Jupiter X theme Jupiter X Core plugin Jupiter X Pro plugin Raven plugin
v1.5.0 v1.3.0 v1.2.0 v1.3.1
  • New Feature : TGMPA is added.
  • New Feature : Steps settings are added for Cart and Checkout customization in Customizer.
  • New Feature : Plugin dependency feature is added.
  • Improvement : Flushing assets feature is improved.
  • Improvement : Gutenberg compatibility and optimization is improved.
  • Bug Fix : Images inside JetTabs are not compatible with Lazy loading.
  • Bug Fix : Page jumps while scrolling on mobile.
  • Bug Fix : Shopping Cart’s Quick View does not display properly.
  • Bug Fix : Raven’s Form button has unwanted border.
  • Bug Fix : Various of issues that found by Envato Theme Check.
  • Bug Fix : Google Tag functionalities are moved to Core plugin to solve Script_loader_tag issue.
  • Bug Fix : Add to cart and Stock badge options does not work properly in Customizer.
  • Bug Fix : After clicking anchor links, Sticky header hides some parts of the section underneath.
  • Bug Fix : Tracking codes strip slash issue
  • Bug Fix : Clear cache section in Overview dashboard for network is missing.