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The latest updates to Slider Revolution Plugin :

Version 6.5.11 (19th November 2021)

  • JavaScript error breaks the global settings in the overview mode and throws a console error getConcVals

Version 6.5.10 (17th November 2021)

  • Fullwidth layout in combination with timeline based scroll will allow optional to pull content now
  • Slider Revolution meta box now shows on all custom post types
  • Fast scrolling on some third party themes creates behavioral issue for scroll based sliders
  • Entering in fullscreen mode does not re-stretch the images in carousel mode
  • Vimeo video's "Tap to unmute" button does not work on Android
  • Image position shifted if Vertical middle aligned images added on Mobile sizes
  • Video layers with No Interaction also ignore a tag links added to the layer
  • Columns without content but with image background do not recognise Layer actions like mouseenter, click, mouseleave
  • Few random presets for BG animation were not working
  • Scroll to ID doesn't work correctly if viewport loading is on
  • Slider navigation does not work in fixed on top slider

Version 6.5.9 (11th October 2021)

  • Added Trust Pilot review link to overview page
  • Added deregistration warning information
  • Not installed AddOns will warn now in overview, and allow a one click installation of all required elements
  • Added premium templates badge on original templates from library. Templates can be used only in registered and licensed environments
  • Color update for SVG layers is inconsistent on carousel if lazy loading is set to single or smart
  • SVG options are squeezed in editor
  • Slide animation "in" resets opacity to 0 when 1 is set and the editor reloads
  • Downsized carousel items get squeezed images on fullwidth layout
  • Firefox shows console warnings for -webkit-backdrop-filter
  • Using the carousel justify option generates console errors in rare cases and prevents the carousel from rendering BG
  • WPML translation priorities terms were not ignored
  • Dropdowns in-place search is not filtering by Option content, only by option value
  • Firefox mouseleave event is not triggering when slide change has been called due further actions
  • In very rare cases, slider height grows if column contains layer with 100% height
  • Slide based direction is not working if animation distances set by pixel
  • Changed locale for decimals in PHP results in a JavaScript error
  • HTML export is missing CSS and JS files from AddOns
  • Reverse scroll option makes slider jump to last slide
  • Volume level for audio layer does not work correctly on Safari

Version 6.5.8 (7th September 2021)

  • Added cursor mode "none" to the option list to be able to hide the cursor on "a" tags when mouse track is activated
  • Introducing tag option for slide links (available options: "a" & "rs-layer") to avoid FireFox popup blocking on _blank targets
  • Introducing a global option: "Lazy Load on BG Images". This will allow to load BG images also with lazy load, defined due the lazy load global and module based options
  • Editing the size of layers in a column will replace % sizes into px on edit. Added a further protection which will only change the height values if the height is set over 98% within the column of any layer
  • Carousel slider is flickering in Safari
  • Safari clippath animations are not visible during the animation
  • Some third party form options fail to work correctly. (This may have affected other third party integration as well)
  • Missing Elementor property on load causes the Cookiebot plugin to fail
  • Solid color background with opacity gets darker on refocus
  • First slide using the Advanced Transition's blur effect flashes black background
  • Advanced Transition with PanZoom BG jumps on slide change
  • Using fullscreen toggle on slider with parallax effect does not reset BG correctly
  • Blend Mode "color" is not working well in Safari. (Fallback to color-burn works)
  • Slider Revolution can not be added to Wordpress Widgets area. JS Failures
  • Revolution Slider in Essential Grid's lightbox opens only on the first time
  • Carousel background is squashed if the carousel's 'Keep Aspect Ratio(Justify)' option is turned off
  • Slider added using the Gutenberg block is pushed to the right side if the slider uses "Fixed during scroll" option
  • Gap (border) option does not work correctly on fullwidth and fullscreen slider

Version 6.5.7 (20th August 2021)

  • Added global option to load YT Api in header which can be useful if Google Analytics enabled on page
  • Carousel slider doesn't render after reopening modal
  • Modal does not open after update 6.5.6
  • Slider background does not render for a customer after upgrading from 6.3.9 to 6.5.6
  • Shape, Button and Text layers breaks Module processes if they use % based height in columns
  • Triggered groups shows content after resize even they should stay invisible
  • 'Scroll Below Slider' action lags if page has scroll-behavior set to smooth
  • All Default Slide transitions shows animation within 1000ms on frontend, even backend has a different value set
  • Modal shows horizontal scrollbar on windows

Version 6.5.6 (06th August 2021)

  • Timeline default length update will also update all layer timings with "Wait for End" in each slides of that module
  • Added search, filter and sorting functions to the Addon overview area for better overview
  • Elementor popup not loading with slider. Even with added protections, it is not stable, therefore we recommend to use Slider Revolution's own popup functionality
  • Video and PanZoom aspect ratio may not be correct during the slide transition
  • Vimeo video in carousel not covering vertically and the first play of Vimeo background videos are not showing in carousel
  • RS conflicts with elementor lottie
  • Fonts don't render correctly due to quotes around font family
  • A deprecation notice block_categories occurs from WordPress 5.8.0 onwards
  • Justify carousel hides max amount of shown slides option and makes layout dimension changes hard to understand
  • Navigation font family preset is not selected after reload
  • Navigation Skin editor meta values not shown, meta type shows always custom
  • Background image gets drawn twice while using BG Fit Percentage
  • Shortcodes from RevSlider v5 with - in it are not found
  • Mouse scroll not working on fullscreen slider if viewport value is set to 100%
  • Alternate slide animation is ignoring main animation once loop done

Version 6.5.5 (21st July 2021)

  • Table structure changed from unique to primary key
  • Changed wording of clip path 'Inverts' option to 'Custom Mask' and replaced icons for better understanding
  • Added protection in case any page builder or third party plugin double output scripts in page
  • Added protection against if slider should wait on elementor scripts, but they wont be loaded
  • Page jumps while loading on some themes if slider loads after content
  • Regression 6.5.4 affected hamburger style and renders incorrectly
  • If 'Min Height' option is set, it affects styling of carousel slider
  • {{catlist}} and {{catlist_raw}} is empty on custom post types
  • Vimeo video background is always blurry, it used to be sharp in the pre Canvas version
  • Ken burns effect jitters in FireFox
  • Ken burns image shows after transitioning to second slide
  • JavaScript errors prevent slide from changing while using with Elementor tabs
  • ClipPath animation with "Invert Types" and default 100% values render differently on frontend and backend until values changed manually once
  • Slider max-width is written without px if it is not specially set
  • Scripts and styles are loaded on backend pages where they are not needed
  • Static layers do not overflow even after setting overflow visible in global layers slide options
  • Google font is not loading in backend and frontend if font name has spaces
  • Carousel rotation causes slides to cover current slide
  • WooCommerce on demand slider module inserting does not start module automatically
  • Modal slides in actions do not refresh the drop down view, even the correct slide is selected
  • Content height jumps if rs6.css loaded in footer delayed
  • Slider sizes in backend layout tab not updated until refreshing single values

Version 6.5.4 (2nd July 2021)

  • The internal revicons.woff is loaded when it is not needed
  • PanZoom jumps on mobile/high DPR displays
  • PanZoom animation is not smooth, jittering on iOS
  • Content jumps vertically on page load due to missing styles at the first rendering in some cases
  • Motion blur renders partially while used with videos on Chrome, likely due to a browser specific bug

Version 6.5.3 (25th June 2021)

  • Added performance option to slider transitions, which will allow to prioritise perfomance vs image quality during the slide transition
  • Added new option "Set Filters on Mask" to layer animation. This option allows to set the filters on the layer wrapper mask instead of the layer itself.
    • to avoid strange cuts on overflow hidden elements
    • as workaround for the Safari bug where blur and x,y rotations resizes the layers
  • Extended openModalAPI to be able to load modules in page by ajax on demand by id, index or slide key
  • Adding the same slider more than once to the post/page resulted in the JS revapi variable beeing defined multiple times
  • Tags are written in image titles on certain conditions
  • Splitted and blurred text animation on Safari looks different, letters pop up without animation
  • Required AddOn update message shows wrong update versions in certain cases
  • Hidden slides are printed into the HTML
  • Some external images are not visible in backend and load stretched on frontend (CORS error visible in console)
  • iFrame in layers fail to load in some special cases
  • Layer actions with target layers fail to open due to error
  • HTML export does not write some newly added JavaScript
  • JS error if slider uses "Observe Wrapper" option
  • Elementor, Divi, Wp Backery or other third party plugin conflicts if the library loading is set to defered, async in footer
  • Clicking on buttons sometimes fails in Firefox if 3D parallax is used
  • "Lazy Load All" does not load all images one by one in case the ViewPort option is enabled globally

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