Jupiter theme Jupiter Donut theme WPBakery Page Builder (Modified Version) theme
v6.5.5 v1.0.7 v6.2.0
  • Improvement: Updated WPBakery Page Builder (Modified Version) plugin.
  • Improvement: Improved TGMPA update behavior.
  • Improvement: Increased number of loaded posts in post meta options.
  • Improvement: Added missing .po files.
  • Bug Fix: Fixed Blog shortcode pagination accesibility issue.
  • Bug Fix: Fixed misplaced single product thumbnails.
  • Bug Fix: Fixed Smooth Scroll option to work independltly from Minify Theme Javascript option.
  • Bug Fix: Fixed child theme overriding issue.
  • Bug Fix: Fixed category thumbnail issue.
  • Bug Fix: Fixed Postforlio Carousel shortcode automatic sliding issue. A new option is added to control the sliding behavior.
  • Bug Fix: Fixed icon selector issue.