Jupiter X theme Jupiter X Core plugin Raven plugin
v1.16.0 v1.14.0 v1.9.2
  • Improvement: Improved performance by preventing customizer variables calls when assets are cached
  • Improvement: Changed some option’s places in Customizer for better user experience
  • Improvement: Changed some sections and behaviours in Control Panel > Plugins and Settings for better user experience
  • Bug Fix: Some Customizer options’ cursors looks few pixel down than usual
  • Bug Fix: Some Control Panel Warning message’s Read More links are in wrong place
  • Bug Fix: “API key and the domain are not matching” error message while downgrading the theme, if theme is registered with Envato Purchase Code
  • Bug Fix: Hovering on parent menu is not getting trigger sub menu in IE11 browser
  • Bug Fix: Thumbnail regeneration causes WordPress function to fail
  • Bug Fix: Not possible to limit Quantity Number for Variable Products
  • Bug Fix: Elementor’s and WunderWP’s “Insert” button does not work as it should be
  • Bug Fix: Misaligned checkboxes in Control Panel > Image Sizes
  • Bug Fix: Posts and Pages are not being editable in Elementor after template installation
  • Bug Fix: Raven Form’s Date field is producing Flatpickr error on console if localization option is disabed.
  • Bug Fix: Raven’s Navigation menu is not getting closed when anchor link is clicked on mobile