Jupiter X theme Jupiter X Core plugin Raven plugin
v1.7.0 v1.5.0 v1.3.3
  • New Feature: Adobe Fonts in Raven elements.
  • Improvement: Improve Control Panel > Updates section.
  • Improvement: Jupiter X Core plugin installation.
  • Improvement: Update HTTP urls to HTTPS for API calls.
  • Improvement: Add a warning message to Navigation Menu’s exception.
  • Improvement: Enable custom form styles in theme styles.
  • Bug Fix: Elementor Pro archive products conflict.
  • Bug Fix: Raven deprecated functions.
  • Bug Fix: Raven font awesome incomaptibility.
  • Bug Fix: Skicky menu issue in Customizer.
  • Bug Fix: Control Panel > Templates long title.
  • Bug Fix: JetPopup issue after template installation.
  • Bug Fix: Social align issue in Customizer.
  • Bug Fix: Meta options issue on Post Carousel element.
  • Bug Fix: Posts element random option
  • Bug Fix: Baseline difference in menu and submenu.
  • Bug Fix: Count(): Parameter must be an array.
  • Bug Fix: Form element name’s last letter gets cut off in the email.