description tab with Elementor in WC product page
  • Tweak: Performance improvement in the editor. Faster response time when interacting with elements.
  • Fix: Broken responsive in Editor mode (#1169)
  • Fix: Animation happens twice above the fold (#281)

1.1.3 – 2017-01-15

  • Tweak: Embed YouTube API just when is needed
  • Tweak: Added post revisions support as default to any CPT Elementor is active on
  • Fix: E-Icons font library correct files
  • Fix: Prevent click event on parent elements when clicking inner element handle buttons
  • Fix: Error message for import template

1.1.2 – 2017-01-12

  • Fix: Clear browser caching from last new JS files

1.1.1 – 2017-01-11

  • Fix: Revision history panel title
  • Fix: Renamed content tab in Column to style
  • Fix: Regenerate new Waypoints JS lib

1.1.0 – 2017-01-11

  • New: Revision History (Based on WP Revisions)
  • New: Added Tool for Replace Site URL in Elementor data
  • New: Hotkey: Ctrl / Cmd + S = Save
  • New: Hotkey: Ctrl / Cmd + P = Preview Mode
  • New: Hotkey: Ctrl / Cmd + Shift + L = Open Library Modal
  • New: Hotkey: Ctrl / Cmd + Shift + H = Go to Revision History
  • New: Hotkey: Ctrl / Cmd + Shift + M = Mobile Editing Preview
  • New: Added Background Overlay Settings for Column (#810)
  • Tweak: Enqueue assets only if Elementor exists on the page
  • Tweak: Move all element ID’s in editor mode to classes (Start working on #939)
  • Fix: Added missing translation strings for media modal (#1126)

1.0.12 – 2017-01-05

  • Fix: Library modal ‘Insert’ button

1.0.11 – 2017-01-04

  • Fix: Some breaks from previous release

1.0.10 – 2017-01-04

  • New: Added API docs for developers
  • Tweak: Changed ‘Prevent Scroll’ control type to switcher in Map widget
  • Tweak: Updated Dialog Manager v3.0.2
  • Fix: Library modal ‘Go Pro’ button in FireFox
  • Fix: Bug load Elementor in front page in some server configuration
  • Fix: Ninja Forms widget conflict
  • Deprecated: elementor/frontend/enqueue_scripts/after is no longer available
  • Deprecated: elementor/elements/print_template is replaced by elementor/element/print_template
  • Deprecated: elementor/element_css/parse_css is replaced by elementor/element/parse_css

1.0.9 – 2016-12-27

  • Fix: Elementor library import remote template

1.0.8 – 2016-12-27

  • Tweak: Added raw css support for stylesheet class (#1086)
  • Tweak: Improve memory used in the editor mode (Topic)
  • Fix: Issue with post-css-file in HTTPS (#1077)

1.0.7 – 2016-12-25

  • Fix: Validate export import for Elementor template
  • Fix: Excluded elementor_library custom post type from the sitemap by Yoast SEO
  • Fix: Prevent Scroll BUG in Google Map widget
  • Fix: Added unique name for repeater control

1.0.6 – 2016-12-20

  • New: Added social icons for Apple & Spotify
  • New: Added Thousand Separator control for counter widget
  • Tweak: Added Filter template types in library backend
  • Tweak: Updated jQuery Numerator Plugin v0.2.1
  • Fix: Added support for floating numbers in counter widget
  • Fix: Removed limit from counter widget
  • Deprecated: Removed #elementor-section-wrap ID from frontend output
  • Deprecated: Removed #elementor-inner ID from frontend output

1.0.5 – 2016-12-18

  • Tweak: Added VH unit in min-height control for section (#764)
  • Fix: Bug with section-content-position in Columns widget
  • Fix: Bug with stretched section
  • Fix: Avoid fatal error for invalid widgets
  • Deprecated: Removed #elementor ID from frontend output

1.0.4 – 2016-12-12

  • Tweak: Added mobile editing options for social icons widget
  • Fix: Icon alignment CSS issue (Icon and Icon-Box widget)
  • Fix: Conflict panel with Safari browser
  • Fix: Responsive grid bug with tablet screen

1.0.3 – 2016-12-11

  • New: Ready for Elementor Pro
  • Tweak: Added template type validation
  • Fix: Select2 control fix empty state

1.0.2 – 2016-12-08

  • Fix: Adjusting Text Editor widget when visual editor is disabled (Topic)
  • Fix: Conflict with Advanced TinyMCE plugin (Topic)

1.0.1 – 2016-12-08

  • Fix: Waypoint script for multiple versions (#933#1001)
  • Fix: Text Editor widget compatible for WordPress 4.7
  • Fix: Label form compatible for TwentySeventy theme

1.0.0 – 2016-12-06

  • New: Added code editor for HTML widget
  • New: Added social icon for Houzz
  • New: Added Code control base on ACE
  • New: Added Tabs control for editor panel
  • New: Forms style for future widgets
  • Tweak: Update Waypoints library to v4.0.1
  • Tweak: Added support for multiple icon fonts in Choose control
  • Fix: Progress Bar “glitch” on page refresh (#909)
  • Fix: post-css-file don’t enqueue if isn’t Elementor post (#902)
  • Fix: Columns widget not render on search (#862)
  • Fix: Conflict with Bootstrap 3 Shortcodes plugin (#924)
  • Fix: Don’t generate or enqueue CSS file if post not built with elementor
  • Fix: Icon button RTL bug in tools page
  • Fix: Color Picker control bug on FireFox
  • Fix: Video background for section works again
  • Fix: Draggable line for columns widget

0.11.2 – 2016-11-21

  • Fix: Don’t Generate CSS if it’s not built with Elementor
  • Fix: Global font goes wrong after changing weight (#888)

0.11.1 – 2016-11-17

  • Fix: Columns widget bug with edit options
  • Tweak: Changed breakpoint for tablet from 1023px to 1024px (#860)

0.11.0 – 2016-11-16

  • New: Elementor now generates an external CSS file for each page instead of inline CSS (#325)
  • New: Added a tool to regenerate Elementor pages CSS files
  • New: Added TinyMCE editor for Repeater control, such as Tabs, Accordion and Toggle widgets (#176)
  • New: Added Time Picker control for future widgets
  • Tweak: ‘Edit with Elementor’ button color now uses the Admin Color Scheme
  • Tweak: Improved style for Multiple Select2 control
  • Tweak: Removed development mode flag
  • Tweak: Elementor Icon library updated with new icons
  • Tweak: Align button sizes as a new forms style
  • Tweak: Panel width expanded for better comfortable editing
  • Tweak: TinyMCE editor toolbar reduced to basic toolbar, for comfortable editing

0.10.7 – 2016-11-07

  • Fix: Image widget template for link and caption (Topic)
  • Fix: Exclude Library from search (Topic)
  • Fix: HTML of text widget not being parsed in the preview (Topic)
  • Fix: Add new section button in RTL
  • Fix: Stretched section in RTL
  • Fix: TinyMCE editor buttons in RTL
  • Fix: Error messages for template library

0.10.6 – 2016-11-02

  • Fix: Some breaks layouts from previous release

0.10.5 – 2016-11-02

  • Tweak: Added Compatibility for Autoptimize Plugin (Topic)
  • Tweak: Now elementor_library custom post type excluded from the sitemap by Yoast SEO (Topic)
  • Tweak: Added Compatibility for Zerif Pro theme
  • Tweak: Added Compatibility for themes by Bluchic
  • Tweak: Added Compatibility for jQuery Masonry Image Gallery plugin (#762)
  • Tweak: Added support for “multiple value” condition in Repeater control
  • Fix: Bug corrupting JSON post meta on import Elementor pages (Topic)
  • Fix: .elementor-slick-slider class now apply on all Elementor custom slick theme (#424)
  • Fix: Added subset support for Google Fonts to fix issues with some browsers

0.10.4 – 2016-10-26

  • Tweak: Updated Font Awesome v4.7.0 (41+ icons)
  • Tweak: Added type attribute for text input control
  • Tweak: Improved import template from library
  • Tweak: Removed admin email from system info copied
  • Fix: Columns overlay layer for negative top margin scenario
  • Fix: Added i18n strings to Delete All Content dialog
  • Fix: Target blank link in heading widget – (Topic)

0.10.3 – 2016-10-13

  • Fix: Hover animation classes for Image widget (TopicTopic)
  • Fix: Columns gap for all devices
  • Fix: Added trigger for changes on Apply button
  • Fix: Inner section class on front-end

0.10.2 – 2016-10-10

  • Tweak: Added Apply button for Shortcode widget to trigger loading of external scripts
  • Tweak: Restore action elementor/widgets/widgets_registered
  • Fix: Conflict with old versions of Bfi_Thumb plugin
  • Fix: Conflict with other plugins (Topic)

0.10.1 – 2016-10-09

  • Fix: Image size default

0.10.0 – 2016-10-09

  • New: Choose which colors appear in the editor’s color picker. This makes accessing the colors you choose for the site much easier
  • New: Clear the entire page content in one click (#607)
  • New: Added image size control for Image widget (#537)
  • New: Added social icon for (#694)
  • Tweak: Data stored in a JSON format instead of serialize, for smoother migration (#403)
  • Tweak: Added Apply button for all WP widgets to trigger loading of external scripts
  • Tweak: Adding a preview icon for repeater control (#609)
  • Tweak: All widgets code rewritten to allow for better API flexibility
  • Fix: Icon under 20px size now looks good
  • Fix: Improve CSS for Icon list alignment (#620)
  • Fix: Ninja Forms widget conflict (#546)
  • Fix: Global Fonts Don’t Show Up on Live Preview Screen (#606)

0.9.3 – 2016-09-26

  • Tweak: New method for import template library
  • Tweak: Changed priority for 3rd party plugins
  • Fix: Conflict with WooCommerce Memberships
  • Fix: Conflict with Lifter LMS (#612)
  • Fix: Icon list correct alignment (#620)
  • Fix: Reload the iframe causes the panel to stop working

0.9.2 – 2016-09-21

  • Fix: Added color default for Progress Bar when schemes color is disabled
  • Fix: Stretched section in RTL bug

0.9.1 – 2016-09-20

  • Fix: Changed again “fit to screen” to height for “content position” support

0.9.0 – 2016-09-20

  • New: Added stretch section control for all parent sections
  • New: Added content width option to set the default width of the content area
  • Tweak: Changed Fit to Screen to min-height for better behavior on mobile and content overflow scenarios.
  • Tweak: Added Switcher control for editor panel (#143)
  • Tweak: Improved Integration with 3rd party plugins and themes
  • Fix: Hidden templates library items from nav menu
  • Fix: Added color default for Button and Icon when schemes color is disabled
  • Fix: Added default size for the Heading widget – (#533)
  • Fix: Button border color hover control – only shown when border is set

0.8.1 – 2016-09-11

  • Tweak: Changed prevent scroll default to Yes for Maps widget
  • Tweak: Removed asp_tags requirements
  • Tweak: Added alignment responsive support for Image Box and Icon Box widgets
  • Tweak: Added mobile editing for Spacer widget
  • Tweak: Added title spacing for Image Box and Icon Box
  • Tweak: Removed quick link to Edit with Elementor for non-Elementor pages (#539)
  • Fix: Correcting title link color in Image Box widget (#531)
  • Fix: Resolved responsive bug in Image Gallery widget
  • Fix: Resolved bug in editor for Safari (#530#540)

0.8.0 – 2016-09-07

  • New: Added columns ordering on mobile normal / reverse
  • New: Now you can edit section and column in tablet or mobile mode
  • New: Set font-size per device in Typography control
  • New: Set line-height per device in Typography control
  • New: Set letter-spacing per device in Typography control
  • New: Set padding per device in Advanced tab
  • New: Set margin per device in Advanced tab
  • New: Heading widget – Set alignment per device
  • New: Button widget – Set alignment per device
  • New: Image widget – Set alignment per device
  • New: Icon widget – Set alignment per device
  • New: Divider widget – Set alignment per device
  • New: Icon List Widget – Set alignment per device
  • Tweak: Elementor Library connection status indicator added in System Info
  • Tweak: Default content-width is now set by css and not by the panel
  • Tweak: Added shortcode and oEmbed support for Tabs / Accordion / Toggle / Text Editor widgets
  • Tweak: Removed Default font size in custom option
  • Tweak: Hide update notice from outside Elementor
  • Tweak: Removed mobile-landscape and laptop sizes from preview mode
  • Tweak: Rearrange TinyMCE buttons (#444)
  • Tweak: Changed range for font size control
  • Tweak: Compatibility with asp_tags
  • Tweak: Improved compatibility for old webkit browsers (#484#403#370)
  • Fix: Removed style from gallery caption
  • Fix: Wrong index in section sorting
  • Fix: Column indication on inner section dragging
  • Fix: Gap for Columns Widget (nested section)
  • Fix: Preview mode with real sizes for mobile and tablet
  • Fix: Sortable inner section not showing placeholder
  • Fix: Network plugins included in System Info
  • Deprecated: Column width option for mobile portrait is deprecated. Use Mobile Width option instead

0.7.4 – 2016-08-24

  • New: Added Shortcode widget
  • Tweak: Now compatible with password protected pages
  • Fix: Library RTL bug in template preview
  • Fix: Bug with p tag in Icon Box widget
  • Fix: Style in Icon widget
  • Fix: HTML widget now is working

0.7.3 – 2016-08-19

  • Fix: Allow columns gap on mobile
  • Fix: Content position for section

0.7.2 – 2016-08-18

  • Tweak: Hide add section area for mobile device
  • Tweak: Optimization assets files
  • Fix: Intrusive Slick Carousel CSS (#424)
  • Fix: Display content position for custom height section option

0.7.1 – 2016-08-17

  • Tweak: Added column/content position for inner section
  • Tweak: Block template library in the frontend
  • Fix: Export template (topic)
  • Fix: Fatal Error during update plugin (#412)
  • Fix: Separating link attributes from classes attributes in Icon Box widget (#414)
  • Fix: Allow column and content position for mobile
  • Fix: Removed overflow: hidden from #elementor-inner (#415)
  • Fix: Aspect ratio issue for Video widget (topic)
  • Fix: Image Carousel “slides to show” on tablet (#372)
  • Fix: RTL style for library
  • Fix: Handle errors on wrong export action

0.7.0 – 2016-08-16

  • New: Template Library (Release Post)
  • New: Save your pages and sections to template library
  • New: 20+ beautifully pre-designed templates
  • New: Export / Import templates
  • Fix: Changed code structure in Icon/Icon-Box/Social-Icons widget templates
  • Fix: Screen size for hidden tablet class
  • Fix: Blank page detection in empty pages for editing

0.6.6 – 2016-08-11

  • Tweak: Improved Drag & Drop area to new section
  • Tweak: Make changes in new section
  • Fix: Resize columns with Widgets using iframe (YouTube, Google Maps, etc)
  • Fix: Adding columns widget in ‘Add new Section’ area
  • Fix: Allow blank target link for social-icons widget

0.6.5 – 2016-08-08

  • Tweak: Added border and box shadow controls for Image widget (#224)
  • Tweak: In new page don’t create empty section
  • Tweak: Embed Roboto font from Google Fonts in editor mode
  • Fix: Reset structure or remove column after resize

0.6.4 – 2016-08-04

  • Tweak: Google Fonts list updated (#371)
  • Fix: Content overflow in “fit to screen” sections for mobile (#369)
  • Fix: Icon Box Widget: Better support for Safari browser
  • Fix: Text Editor Widget: Added listening to undo & redo events (#340)

0.6.3 – 2016-08-01

  • Tweak: Show element title in delete dialog (#337)
  • Tweak: Added responsive support for Image Gallery widget (topic)
  • Tweak: CSS files for entrance animation and hover animations combine to animations.min.css file
  • Fix: Columns resize cannot be repeated (#349)
  • Fix: Anchor Menu widget in Safari browser
  • Fix: Bug when global font set as a default (topic)

0.6.2 – 2016-07-27

  • Tweak: Improve the way using attachment details
  • Tweak: Verifies the AJAX request to prevent processing requests external of the editor
  • Fix: Hover animation classes in Image widget
  • Fix: Icon spacing on mobile in Icon Box widget
  • Fix: Image spacing on mobile in Image Box widget

0.6.1 – 2016-07-26

  • Tweak: Improved editor UI for blank pages
  • Fix: Hide empty widgets in preview mode
  • Fix: Bug with Section background overlay and background video (#323)
  • Fix: Minor security issue

0.6.0 – 2016-07-25

  • New: Added 27 Hover Animations for Image / Icon / Button widgets
  • New: Editor panel now is resizable
  • New: Added smooth scrolling for anchors in Anchor Menu widget
  • Tweak: Improved performance
  • Tweak: Improved speed in live editing
  • Tweak: Optimization for memory usage (30% less!)
  • Tweak: Improved UI for preview editor
  • Tweak: Add contain background image CSS option (#297)
  • Tweak: Added compatibility for NextGen Gallery plugin (#296)
  • Tweak: Print JS scripts in the footer
  • Tweak: Set color picker control alpha for all widgets
  • Fix: Remove maxlength attribute from color picker input (#298)
  • Fix: Background video: Set object-fit only HTML5 player (solved Safari YouTube issue)
  • Fix: Bug with target blank link in Icon List widget
  • Fix: Bug with alignment in Icon List widget (#283)
  • Fix: Improved responsive in Tabs widget (#279)
  • Fix: RTL bug in Alert widget (#287)

0.5.2 – 2016-07-17

  • New: Added Animation Duration control for all elements
  • New: Added Prevent Scroll control for Google Maps widget

0.5.1 – 2016-07-14

  • Tweak: Added details image sizes in Image Sizes control
  • Fix: Chrome bug with flex mode in Image Box widget
  • Fix: Textarea control: set label_block to true by default
  • Fix: Textarea control style for Icon Box Widget
  • Fix: Removed translations from system-info for better understanding support
  • Fix: Design fixes for Icon List widget

0.5.0 – 2016-07-13

  • New: Added more than 35 Entrance Animations to all elements
  • New: Added Box Shadow control to all elements
  • Tweak: Added option to disable colors palettes in the settings
  • Tweak: Added option to disable fonts default in the settings
  • Tweak: Added hidden title to alert & image box widgets
  • Tweak: Added group posts widget from Pojo themes
  • Tweak: Remove extra margin bottom on Textarea (#182)
  • Tweak: Applying border-radius on background overlay (#249)
  • Tweak: Fixed toggle widget RTL style
  • Tweak: Updated Font Awesome v4.6.3
  • Tweak: Changed Textarea control markup according to the general concept
  • Tweak: Fixed modal RTL style
  • Fix: Fade effect in Image Carousel widget (#245#253)
  • Fix: Don’t print anything when no have link in Video widget

0.4.1 – 2016-07-05

  • Tweak: Default structure presets changed for new section
  • Tweak: Added more strings to translate
  • Fix: Fixed alignment for Image widget
  • Fix: Some compatible to underscore 1.6.0 (Bundle from WordPress v4.4)

0.4.0 – 2016-07-04

  • New: Section: Background Overlay for image and video background
  • New: Added Social Icons widget
  • New: Added Testimonial widget
  • New: Added SoundCloud (Audio) widget
  • Tweak: Fixed Bug with background in Image widget (#180)
  • Tweak: Assign a field to be used as the item title for Repeater control
  • Tweak: Rearrange column settings panel
  • Tweak: Add link to carousel widget
  • Fix: Bug carousel widget with dir="rtl"

0.3.2 – 2016-06-27

  • Tweak: Added fully compatible for Cache plugins
  • Tweak: Image widget: <img> alt and title fetch from Media library
  • Tweak: Image widget: Added link to file media
  • Tweak: Image-Box widget: <img> alt and title fetch from Media library
  • Tweak: Carousel widget: <img> alt fetch from Media library
  • Tweak: Add more columns options for responsive mode
  • Tweak: Add <title> in Elementor editor
  • Tweak: Rearranged section settings
  • Tweak: Add more gap size (Wider)
  • Tweak: Add more color schemes
  • Tweak: Add negative value for letter spacing

0.3.1 – 2016-06-22

  • Tweak: Added a quick tour video for Elementor
  • Tweak: Enqueue YouTube API from JS (Better compatible for more themes)
  • Tweak: Added compatible to WooCommerce widgets
  • Tweak: Fixes re-render elements performance
  • Fix: Border & Radius options for Image Carousel widget

0.3.0 – 2016-06-21

  • New: Added Image Gallery widget
  • New: Added Image Carousel widget
  • Tweak: Fixed schemes area
  • Tweak: Added spacing icon in Button widget
  • Fix: Themes without the_content() stop the Editor
  • Fix: Height option in Columns widget

0.2.5 – 2016-06-16

  • Tweak: Added Vimeo support for widget Video
  • Tweak: Improved UI in admin area and panel
  • Tweak: Added body class elementor-page in frontend (#58)
  • Fix: Elementor seems to get stuck while loading (#77)
  • Fix: WP Widgets with multiple checkboxes (#90)

0.2.4 – 2016-06-13

  • Tweak: Added some compatible to Cache plugins
  • Tweak: Added shortcode support in Text Editor widget
  • Tweak: Added title attribute for Image and Image Box widgets
  • Fix: Replace icon for Icon Box widget with the right icon
  • Fix: Scroll issue in Safari browser (topic)
  • Fix: Text alignment justify (topic)

0.2.3 – 2016-06-08

  • Tweak: Added HTML tag control for icon box title

0.2.2 – 2016-06-08

  • Tweak: Minor change from the last release

0.2.1 – 2016-06-08

  • New: Icon Box widget

0.2.0 – 2016-06-07

  • New: Image Box widget
  • Tweak: Added reset preset section structure
  • Tweak: Fixed visibility mobile for small-screen

0.1.7 – 2016-06-06

  • Tweak: Changed default image size control
  • Fix: Custom CSS Classes in frontend

0.1.6 – 2016-06-05

  • Tweak: Improved speed live edit
  • Tweak: Background Control: Removed default image
  • Tweak: Add responsive tab on section element
  • Tweak: Responsive mode: fixed included visibility style
  • Fix: Tabs & Accordion Widgets: indexes detection fixed

0.1.5 – 2016-06-03

  • Tweak: Add check for asp_tags php config

0.1.4 – 2016-06-02

  • New: Added new widget: Spacer
  • Tweak: Added default category for widgets
  • Tweak: Added size and opacity controls for Image widget
  • Tweak: Added fallback font for custom fonts
  • Tweak: Added development mode flag (filter elementor/utils/is_development_mode)
  • Fix: Issue with duplicate after element sort

0.1.3 – 2016-06-01

  • New: Added background video for all formats
  • Tweak: Pojo Framework & Themes supported
  • Tweak: Updated Elementor Icons v1.1
  • Tweak: Added elements categories in the panel
  • Fix: UI bug with WordPress widgets (panel)
  • Fix: Remove fallback image placeholder in background video

0.1.2 – 2016-05-31

  • Tweak: Added structure control for section element
  • Tweak: Elementor Icons moved to lib (standalone)
  • Fix: Better check if YouTube API is loaded
  • Fix: Fixed applying value in dimensions
  • Fix: Bug in resize columns

0.1.1 – 2016-05-30

  • Tweak: Added alpha for background color (Button Widget)
  • Tweak: Added string context and moved to WP translate repo
  • Tweak: Icon Box: removed alt text control
  • Fix: content position in full height section

0.1.0 – 2016-05-30

    • Initial Public Beta Release

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