Jupiter X theme Jupiter X Core plugin
v1.25.0 v1.22.0
  • Improvement: Improved Search element to be compatible with Polylang plugin.
  • Improvement: Improved assets regeneration after the update.
  • Improvement: Improved Form element filter to handle hidden fields.
  • Improvement: Improved Form element to play nicely with sticky header.
  • Bug Fix: Fixed Elementor templates library issue.
  • Bug Fix: Fixed error in Control Panel > Plugins when debug mode is enabled.
  • Bug Fix: Fixed load more button in Products element where there is no more products to show.
  • Bug Fix: Fixed Full-Screen layout hidden status in mobile in Navigation Menu element.
  • Bug Fix: Fixed SVG icons import on template installation.
  • Bug Fix: Fixed template installation issue stuck in “Custom tables are imported” step.
  • Bug Fix: Fixed Breadcrumb issue with inner custom post type posts.
  • Bug Fix: Fixed Acceptance field issue when required in the Form element.
  • Bug Fix: Fixed fatal error when disabling all Jupiter X elements in Control Panel > Settings..
  • Bug Fix: Fixed some deprecated notices after Elementor update.
  • Bug Fix: Removed Digg social share button.
  • Bug Fix: Hide Edit Header/Footer buttons in Site Settings of Elementor editor.