Jupiter X theme Jupiter X Core plugin
v1.24.0 v1.21.0
  • Improvement: Added an option to manage google fonts from Control Panel > Settings.
  • Improvement: Added vk.com share button in single post.
  • Improvement: Improved Portfolio order option.
  • Improvement: Improved Posts Per Page option in Posts element to accept -1 to show all posts.
  • Improvement: Improved Form element field mapping to show proper value on different conditions.
  • Improvement: Improved Threshold option of the reCaptcha V3 to accept proper values.
  • Bug Fix: Fixed an issue caused by a third-party plugin.
  • Bug Fix: Fixed error in Control Panel after the previous update.
  • Bug Fix: Fixed Navigation Menu element mobile menu with an issue.
  • Bug Fix: Fixed Form element UX options.
  • Bug Fix: Fixed Excerpt Length option in Posts Carousel element.
  • Bug Fix: Fixed WPML plugin compatibility with Video element.
  • Bug Fix: Fixed Mega menu link issue.
  • Bug Fix: Fixed Posts Carousel element compatibility issue with Elementor Pro plugin causing not showing featured images.
  • Bug Fix: Fixed Posts Carousel element Space Between and Autoplay options.
  • Bug Fix: Fixed Posts element not showing All label when sortable is enabled.
  • Bug Fix: Fixed Video element dynamic tags issue. Added custom key option.