Jupiter X theme Jupiter X Core plugin Raven plugin
v1.19.0 v1.16.1 v1.9.5
  • Improvement: Added an option to Raven’s Form for sending email to the person who submits the form.
  • Improvement: Improved performance by removing unnecessary ACF queries in frontend.
  • Improvement: Improved performance in Raven’s Post and Carousel elements.
  • Bug Fix: Visual issues in the form fields of Checkout & Cart pages.
  • Bug Fix: Hover icons is not visible in Post Carousel element’s Portfolio style.
  • Bug Fix: JS Error in Course 2 template on IE 11.
  • Bug Fix: Appearance > Menu displays double Mega Menu Template option.
  • Bug Fix: Misleading indicator and option label in Control Panel > Image Sizes.
  • Bug Fix: SVG Icons of Elementor’s Icon element is not getting rendered properly on partial template import.
  • Bug Fix: TGMP notifications for recommended plugins should be removed from dashboard.
  • Bug Fix: Custom header and custom footer template is available to edit on page view when default header or footer is set.
  • Bug Fix: Deprecated issues related to get_plain_editor function in Raven.
  • Bug Fix: Raven’s Post Meta element’s icons are not getting rendered properly.
  • Bug Fix: Raven’s Navigation Menu element’s Full Screen menu does not work in Firefox.
  • Bug Fix: Raven’s Form element’s localization option should be visible for date field.
  • Bug Fix: Raven’s Shopping Cart element’s Cart window can’t be closed.