Jupiter X theme Jupiter X Core plugin
v1.21.0 v1.18.0
  • New Feature: Cleaner, faster and modern control panel.
  • New Feature: Roll back theme and bundled plugins to older versions.
  • New Feature: Auto update feature for theme and bundled plugins.
  • New Feature: Performance and site health widgets.
  • Improvement: Added None to breakpoints and Responsive selector for layout.
  • Bug Fix: Fixed Elementor v3+ compatibility issues.
  • Bug Fix: Updated WooCommerce templates.
  • Bug Fix: Fixed WooCommerce order confirmation error after deleteing product.
  • Bug Fix: Fixed Search page header issue.
  • Bug Fix: Fixed WpColorPicker js errors.
  • Bug Fix: Fixed reCAPTCHA v3 error in Form element.
  • Bug Fix: Fixed incompatibility with Yoast SEO Breadcrumbs.
  • Bug Fix: Fixed Maintenance mode issue with Elementor Canvas template.
  • Bug Fix: Fixed Categories element causing the layout to break.