50% DISCOUNT on ALL Artbees Themes This Valentine Season, from Feb 14 till Feb 21 | Get yours now!

Artbees Care Fall 2018


We are very excited to announce Care Fall 2018 for our VIP users!
Up to 30% discount will be applied to WordPress projects that are placed in 2018 fall. This includes any Artbees Care services you require from installation to design to conversion, and custom coding!

We designed this campaign for you!

We know many of our VIP users are professional freelancers and creative agencies, with many clients whose websites are powered by Artbees themes. In fact, some of our VIP users are running over 100+ client websites with Jupiter WP ;). For these reasons, we want to help you take the burden off your shoulders in the last few months of the year and help you with your client website projects.

The discount range

Here are the detailed discount rates:

Up to $1000 – 5% off

$1000-$2000 – 10% off

$2000-$3000 – 15% off

$3000-$4000 – 20% off

$4000-$5000 – 25% off

$5000+ – 30% off

This campaign is a big deal!

See the following table to see how prices are affected by this campaign and what can be done under the new prices:


-Normal Price (est) Discount Fall Campaign Price (est)
Convert 5 page templates (est 15 hrs)$8505%$770
Design 5 page templates (est 15 hrs)$105010%$945
Design 10 page templates (est 30* hrs)$210015%$1785
Convert 15 page templates (est 40 hrs)$216015%$1836
Design and convert 10 page templates (est 25 hrs design + 30 hrs conversion)$337020%$2696
Design and convert 15 page templates (est 35 hrs design + 40 hrs conversion)$461025%$3458
Design and convert 20 page templates (est 45 hrs design + 50 hrs conversion)$585030%$4095

What is exclusive to this campaign!?

For the first time ever a free Jupiter X license, as well as a free one-year domain will be given for projects worth $1000+ created with this campaign!

Who qualifies?

If you want to qualify for the discount:
1- You should be a VIP user (own 4+ licenses of Jupiter WP and/or The Ken WP)

2- You should place an order within 2018 November and December (placing a project means submitting at least 50% of the payment amount of the project)

How to start?

Start a project in Artbees Care via your dashboard or simply message us about the project via live chat widget in the lower right corner.

Artbees expert designers and developers in Artbees Care look forward to starting your custom projects with this exclusive pricing and advantages by the end of the year 😉

50% OFF Cyber Monday to Monday Sale On All Artbees Themes!


This is an exciting season for you! Whether you already have a website built or not, with the newly released Jupiter V6, now just $29, you have the chance to scale your brand and marketing goals for 2018!

At 50% OFF, the new Jupiter V6 offers unparalleled customizability in creating unique Headers and a Customised Online Shopping Experience for your customers! You’ll now have complete control over the layout, details and content of your entire site—just the way it should be! On top of that, if you need to launch your site immediately, pick any of our readymade 160+ website templates and get the same free reign over customizing every aspect of your site with our 100+ elements!  

Here’s our thought—scaling your business, brand and marketing shouldn’t cost a fortune! At Artbees, we’ve created a website builder that empowers entrepreneurs, creatives and business owners to attract and engage their target audience with strategic and beautiful website designs!

So don’t miss your chance to get 50% OFF your most powerful marketing tool and buy a Jupiter or The Ken Premium WordPress Theme today! This sale will only last until Tuesday November 28th 10pm EST so don’t miss out!


Newly Released Jupiter V6!

Website building is supposed to be fun, easy and inspiring! We all start out building our website with a vision in mind; a masterpiece that will show our audience exactly what our mission and solutions for them are. Yet more often than not, we end up being offered generic templates and options that limit our ability to customize our site the way we want.

We at Artbees want to give people a website builder that gives you a broad range of capability and space to get creative and customize every aspect of your website! While picking features, images, videos, and icons, you should feel empowered and motivated by how easy it is to create what will be your most powerful marketing tool! Now, with the newly released Jupiter V6 not only will you enjoy the continued Support, Adoptive Resolution and variety of Templates and Post Types we’ve always offered, you’ll get completely new features offered only at Artbees Themes!


Shop Customizer: The Shop Customizer works hand in hand with WooCommerce, adding to its functionality and capability so that you can customize literally every aspect of your customer’s online shopping experience from your website. This will transform the way you sell products and services!

Header Builder: Say goodbye to generic “one size fits all” header templates! Jupiter V6 offers a Header Builder that gives you the power to change and tweak every detail in your header, creating a unique and eye-catching welcome to your website!

Frontend Editor: Get to see each edit and change you make to your website in real time so that you can see what colors and features resonate with you best before saving them! Now with Jupiter V6 you’ll get a WYS/WYG experience!

Faster Page-Loading Speed: With Jupiter V6, our development team has taken a new approach to making sure your website’s speed loads faster than ever before! We know very well a faster website means a better overall UX for you and your customers!


Ready to take the new Jupiter V6 for a ride?


New Beta Shop Customizer

After the release of the updated beta Header Builder just weeks ago, our team at Artbees is excited to announce another brand new beta release! Now you’ll be able to test out a brand new beta Shop Customizer with a full range of customization that allows you to create a seamless and beautiful shopping experience.

Want to test out the new Header Builder before we launch it? By joining our Beta-Testing team, you’ll be the first to interact with and test out our beta features! For instructions on how to enroll, click here!


What will you get with the new beta Shop Customizer?

  • Now you can build your product lists, pages, shopping cart, and checkout pages from scratch with limitless customizability without being constrained by predetermined default styles.
  • A wide range of customizability to select the colors, borders, fonts, and box sizes to match your color palette, brand and conversion preferences.
  • The ability to add notifications for sales, customer ratings and out of stock items.
  • A full drag and drop environment supported by the most advanced technologies and methods.

For a full video tutorial on the beta Shop Customizer, click here!

How Can I Become a Beta Tester?

  • First, go here (https://themes.artbees.net/dashboard/releases/) and login with your credentials.
  • Under the Subscribe to Beta Releases section, check the “Beta Testers” checkbox and then click the “Update” button.
  • Once you’ve successfully enrolled as a beta tester, you’ll get an email notification that notifies you when our beta features are released and ready for testing!
  • Finally, you’ll need to download the latest Beta version of Jupiter from your Dashboard (https://themes.artbees.net/dashboard/releases/) and set it up on your live server or localhost!
  • To report a bug look for the red Report a Beta Bug button on the top right corner of your screen to provide feedback on the feature’s functionality
New Beta Header Builder

Our team is proud to announce the beta release of an even more powerful Header Builder that will take the ability to customize and design your header builder to a higher level!

Want to take a peek at the new Header Builder before we launch? Join our Beta-Testing team and be the first to interact and test out our beta features! Sign up here

What will the new Header Builder provide?

  • Now you can build your headers from scratch with limitless customizability without being constrained by pre-built headers.
  • Unlimited styles and arrangements for smaller screens as opposed to just one pre-built responsive header with minimal customizability.
  • Full drag and drop environment supported by the most advanced technologies and methods.

How Can I Become a Beta Tester?

  • First, go here and login with your credentials.
  • Under the Subscribe to Beta Releases section, check the “Beta Testers” checkbox and then click the “Update” button.
  • Once you’ve successfully enrolled as a beta tester, you’ll get an email notification that notifies you when our beta features are released and ready for testing!
  • Finally, you’ll need to download the latest Beta version of Jupiter from your Dashboard and set it up on your live server or localhost!
  • To report a bug look for the red Report a Beta Bug button on the top right corner of your screen to provide feedback on the feature’s functionality.

What will happen to my old header styles?

Don’t worry! The existing pre-built headers will not be removed anytime soon. However, here are some considerations worth knowing about this transition to the new Header Builder:

  • Once the header builder is activated, your current headers will be deactivated including your site’s global and local headers.  
  • When making the transition to the new Builder Header, you may lose some of your old header settings.
  • Currently, it’s only possible to use either the new header builder or traditional header styles. Using both at the same time is not yet an option


Jupiter Anniversary Promotion Extended!

We at Artbees Themes are so happy at the outpour of excitement and support from you for our Jupiter Anniversary Promotion!

That’s why we have decided to extend our Promotion for TWO more days, in order to give a second chance for you all, and are happy to continue offering ALL Jupiter licenses for 50% OFF! Let’s celebrate this Anniversary and stock up on discounted WordPress Themes until the end of Tuesday, July 18th (GMT+3)!


Important announcement about Visual Composer V5.2 Update!

Recently Visual Composer V5.2 was released though we’re still in the process of finishing our internal testings. Once we make sure it’s safe to upgrade, we’ll be releasing this version on our next release cycle. Until then, you can disregard the updating notice in your Plugins page.

New Beta Testing Program

Artbees is launching a new Beta Testing Program that gives users the opportunity to volunteer testing out potential updates and providing feedback with what we can do to make our updates better! Being a Beta Tester will also give users advanced notice in preparing their sites for upcoming updates and released features! Ready to give it a shot?


Release of Jupiter V5.9.5 comes with new features!

With the recent release of Jupiter V5.9.5 Updated check out these new features:


Download PSDs for all 150+ templates for more flexibility to customize your design before uploading it to WordPress! After registering your Theme, simply go to your Control Panel’s Templates Section and click on the PSD icon. 

All VIP users now have a direct line of Support through our new Live Chat feature, a purple icon which can be found at the bottom right and corner of your screen!

Up to 30% OFF all PSD2WP Artbees Care Projects this May!


For the whole month of May, Artbees Care is hosting an incredible campaign on all PSD2WP projects! Here’s the deal—bring us your design and our team of expert designers will convert it to WordPress for 20%-30% less than the original pricing!

So, how does it work? Well, any PSD you submit to and pay for within the month of May will receive the following discounts:


  • Projects worth $1000-$2000 are eligible for a 15% discount.
  • Projects worth $2000-$3000 are eligible for a 20% discount.
  • Projects worth $3000-$4000 are eligible for a 25% discount.
  • Projects worth $4000+ are eligible for a 30% discount.


Do you realize that means your PSD could be converted to WordPress for as low as $100? Though don’t wait too long—starting June 1st all Artbees Care PSD2WP services will return to their regular pricing so submit your PSD today to receive a beautifully crafted WordPress version for a fraction of the price!


New Jupiter V5.9 Release


Jupiter V5.9 has come out of the gates faster and better than ever before! We at Artbees are excited for you to start playing with Jupiter’s newly added features and take your website to a higher visual level! In addition to an easier-to-use Control Panel, Jupiter V5.9 now lets you add elevation and shadow effects to your images, text, custom boxes and more! Check out all that Jupiter V5.9 now has to offer!

  • Brand new control panel
  • Border of your website
  • Elevation Effect
  • Text Shadows
  • Image Shadows
  • Custom Box Shadows
  • Self-hosted videos


Take part in our Jupiter Element Request Poll Today!


We want to have the full picture of what elements you want in Jupiter! Take part in our new Jupiter Element Request Poll which will be active from Friday, March 24th to Wednesday, March 29th.

The elements added in this poll have been recently asked for in our previous Jupiter survey. Your vote will help us make final decisions on which elements will be added to Jupiter!

Join us Monday, March 27th for a free Q&A webinar to convert your PSD to Jupiter!


Join us on Monday, March 27th at 11AM EST for our first ever Artbees Webinar Series which we’ll be hosting LIVE from Istanbul! During this Q&A style webinar, our Support Expert, Alex Neil, will be covering ‘How to Convert Your PSD to Jupiter’ specifically giving a detailed step-by-step tutorial on the following steps:

  • Set Up A Menu
  • How To Get The Most Out of Page Section Shortcode
  • How To Adjust Custom Box Shortcode
  • How To Use Client Shortcode and Its Post Type
  • How To Set Up Your Portfolio And Its Post Type
  • How To Set Up Blog Loop
  • How To Set Up Footer

There’s only 100 open spots though so register now and don’t miss out on our free informational webinar!


Jupiter V5.1 Is Now Released With New Additions And Changes

Jupiter V5.1 is a testament to the promise we made to continue providing the fastest,lightest and most extensive WP theme. So here we are to introduce to you the next evolution of Jupiter, now 55% lighter and 30% faster. This version isn’t just saving kilobytes, it also offers a unique approach to how we implemented some technologies to the product. In this post we will introduce some key features and improvements that we added into theme.

60% Lighter Theme Size

We kept our word and reduced the theme file size by 60%! Usually most shared hosting services set a maximum upload size limit of 8MB which, in many cases, causes failures.Now with Jupiter V5.1, updates as well as new installations will be seamless and you won’t end up with any unwanted surprises!

30% Faster Page-Loading Speed

With the Jupiter V5 we had improved its speed by introducing intelligent static assets technology(JS and CSS files). The basic idea was to generate static files based on feature usages. Most websites only use a fraction of the tools and features Jupiter offers, so this feature helped Jupiter to build and deliver assets only when deemed necessary, drastically increasing your website’s loading time.

In Jupiter V5.1 we have taken this promise even further with Font Icons! Jupiter is rich with font icon libraries stocked with over 1800 icons. A normal website uses only a small fraction of those icons yet it would still need to send all of the icon libraries to the browser for rendering. In other words regardless of whether you used 1 or 1800 icons in your web page we would have had to send 800KBs worth of files. That’s a huge amount of space, especially for mobile visitors!

After some much needed R&D we decided to convert all of our font icons to svg templates so that we would henceforth only receive requested icons. This process helped us to cache the SVG icon template content in DB and send them all in just one single HTTP request.

Adaptive Images Technology

With Jupiter V5.1 your images will be loaded based on device size as well as pixel density (e.g. Retina). This feature will convert Jupiter-powered websites, guaranteeing gorgeous image quality on retina devices and improved speed for mobile devices.

Encountered Problems & Solutions for Adaptive Image Technology:

1. Background images in shortcodes like Page Sections are prepared by an end user for a full HD resolution. Though when viewing these images with tablets or smartphones, most parts of the images are missing without even offering you any control over which part of image is shown.

Our solution to this problem is to provide the option to download the image either in Portrait or Landscape orientation. Once the image is uploaded, Jupiter then crops and resizes the image into 6 different image sizes, one for each device width and orientation.

Rather than loading a full HD background image, Jupiter now offers a smaller and lighter image which helps your content load much faster on any device.

This feature has been applied to some of the most widely used shortcodes that have full width background images.

If you want to support both the orientation of smartphones and tablets (Portrait) you should upload the portrait ratio as well. If left blank only the landscape sized image will load.

2. Images are not retina ready and mobile friendly

Jupiter V4 was partially retina ready but it still was not satisfactory for us as it did not fulfill multiple requirements. Therefore, we developed a solid codebase to convert all images to responsive and adaptive images without compromising their quality and performance.

Most of the available solutions designed for retina-ready images first load a normal image. Then once the device gets defined as retina, it loads another image that is 2 times bigger, consequently slowing the page loading.

Together with the img tag we also send a data attribute with a set of image URLs that are resized for its requirement. While the page starts loading, the theme detects the screen width and pixel density and starts mapping out the correct image into the “SRC” attribute. If an image is large enough for mobile device dimensions, we scale them down for smaller sizes to save valuable kilobytes (sometimes Megabytes).

Auto updates

As a V5.1 user, you will be able to update Jupiter the same way you would for free themes and plugins. All you have to do is register Jupiter in the WordPress dashboard and you’ll be able to take advantage of theme updates without any hassle.

Anonymous data collection

In our mission to further improve Jupiter V5.1 based on our customer’s needs, we will be collecting data on our customer’s usage in an anonymous and aggregate format. While you have the right to opt out of this program, it is our objective to use this data to steer our work toward meaningful improvements in the user experience and product performance.

In our data collection we will be reviewing the following information:

  • Server software and storage versions
  • Active WordPress plugins
  • Theme options settings (excluding logos, API keys and personal data)
  • Used WordPress widgets
  • Used shortcodes
  • Number of posts in each post type

What we will not collect:

  • We do not collect any website URL or IP address
  • We do not collect any type of sensitive data that directly identifies you or violates your privacy

What else?

We’ve just scratched the surface! Jupiter V5.1 offers dozens of new features that you have to see to believe! Check them out here!

We hope you will enjoy Jupiter V5.1 as much as we enjoyed crafting it and, as always, trust in our unrelenting tenacity to enhance the user experience so that you can do what you do best. Dream on.

Jupiter is now released. Please update to prevent the security risk!

A minor update for Jupiter is now released. Please note this update is issued to fix couple of security glitches. Updating to V is highly recommended to stay safe. The scheduled update with version tag of 5.0.9 is still in testing stage.

Jupiter V5 Public Beta Begins

Update : Jupiter V5 RC 1 is released. You should login and register your product to get the download link!

We are pleased to announce that we are ready to launch Jupiter V5.0 which has over 350 new features, improvements and bug fixes.
Version 5.0 is not just another large update for Jupiter, it’s an actual rebirth. It has taken months of brainstorming, research and development to deliver a completely new theme that celebrates a high standard WP theme. V5 is a starting point for the future of Jupiter. Initially having more plans and a long list of ‘to dos’ for V5, we decided to split them into 3 phases of development.

So if you see some missing features be sure they will be delivered in the next phases of updates that are yet to come.
As we have built most of the theme from scratch, logging most of the changes is simply not possible. The insights of the awesome changes in the codebase will be published separately in an article for those who are interested to know more. Some key features that we could collect for beta testers are as follows.

New Features : 

  • Complete theme codebase refactor
  • WP native image resize feature added to avoid side effects of BFI_Thumb
  • Jupiter control panel
  • Header as a shortcode
  • New header styles
  • Category showcase
  • Shop loop builder
  • New shop settings in theme option
  • Quick preview for shop
  • Woo-Commerce full width possibility
  • Contact form new style
  • Pricing table builder
  • Photo album gallery
  • Switching image shortcode
  • New styles for Subscriber (newsletter)
  • New Shape dividers
  • Gradient icon boxes
  • Gradient coloring for buttons
  • Gradient coloring for custom boxes
  • Gradient coloring for fancy title
  • Blending effects added to page sections and hover styles
  • Twitter blog post
  • Instagram blog post
  • Quote Blog post
  • New blog single style
  • Ajax portfolio sorting
  • Multiple markers in Google map
  • Disable footer option in mobile
  • New button styles
  • Custom box hover options
  • Ornamental title shortcode
  • More Google fonts included
  • New loading animations – (also settings in theme option)
  • New typography settings for blog in theme option
  • New style settings for blog in theme option
  • Burger menu color change option
  • Google map address box
  • Image gallery modifications – new hover styles
  • Gradient for Font Icons
  • Gradient for Page backgrounds
  • Site Pre-loaders custom recoded with multiple new styles
  • Mailchimp Subscribe shortcode
  • Wrapped content inside a full width row
  • Toggle on/off footer in mobile option
  • Google web font are updated with the latest list


Removed Features :

Patterns in background selector

Predefined patterns and textures are removed from background selector and you should upload those images manually from theme main package > patterns.zip as a custom image.

Patterns in page section

Predefined patterns and textures are removed from page section shortcode and you should upload those images manually from theme main package > patterns.zip as a custom image.

Last page, first page options in page section

These options are removed and if you need to stick sections to each other you should enable stick template option from page meta options.

iCarousel slideshow 

This post type is removed from the theme core and will be added as add on in v5.1.

Jupiter Slideshow settings & Jupiter Video banner Settings Metabox

These sections from page metaboxes have been removed and you should add your slideshow and banner using shortcodes.

Header > Start Tour Page option link.

The link url should be added manually into the text field rather than choosing from the list.


Features which need to be checked manually

The below options should be double checked and saved manually due to the option name changes we have made in the codebase.

  • Sticky Header Offset option
  • Secondary header option should be checked
  • Font Weight options in theme options will be reset, you should set them again.


Deprecated features :

We are preparing Jupiter for a spring cleaning so some outdated and least used features will be removed in V5.1 and converted to addons (some may still need them).

  • Banner Builder post type
  • Flexslider post type

Beta Testing Process :

1. You should login and register your product to get the download link!

2. Jupiter V5 live demo : http://demos.artbees.net/jupiter5/

3. Update theme in a cloned (not your production site) site.

5. Test your site against the site layout and features you have used.

5. If bugs are found :

  • Clear your browser cache
  • From WP header toolbar click on “Clear Theme Cache”
  • If error persists report it in http://forums.artbees.net/c/jupiter/beta-testing
  • Make sure you have shared page URL (if its live), and a screenshot of the issue
  • Before reporting bugs review the list of topics to avoid repeated reports
  • Report only one bug per post
  • Make self explanatory titles (e.g. Fancy title shortcode font weight option not working)

For those who have overridden the theme in child theme, Read this article to covert your changes for V5.

The Beta testing process will end on 11/13/2015.

Share Your Feedback And Win A Free Jupiter License! Only 1 week Left!


We are gathering our user feedback to use in our upcoming advertisements of Jupiter V5. Let us know about your feedback and win a free Jupiter license. This application is open until November 7. Here is the material your application should include:

  1. Your full name
  2. Your logo (if any)
    If you’re a student the program and university you are enrolled in/ if you’re a business or working in a business, your company name and logo / if you’re a freelancer your personal name and brand
  3. Your position at your company
  4. The website you have created with Jupiter
  5. Country
  6. Your artbees-themes.com username
  7. Your purchase key (received from Envato)
  8. A testimonial of 100-200 characters
  9. A tweet including your testimonial with your professional account with hashtag #JupiterV5 and a mention to @artbees_design at the end of the tweet.
    We may partially retouch/edit your testimonial text to make it match with the context.
Testimonial tips:
  • I love Jupiter because it has helped me […]
  • Jupiter is great because […]
  • As a […] I chose Jupiter to […]
  • My business is […] after using Jupiter because […]
  • Jupiter helps me to […]
How We Consider Applications:
  • We will use your name, logo and testimonial across our website, social channels and banner advertisements across different websites.
  • We will consider the application, pick 5-10 winners based on the quality of the material provided (good copy, good quality portrait, all material provided, …).
  • This application will close on November 7 and we will announce the winners in late November.
  • We may reject applications that do not meet our standards or do not include all materials.
  • We may ask for more material if required.
  • Winners will be rewarded the free license by a third party.
  • We will prioritize the early submissions.
  • You can submit the material to max@artbees.net