24 May 2021
Jupiter theme Jupiter Donut plugin WPBakery Page Builder (Modified Version) plugin
v6.9.0 v1.3.0 v6.6.0
  • Improvement: Updated WPBakery Page Builder (Modified Version) plugin.
  • Improvement: Updated WooCommerce template files.
  • Improvement: Added Scroll option to Accordion shortcode and improved scroll behavior.
  • Improvement: Improved compatibility with Easy FancyBox Pro plugin.
  • Bug Fix: Fixed confusing Comments option descripiton in Jupiter Page Options.
  • Bug Fix: Fixed max_execusion_time warning in control panel.
  • Bug Fix: Fixed scrolling issue to the portfolio when Image Gallery lightbox is closed.
  • Bug Fix: Fixed JavaScript deprecated errors.
  • Bug Fix: Fixed equal columns issue on viewport width of 768px.
  • Bug Fix: Fixed Edge One Pager Button Skin can’t be changed.
  • Bug Fix: Fixed Image Slideshow shortcode flashes on Firefox while loading the images.
  • Bug Fix: Fixed JavaScript error when Responsive Image option is disabled.
  • Bug Fix: Fixed WooCommerce Carousel Quick view issue.
  • Bug Fix: Fixed default WPBakery shortcodes overridden issue in a child theme.
25 February 2021
Jupiter theme Jupiter Core plugin Jupiter Donut plugin WPBakery Page Builder (Modified Version) plugin
v6.8.1 v1.0.3 v1.2.0 v6.5.0
  • Improvement: Updated WPBakery Page Builder (Movified Version) plugin.
  • Improvement: Updated WooCommerece templates.
  • Improvement: Updated FancyBox library.
  • Bug Fix: Fixed fixed background attachment issue in Safari and Firefox.
  • Bug Fix: Fixed Captcha issue. When using Jupiter Donut with Jupiter X theme.
  • Bug Fix: Fixed Image Box and Testimonials shortcodes warning.
  • Bug Fix: Fixed Blog showcase shortcode slide issue.
  • Bug Fix: Fixed Theme Options and Clear Theme Cache links. They are visible only when Jupiter theme is active.
  • Bug Fix: Fixed Animated Columns icon selector issue. When using Jupiter Donut with Jupiter X theme.
  • Bug Fix: Fixed Video Player shortcode auto play issue.
  • Bug Fix: Fixed Accordion shortcode scrolling issue on mobile.
14 October 2020
Jupiter theme Jupiter Core plugin Jupiter Donut plugin WPBakery Page Builder (Modified Version) plugin
v6.8.0 v1.0.2 v1.1.0 v6.4.1
  • Improvement: Updated WPBakery Page Builder (Movified Version) plugin.
  • Improvement: Added rel=”nooppener noreferrer” to all social links.
  • Improvement: Improved WooCommerce email sharing feature by adding product link to in message body.
  • Improvement: Improved Quick Cart popup visiblity by increasing the hover out delay.
  • Bug Fix: Social-hosted background video issue in Page Section shortcode.
  • Bug Fix: Collapsing issue in Toggle shortcode.
  • Bug Fix: Extra spacing in Swipe Slideshow shortcode.
  • Bug Fix: Missing images in Fullwidth Slideshow shortcode.
  • Bug Fix: Icon search issue in shortcodes.
  • Bug Fix: Hidden content caused by fixed background attachment.
  • Bug Fix: Ajax search showing hidden products.
  • Bug Fix: Typo in German translation.
  • Bug Fix: Google analytics is not working properly.
  • Bug Fix: wp_remote_get() issue in System Status page.
13 August 2020
Jupiter theme Jupiter Core plugin Jupiter Donut plugin
v6.7.0 v1.0.1 v1.0.8
  • Improvement: Improved compatibility with WPML Media Translation plugin.
  • Bug Fix: Fixed Telephone and Skype field in Contact Info widget.
  • Bug Fix: Fixed widgets folder override issue.
  • Bug Fix: Fixed opening in same place option in Video Player shortcode.
  • Bug Fix: Fixed Header builder’s full search when sticky header is enabled.
  • Bug Fix: Fixed links’ text decoration in TinyMCE editor.
  • Bug Fix: Fixed nested replies in BBpress plugin.
  • Bug Fix: Fixed broken image links in the stylesheet.
  • Bug Fix: Fixed post url when sharing in Twitter.
  • Bug Fix: Fixed empty blog cateory archives.
  • Bug Fix: Fixed deprecated WooCommerece function.
  • Bug Fix: Fixed WooCommerce’s unstyled View cart button.
  • Bug Fix: Fixed input spinner in WooCommerece’s quintity field in Firefox.
  • Bug Fix: Fixed layout issue of WooCommerece cart summery widget in checkout page.
27 July 2020
Jupiter theme
  • Improvement: Added remote update compatibility for services like ManageWP, WPRemote etc.
  • Bug: Revolution Slider is not getting automatic updates despite it has license.
21 July 2020
Jupiter theme Jupiter Donut theme WPBakery Page Builder (Modified Version) theme
v6.5.5 v1.0.7 v6.2.0
  • Improvement: Updated WPBakery Page Builder (Modified Version) plugin.
  • Improvement: Improved TGMPA update behavior.
  • Improvement: Increased number of loaded posts in post meta options.
  • Improvement: Added missing .po files.
  • Bug Fix: Fixed Blog shortcode pagination accesibility issue.
  • Bug Fix: Fixed misplaced single product thumbnails.
  • Bug Fix: Fixed Smooth Scroll option to work independltly from Minify Theme Javascript option.
  • Bug Fix: Fixed child theme overriding issue.
  • Bug Fix: Fixed category thumbnail issue.
  • Bug Fix: Fixed Postforlio Carousel shortcode automatic sliding issue. A new option is added to control the sliding behavior.
  • Bug Fix: Fixed icon selector issue.
13 May 2020
Jupiter theme
  • Improvement: Improved WP Rocket Compatibility. Cache Control option is added in Theme Options > Advanced.
27 April 2020
Jupiter theme Jupiter Donut plugin
v6.5.3 v1.0.6
  • Improvement: Improved codebase for Envato Theme Check.
  • Improvement: Added support for wp_body_open function.
8 April 2020
Jupiter theme Jupiter Donut plugin
v6.5.2 v1.0.5
  • Improvement: Improved user experience of Control Panel > Updates.
  • Improvement: Improved security.
  • Bug Fix: WooCommerece 4.0 has outdated templates.
  • Bug Fix: Console error while scrolling.
  • Bug Fix: Plugins gets deactivated after template uninstallation.
  • Bug Fix: WooCommerece ApplePay & Paypal plugins are causing conflicts in Shop Customizer Process Steps.
  • Bug Fix: Undefined indexes in admin panel.
17 March 2020
Jupiter theme Jupiter Donut plugin WPBakery Page Builder (Modified Version) plugin
v6.5.1 v1.0.4 v6.1.0
  • Improvement: Updated Google font list.
  • Improvement: Improved codebase for PHP 7.4 compatibility.
  • Bug Fix: 500 error during plugin installation & removing in Control Panel.
5 March 2020
Jupiter theme Jupiter Core plugin Jupiter Donut plugin
v6.5.0 v1.0.0 v1.0.3
  • New Feature: Added Jupiter Core plugin.
  • Improvement: Improved compatibility with WP Rocket plugin by excluding webfontloader automatically from cache.
  • Bug Fix: The links which are in Twitter widget is not clickable.
11 September 2019
Jupiter theme Jupiter Donut plugin
v6.4.1 v1.0.2
  • Bug Fix: Fix TGMPA update notification.
  • Bug Fix: Fix Jupiter Donut translation issue.
  • Bug Fix: Fix inaccessiblele login page.
26 August 2019
Jupiter theme Jupiter Donut plugin WPBakery Page Builder (Modified Version) plugin
v6.4.0 v1.0.1 v6.0.5
  • New Feature: WPBakery Page Builder (Modified Version) v6.0.5
  • Improvement: Update WooCommerce outdated templates.
  • Bug Fix: Fix child theme template override issue. There is a small change in overriding shortcodes, please read Overriding Shortcodes article.
15 August 2019
Jupiter theme Jupiter Donut plugin
v6.3.0 v1.0.0
  • New Feature: Jupiter Donut plugin.
23 July 2019
Jupiter theme Jupiter Donut plugin
v6.3.0 beta v1.1.0 beta
  • New Feature: Jupiter Donut plugin.

5 June 2019
Jupiter theme WPBakery Page Builder plugin
v6.2.0 v6.0.3
  • New Feature : WPBakery Page Builder v6.0.3
  • Improvement : Gutenburg compatibility.
  • Bug Fix : Header builder templates are not visible.
  • Bug Fix : Unparsable structured data.
10 November 2018
  • BugFix : Removed a php package that false postivitly has been considered as a trojan by google chrome.
  • BugFix : Fancy title element gradient bug
2 August 2018
  • New Feature : Visual Composer V5.5.2
  • New Feature : Third party plugins updated (Master slider, Revolution Slider)
  • Improvement : PHP V7.2 fixes in WpBakery Page builder and in theme
  • Improvement : GDPR checkbox in comment form
  • Improvement : GDPR – Streaming youtube videos from a cookie-free domain
  • Improvement : Updating language files
  • Improvement : Mobile Main menu improvement for sublevels
  • Improvement : Let users add html markup on all GDPR checkbox texts.
  • BugFix : Contact info element email url rendering issue
  • BugFix : Some of videos are not automatically playing on page section
  • BugFix : WPML language switcher (only flag images) conflict with Logo In the Middle Option
  • BugFix : WooCommerce outdated template files
  • BugFix : Row element id option issue
25 May 2018
  • New Feature : GDPR features : All Forms (Contact form shortcode & widget, quick contact form, Mailchimp subscribe shortcode) has consent checkbox and enabled by default you can disable them from their settings.
  • New Feature : WooCommerce V3.4 compatibility
  • New Feature : Layerslider updated to V6.7.6
  • Removed : removed Love button feature from Blog, Portfolio and Shop posts. Its outdated feature and no longer relevant. We will introduce more useful features instead!
  • Improvement : Fixed a performance bug related to image cropping & single product page
  • Improvement : Other minor improvements and code refactoring
  • BugFix : Fixed XSS bug (Special thanks to ERNW)
  • BugFix : Ajax portfolio dynamic style issues
  • BugFix : VC Row Id bug
  • BugFix : Photo Album speed performance fix
10 April 2018
  • BugFix : Shop Customizer – Sidebar layout isn’t working in Shop Customizer Archive. Added option to set sidebar
  • BugFix : Grid Builder new block is not working in Modified Version of WPBakery Page Builder. Please update VC to V5.4.8
  • BugFix : Fancy title gradient text doesn’t display on Safari & Edge browsers when stip tags is disabled
  • BugFix : Theme wrapper margin cause unnecessary gap
  • BugFix : Process Builder is shown incorrectly on mobile on our demo
  • BugFix : WooCommerce – “Terms & conditions” section on Checkout page does not render shortcodes
  • BugFix : Blog teaser – Comment icon is visible despite comments are turned off
  • BugFix : Portfolio Carousel – Portfolio Carousel isn’t sliding automatically
  • BugFix : Header shortcode – Colors in Header shortcode does not work
  • BugFix : Blog Teaser – Blog Teaser slides 2 times. this happens in some other slides as well
  • BugFix : Bug in breadcrumb when no category is chosen for the blog post
  • BugFix : Some other minor css fixes
26 March 2018
  • New Feature : WPBakery Page Builder V5.4.7
  • New Feature : LayerSlider V6.7.1
  • New Feature : Slider Revolution V5.4.7.2
  • Improvement : Some Language files are updated.
  • Improvement : WooCommerce Carousel major improvements and some fixes
  • BugFix : Woocommerce – outdated overrides fixes
  • BugFix : Centralized Fancy title aligns left when we use fullwidth
  • BugFix : Slideshow Box displays problem on the Firefox and Safari
  • BugFix : Shop Customizer option cause a conflict on Advanced Google Maps
  • BugFix : Initial Page load issue fix, Also introduced a new option (Theme Options > Advanced > Move Shortcode Styles to Footer)
  • BugFix : 500 Internal Server error on the theme directory (direct access)
  • BugFix : Custom Box Hover fills the container with the background despite it is set to Gradient Color
  • BugFix : User is unable to retrieve Instagram id and Access token
  • BugFix : Google map zoom feature issue
  • BugFix : Bug on Cart page with Shop Customizer in WooCommerce new version
  • BugFix : Vertical header > content is hidden behind header
  • BugFix : Related products, Product loop shortcode and WooCommerce carousel shows double images for some products
  • BugFix : Contact Form 7 shows red empty box at the bottom
  • BugFix : Fancy title gradient color is not working inside custom box
  • BugFix : rtl.css file will not load when the child theme is activatedv
  • BugFix : WP smush plugin and otf-regen-thumbs conflict that is making single product pages insanely slow.
  • BugFix : Some other minor bug fixes
2 February 2018
  • BugFix : WooCommerce V3.2 backward compatibility when taxes are enabled
2 February 2018
  • New Feature : Envato Hosted Support
  • New Feature : Export/Import content from Control panel
  • New Feature : 5 new layout in Shop Customizer
  • New Feature : New layout type (Full Width Layout) in Jupiter Page Options
  • New Feature : Add product field for Button Shortcode in WPBakery Page Builder
  • New Feature : Preview feature in Header Builder
  • New Feature : WooCommerce V3.3 Compatibility
  • New Feature : Image element disable hover overlay option
  • New Feature : Cyrillic fonts support in Header Builder
  • Improvement : Install template is improved! Regardless of your server resources you can now import pre-built template content including images.
  • Improvement : Major performance improvements in Header Builder
  • Improvement : Instagram and Linkedin icon updates
  • BugFix : Retina logo issue
  • BugFix : Various of issues in Shop Customizer
  • BugFix : Woo Cross sell issue in Shop Customizer
  • BugFix : Sidebar issue in Shop Customizer
  • BugFix : Hide accordion tabs issue in Shop Customizer
  • BugFix : Description, Additional Info, Review select boxes issue in Shop Customizer
  • BugFix : Responsive issues in Steps and Cart pages in Shop Customizer
  • BugFix : Various of cosmetic issues in Shop Customizer
  • BugFix : Various of issues regarding Sticky Header fixed in Header Builder
  • BugFix : Various of issues regarding Logo fixed in Header Builder
  • BugFix : Navigation element preview issue in Header Builder
  • BugFix : Navigation element alignment issue in Header Builder
  • BugFix : Navigation element burger style issue in Header Builder
  • BugFix : Navigation element animation issue in Header Builder
  • BugFix : Navigation element close button disappears after click in Header Builder
  • BugFix : Unwanted horizontal scroll issue in Header Builder
  • BugFix : Header Style 3 burger menu issue
  • BugFix : HTML Blockquote tag not showing blockquote symbol in Firefox
  • BugFix : Fancy title unwanted space issue in WPBakery Page Builder
  • BugFix : News tab does not show more than one tab issue on mobile in WPBakery Page Builder
  • BugFix : Blog offset issue in WPBakery Page Builder
  • BugFix : One Pager unwanted side paddings in WPBakery Page Builder
  • BugFix : Header Style 4 close button issue on mobile
  • BugFix : Dynamic ID cache issue in WPBakery Page Builder
  • BugFix : Button shortcode issue in Text Widget
  • BugFix : Sticky Header height issue with Header Style 2 and Header Style 3 in Theme Options
  • BugFix : Other minor visual issues in various parts of the theme
5 December 2017
  • New Feature : WPBakery Page Builder updated to V5.4.5
  • New Feature : LayerSlider updated to V6.6.4
  • New Feature : Revolution Slider updated to V5.4.6.4
  • New Feature : Major improvements in Header Builder
  • New Feature : Two cache busting techniques are added
  • New Feature : Variation style options are added in Shop Customizer
  • New Feature : Translation packages are added for Spanish, Italian, Russian, Brazilian and Persian languages. Thanks for community contributions
  • Improvement : Some of text fields are removed to make Shop Customizer compatible with multi-language plugins
  • BugFix : Header Style 4 issue in Header Builder
  • BugFix : Navigation front end issues in Header Builder
  • BugFix : Error message when user select a template in Header Builder
  • BugFix : Logo element link to homepage issue in Header Builder
  • BugFix : Icon box shortcode issue in VC Front End Editor
  • BugFix : Video shortcode issue in VC Front End Editor
  • BugFix : Row shortcode issue in VC Front End Editor
  • BugFix : Page section shortcode issue in VC Front End Editor
  • BugFix : Dynamic IDs cache issue in WPBakery Page Builder
  • BugFix : Category showcase’s category link issue in WPBakery Page Builder
  • BugFix : Various UI issues in WPBakery Page Builder
  • BugFix : Various translate issues in Shop Customizer
  • BugFix : Color picker console error in Shop Customizer
  • BugFix : Checkout page Header Style 4 issue in Shop Customizer
  • BugFix : Add to cart button size issue in Shop Customizer
  • BugFix : Cross sell issue in cart
  • BugFix : Theme options does not work after changing theme name
  • BugFix : Category pages shows error
  • BugFix : “#” sign issue in URL
  • BugFix : Logo retina and SVG logo compatibility issue
17 November 2017
  • New Feature : Visual Composer updated to V5.4.4
  • New Feature : Layerslider and Revolution slider updated to most recent versions
  • New Feature : WordPress V4.9 compatibility
  • Improvement : Major improvements in Header Builder
  • Improvement : WooCommerce Products shortcode 2 column image quality
  • BugFix : Space below footer area issue when user logged in
  • BugFix : WooCommerce single product quantity is not showing right after updating WooCommerce
  • BugFix : WooCommerce outdated files issue
  • BugFix : Sidebar misalignment issue in Shop pages
  • BugFix : Variations and Quantity dropdowns alignment issue in Shop Builder
  • BugFix : Navigation element preview issue in Header Builder
  • BugFix : Conflict with Jupiter styling options in Header Builder
  • BugFix : Shop icon overlapping issue in Header Builder
  • BugFix : Inheriting background color issues in Header Builder
  • BugFix : Activating and Inactivating header issues in Header Builder
  • BugFix : Renaming headers issues in Header Builder
  • BugFix : Displaying header twice issue in child theme when Header Builder active
  • BugFix : Hidden menu items issue in Header Builder
  • BugFix : Search field shows in mobile menu despite of Header Builder active
  • BugFix : Not clickable plus button issue in Portfolio shortcode in VC Front End Editor
  • BugFix : Page section shortcode vertical alignment issue in VC Front End Editor
  • BugFix : Body border issue in VC Front End Editor
  • BugFix : Transparent header issue in VC Front End Editor
  • BugFix : Page section shortcode video background issue in VC Front End Editor
  • BugFix : Image shortcode alignment issue in VC Front End Editor
  • BugFix : Countdown shortcode issue in VC Front End Editor
  • BugFix : Icon box shortcode issue in VC Front End Editor
  • BugFix : Icon box 2 shortcode issue in VC Front End Editor
  • BugFix : Icon box gradient shortcode issue in VC Front End Editor
  • BugFix : Message box shortcode issue in VC Front End Editor
  • BugFix : Ornamental title shortcode issue in VC Front End Editor
  • BugFix : Social networks shortcode issue in VC Front End Editor
  • BugFix : Background colors affects other icons issue in VC Front End Editor
  • BugFix : Accordion shortcode issues in VC Front End Editor
  • BugFix : Flickr shortcode issue in VC Front End Editor
  • BugFix : Page title box shortcode background repeat option issue
  • BugFix : Header style 4 overlaps Edge slider and Page section
  • BugFix : Text block conflict with Jupiter styling options
  • BugFix : Row and Page section extra padding issue in Visual Composer
  • BugFix : Top white space is missing in Portfolio shortcode
  • BugFix : Selecting templates cause putting Page section into Row issue in Visual Composer
  • BugFix : Horizontally flip effect comes with some delay issue in Edge Slider
  • BugFix : Error while displaying templates in Template Installation panel
  • BugFix : Redirection issue in Tour guide
  • BugFix : Box layout issue
  • BugFix : Minor alignment issues in Safari
9 November 2017
  • New Feature : Shop Builder (Read more)
  • New Feature : Header Builder(Read more)
  • New Feature : Visual Composer’s Frontend Editor is now enabled.
  • New Feature : New element : Photo Roller
  • New Feature : Turn on Stick Template option globally
  • New Feature : Visual Composer V5.4.2
  • New Feature : LayerSlider V6.6.1
  • New Feature : Revolution Slider V5.4.6.2
  • New Feature : Master Slider V3.3.2
  • Improvement : Speed Improvements
  • BugFix : Majority of reported bugs are fixed in this version
6 September 2017
  • Beta Release
  • New Feature : Shop Customizer added
  • New Feature : Header Builder – Icon element added
  • New Feature : Header Builder – Social Media element added
  • BugFix : Header Builder Undo/Redo issue
  • BugFix : Header Builder freezes while adding a new row
  • BugFix : Header Builder preview issue
22 August 2017
  • Beta Release
  • New Feature : Header Builder added
11 August 2017
  • BugFix : Contact info element custom class option not working
  • BugFix : WooCommerce checkout button missing from cart page
  • BugFix : Page section Element overlay option not working
  • BugFix : Theme options typography an issue on how the google fonts are rendered on page load
10 August 2017
  • New Feature : Visual Composer updated to V5.2.1
  • New Feature : LayerSlider and Master slider updated to latest versions
  • New Feature : Video element > loop option added if autoplay is enabled
  • New Feature : Text Block element > design options tab added
  • Improvement : Now color pickers in VC can accept zero opacity
  • BugFix : Header navigation mobile auto close glitch
  • BugFix : Custom CSS option in theme option needed !important to work.
  • BugFix : Slideshow box element order option does not work
  • BugFix : Edge slider does not work properly with lazy load when no background image is provided
  • BugFix : RTL header minor issues
  • BugFix : Photo Album fixed compatibility issues by adding specificity to some css classes
  • BugFix : Control Panel > plugins sometimes shows wrong version after updating
  • BugFix : Control Panel > update theme, in some servers shows as up to date
  • BugFix : All theme css overrides to Gravity forms removed. there were some conflicts with latest versions of the plugin
  • BugFix : Theme options some minor issue fixes
  • BugFix : Layer Slider paginations are not vertically aligned with arrows
3 July 2017
  • New Feature : Now VIP users will be able to chat with our support team right through Jupiter Control Panel
  • New Feature : Now you can download PSD templates of all templates from Jupiter Control Panel. You will just need to click on PSD icon
  • Improvement : Video Shortcode major improvements
  • Improvement : Font Icons shortcode alpha color option
  • Improvement : Edge Slider Prev/Next thumbnail cropping changed to native WP resizer
  • Improvement : Page Section > half layout sections : now the content part will follow “Fullwidth” toggle option. It will align with main grid content width
  • BugFix : Custom Box minor css glitch
  • BugFix : Edge Slider responsive bug
  • BugFix : Sticky header issue (Disabling sticky header causing issues)
  • BugFix : WooCommerce carousel prev/next arrows vertical location identically centered
  • BugFix : WooCommerce Carousel modern style did not display products
12 June 2017
  • New Feature : Slider Revolution & LayerSlider updated to most recent versions
  • BugFix : Edge slider bug when full height is disabled
  • BugFix : Typography setting migration issues
5 June 2017
  • New Feature : Typography settings in theme settings re-imagined, now you can add unlimited font families.
  • New Feature : Icon Selector : Now you can select icons right from shortcode options.
  • New Feature : Device Visibility option added to all theme elements(shortcodes)
  • New Feature : Video player element lightbox style
  • New Feature : Lazy loading images option (you can turn it on individually for each shortcode or turn it on for all through Theme Options > Speed Optimisations > Global Lazy Load). In this release we support some of the elements and in next update will add this feature to the rest of the shortcodes.
  • New Feature : Added Polylang plugin compatibility
  • Improved : Performance Improvements
  • Improved : Theme Options Improvements
  • BugFix : Menu anchors not working in fullscreen menu
  • BugFix : WooCommerce – Out of stock & Product catalog visibility doesn’t work
  • BugFix : WooCommerce – Add to cart visible on catalog mode
  • BugFix : HTTPS problems in ssl enabled sites with Vimeo videos
  • BugFix : Template importer various bug fixes
  • BugFix : IE 10 Sticky menu items height issue
  • BugFix : Un-Unified theme options in WPML prevents from choosing different fonts for each language
  • BugFix : Some other minor untracked fixes
28 April 2017
  • New Feature : Slider Revolution updated to most recent version
  • BugFix : In some servers importing demo content with images fail with 500 error message(bug related to WP_Http so we had to replace it with wp_remote_get to battle this issue)
26 April 2017
  • Removed : Old Theme Options has been removed
  • Improvement : Intelligent Components assets option has been removed due to its conflicts with caching plugins
  • Improvement : Speed Improvements
  • BugFix : Image Gallery post_in bug
  • BugFix : Mixed translation textdomain issues
  • BugFix : WooCommerce Catalog mode
  • BugFix : Control panel minor fixes
  • BugFix : Importing Demo content 500 error in some servers due to lack of zipArchive class
  • BugFix : WooCommerce Category Archive page does not follow shop page layout
  • BugFix : Caching plugin bugs related to Google fonts usage
  • BugFix : Some other fixes and improvements
19 April 2017
  • New Feature: Brand new Control Panel
  • New Feature: Options to add border around website
  • New Feature: Text shadow effect on fancy title element
  • New Feature: Shadow effect on image element
  • New Feature: Elevation effect to custom box shortcode
  • New Feature: Shadow effect for custom box shortcode
  • New Feature: Video Shortcode, self hosted feature
  • BugFix : Image Gallery post_in bug
  • BugFix : Demo Importer fixes
  • BugFix : Header shortcode position conflict in mobile devices with WP toolbar
  • BugFix : Other minor bugs
11 April 2017
  • New Feature: Brand New Theme options :
    • 100% developed in-house with latest technologies
    • Brand New User Interface
    • 3 times faster loading
    • User friendly option re-locations
  • New Feature: WooCommerce V3+ compatibility
  • New Feature: Visual Composer V5.1.1
  • New Feature: WooCommerce major code refactoring
    • Minimum file overriding via theme (only 5 files)
    • WooCommerce.css file size reduction by 2 times
    • Extra compatibility with older and newer versions
    • Single product gallery magnifier feature
    • UI improvements
  • New Feature: All plugins are updated to most recent versions
  • New Feature: Employee shortcode custom image size feature
  • Improvement : Demo Importer
  • BugFix : Demo Importer bug fixes (We are still working on some known issues)
  • BugFix : WooCommerce shop widget area is not working on product category page.
  • BugFix : Edge Slider IE issues
  • BugFix : Image Gallery post_in bug
  • BugFix : Other minor bugs
27 February 2017
  • New Feature: Brand new Template Management system (Read More here : https://themes.artbees.net/docs/installing-template/).
  • New Feature: Brand new Plugin management for all third party plugins (visit Jupiter Control panel > plugins)
  • New Feature: Theme options > Multiple tabs synchronizations (to prevent conflicts and user errors)
  • New Feature: Theme options > revision history control (Will keep last 30 saved history)
  • Improvement : Theme options descriptions are improved
  • Improvement : WPML visual composer compatibility improvements (wpml-config.xml updated with the list of shortcode attributes)
  • BugFix : Recent Portfolio Widget styling fixes
  • BugFix : A bug that was creating issues for plugin installation (caused by BFI_thumb class)
  • BugFix : Gallery shortcode hover styling issue
31 January 2017
  • New Feature: Visual Composer V5.0.2 update to “save template” and VC section shortcode problems
  • New Feature : New options to change Portfolio zoom/permalink icons
  • New Feature : Add a new option to show/hide the responsive logo in mobile size in the full-screen navigation
  • Improvement : Main navigation sub levels mouse out period doubled for better accessibility
  • BugFix : Nested menu elements (child) and back button issues in Full-Screen Navigation
  • BugFix : Flip Box image and rotation issue on IE
  • BugFix : Advanced Google Maps UTF characters with additional addresses
  • BugFix : Page background color is not working on WooCommerce template pages
  • BugFix : Center logo with 8 menu links broken
  • BugFix : Bbpress subscribe / favorite features missing
  • BugFix : Portfolio filter freezes on firefox for a second
  • BugFix : Employee element overlay is messed up in 2 column view
  • BugFix : Page does now show up at all if “Mailchimp Subscribe” element added to the page without filling “List ID”
  • BugFix : Portfolio filter “All” does not display all items when switched back from other categories
  • BugFix : GIF files lose transparency when cropped using theme BFI_thumb resizer
  • BugFix : YITH Filter plugin causes issue for drop-down sort
  • BugFix : Jupiter WooCommerce template not compatible with YITH WooCommerce Badge Management
  • BugFix : Product Variation only changes the image, the SKU will remain unchanged
  • BugFix : Instagram in not included in single post view
  • BugFix : WooCommerce JS error for product variations when Product Image is not set
  • BugFix : Fatal Error when WooCommerece is not active and you are using “WooCommerce Product Category” shortcode
  • BugFix : Shape divider thin line in mac (retina) chrome
  • BugFix : Page section full height vertical content align broken
  • BugFix : facebook title won’t work using YOAST
  • BugFix : Need to press enter twice when using full-screen search before form submits
  • BugFix : Related Posts widget doesn’t sort by categories
  • BugFix : Photo album’s social icons are too small on mobile
  • BugFix : Fix gap on scroll for Poseidon template
  • BugFix : Reload Captcha does not work in FireFox
  • BugFix : Frugifer Demo leaves white space in Microsoft Edge
  • BugFix : H1 repeated in the Single WooCommerce page
  • BugFix : Woocommerce Product Category widget issue with nested parent categories
  • BugFix : Blog monthly archive show pages and other post types
  • BugFix : Featured Image option for blog bold style options doesn’t work in Jupiter Post Options
  • BugFix : bug in button shortcode when using icon and letter spacing option together
19 December 2016
  • New Feature : WordPress V4.7 compatibility
  • New Feature : Visual Composer updated to V5.0.1
  • New Feature : LayerSlider updated to V6.1
  • New Feature : Master Slider updated to V3.1.1
  • New Feature : Revolution Slider updated to V5.3.1.5
  • New Feature : Enable/Disable option for Like Button (Product Loop)
  • New Feature : Added filters to theme option to make it possible adding new options through child theme
  • Improvement : Improve sanitize file uploads
  • Improvement : EDGE BROWSER compatibility fixes
  • Improvement : Header toolbar Mailchimp subscription form is now connected via its API
  • BugFix : CSS class conflict with plugins
  • BugFix : Gradient color effect is not possible in One Half layout of Page Section
  • BugFix : Advanced Google Maps Content Background does not work
  • BugFix : Shape divider gaps when scrolling on a page
  • BugFix : bbPress forum title is used twice on breadcrumb
  • BugFix : Author Archive for: text not translatable
  • BugFix : Some SVG icons width issues in IE
  • BugFix : Translation issues for some variables
  • BugFix : Post offset and Pagination issue in mk_blog
  • BugFix : Footer is not clickable in Thor layout
  • BugFix : Gradient button visibility options not working
  • BugFix : Warnings after renaming theme folder
  • BugFix : Undefined index in Contact form widget
  • BugFix : php warning in dynamic-styles.php
  • Removed : Page Section shortcut in Visual Composer bar has been removed to keep it simple and streamlined.
  • BugFix : Few more minor fixes
8 November 2016
  • BugFix : Fixed an issue that was causing some shop features not be clickable. Make sure to clear your CDN, server cache.
4 November 2016
  • New Feature : Row shortcode parallax
  • New Feature : Responsive page section
  • New Feature : Secondary menu option for employee single pages
  • New Feature : Expand Page Title Section to Header option
  • New Feature : Side Dashboard font size
  • Improvement : “Meta Section” option should not be displayed when you have “Clear & Bod”
  • Improvement : Social icons in Blog modern style pop up differently in first post and the other posts
  • Improvement : here is no fallback image for Page Section video when Social video is used
  • Improvement : Incompatibility with YITH INFINITE SCROLLING
  • Improvement : YITH WooCommerce Ajax Product Filter compatibility
  • Improvement : Header cart dropdown in cart and checkout pages
  • Improvement : Cart icon disappears in tablet size landscape mode
  • Improvement : Cross-sells products responsive issue
  • Improvement : Edgeslider video background in small devices
  • BugFix : XING social network icon not showing
  • BugFix : Testimonial slider pagination rtl
  • BugFix : Page parallax background image issue
  • BugFix : header style 3 right aligned issue
  • BugFix : Select Specific Slides field shows trashed posts
  • BugFix : Pricing Table buttons apply a 15px right margin by default even if there is only one button
  • BugFix : Portfolio items repeating
  • BugFix : Like icon alignment in RTL
  • BugFix : Archive page for custom taxonomy broken
  • BugFix : Toolbar disappears and not show up unless enable Toolbar Date
  • BugFix : Photo album lightbox pinterest share broken
  • BugFix : And some other minor fixes
5 October 2016
  • New Feature : Update Visual Composer to V4.12.2
  • New Feature : Fancy Title Shortcode > option to align title for mobile devices
  • New Feature : Option to disable adaptive images completely (Theme options > general > General Settings)
  • New Feature : Option to enable retina Site Preloader Logo (If enabled you should upload 2X size)
  • New Feature : FAQ shortcode > Select specific option auto suggester option
  • New Feature : Pot file with Gulp
  • New Feature : Twitter shortcode text and link color options
  • New Feature : Filter in Mk_Send_Mail > send_form
  • New Feature : Option to unify theme options in all languages for WPML plugin(You can find it in WP > Settings > general)
  • New Feature : Option for letter-spacing for buttons
  • New Feature : Add “No Follow” option for button shortcode link
  • New Feature : “Visibility For Devices” option for Divider shortcode
  • New Feature : New Theme Option for image size of Product category loop
  • New Feature : WooCommerce carousel shortcode modern style new options : select specific category, posts and author
  • New Feature : Added medium font weight option
  • New Feature : Custom Color options for Mobile Header
  • New Feature : Disable / Enable Greyscale Hover option for simple style employees shortcode
  • New Feature : 8 options to control typography and coloing for Testimonial Shortcode
  • New Feature : “None” option for portfolio shortcode meta element
  • New Feature : Target option for Flip Box Button Url
  • New Feature : Responsive Font option for Page Title Box shortcode
  • New Feature : Option to toggle on/off globally
  • New Feature : Image switch shortcode > link option
  • New Feature : “Force Responsive Font Size?” option for Blockquote shortcode
  • New Feature : Success or error message to the contact form
  • New Feature : option to change “ALL” text in sortable from shortcode options
  • New Feature : Option to disable responsive images for backgrounds
  • New Feature : Viewport Animation option for Divider
  • New Feature : Hide user email from author box
  • Improvement : Parallax is back in Safari and its as performant as other browsers!
  • Improvement : Admin menu custom post types and custom taxonomies are now translatable
  • Improvement : Contact info widget > email field ASCII characters
  • Improvement : Formstack plugin styling compatibility
  • Improvement : When you visit different category pages, you only see ALL PRODUCTS as section title. It needs show category name in title
  • Improvement : The photo album social share buttons needs to share the image in every slide not the page
  • Improvement : Custom menu widget sub level expansion UX problem. Now sub levels expand with click rather than hover
  • Improvement : Restrict User Access plugin compatibility
  • Improvement : WooCommerce variable products lightbox opens only featured image
  • Improvement : Double quantity buttons in single products
  • Improvement : jQuery V3 compatibility
  • Improvement : Subscribe shortcode improvements
  • Improvement : Data valisations on php outputs
  • Improvement : Add Max Input vars to the new compatibility class and show it in theme options header as well
  • Improvement : Complete code refactor in Contact form Javascript
  • Improvement : Prevent google to crawl “SVG” and consider it as keyword
  • Improvement : Twitter widget light and dark style improvements
  • BugFix : Header Style 4 visual issue
  • BugFix : Header style 3 – right alignment
  • BugFix : Duplicate posts in single post > Recent posts
  • BugFix : Difficult to scroll mobile in portfolio pages
  • BugFix : Zend server error compatibility
  • BugFix : Multiple audio posts in blog loop causes issues after load more pressed
  • BugFix : Slideshow Box shortcode’s issue with Fancy Title inside
  • BugFix : Empty space within header toolbar where all elements are disabled
  • BugFix : The Shape Divider that forms a pointed bottom doesn’t end in a point
  • BugFix : PhotoAlbum with null references
  • BugFix : “Portfolios” in breadcrumbs is not translatable
  • BugFix : Social Networks “Whatsapp” link won’t work
  • BugFix : Portfolio on mobile devices with double tap issue
  • BugFix : Edge – Flipbox does not behave normally on hover
  • BugFix : Edge – Overlay color for background image doesn’t work
  • BugFix : Product category in Tabs element does not look correct
  • BugFix : Photo albums IE image positioning
  • BugFix : PHP 7 compatibility fixes
  • BugFix : Set Main Navigation For Logged In User to Select Option by default and it’s creating confusion.
  • BugFix : Image shortcode title attribute will now load from image media attributes.
  • BugFix : Edge slider custom content animation for flip style is broken
  • BugFix : Division by Zero Error on SVG Icons warning
  • BugFix : Start Tour URL in Theme Options broken
  • BugFix : Divider shortcode > goto top style > Icon does not show up
  • BugFix : Fatal Error when The Events Calendar’s “Events List” widget is used inside Visual Composer’s “Widgetised Sidebar”
  • BugFix : Quick contact form description translation broken
  • BugFix : Savvy button bg color doesn’t fill background
  • BugFix : WooCommerce cart page + / – icons missing when cart is updated
  • BugFix : Edge slider content right alignment
  • BugFix : Recent Posts and Recent Posts widget used in Widgetized Sidebar break website
  • BugFix : Template Activation does not give green success messages
  • BugFix : Global portfolio single layout broken
  • BugFix : News shortcode does not print extra class name.
  • BugFix : PHP warnings in Jupiter widget filter
23 August 2016

In Jupiter V5.2 we have evaluated and executed over 130 Jupiter backlog tasks.

  • New Feature : LayerSlider updated to V5.6.5
  • New Feature : Master Slider updated to V3.0.4
  • New Feature : Revolution Slider Updated to V5.2.6
  • New Feature : Theme options > added option to turn off featured image in single news post
  • New Feature : Device Visibility option For Divider shortcode
  • Improvement : More robust compatibility check class for theme core and template installation process.
  • Improvement : Edge Browser full support
  • Improvement : Skill diagram shortcode responive improvements
  • Improvement : If menu plugin incompatibility
  • Improvement : RTL major improvements in both backend and frontend
  • Improvement : Fullwidth slideshow > new option to set images fullwidth
  • Improvement : Permission checks for template install and dynamic assets class
  • Removed : “Responsive Menu Icon Alignment” option has been removed due to multiple conflicts with header styles and their alignments
  • BugFix : Header style 3 burger icon in macbook 13inch when menu is triggered is hidden
  • BugFix : Instagram widget API broken
  • BugFix : WooCommerce cart table misalignment
  • BugFix : Captcha reload image not working on Firefox and IE
  • BugFix : YITH WooCommerce Zoom Magnifier compatibility issue
  • BugFix : Meta tags issues in W3 Validator
  • BugFix : MailChimp Forms incompatibility issue
  • BugFix : In the post title when you enter a #, the text in twitter window stops at the #
  • BugFix : Twitter post type problem in responsive state
  • BugFix : Ornamental title with image broken
  • BugFix : Extra texts in Photo Album – hover options
  • BugFix : Subscribe text are not translatable
  • BugFix : Flip box issue in RTL
  • BugFix : Vertical header bug in firefox
  • BugFix : Custom Main Navigation Location not working
  • BugFix : Some dependency scripts load even though its not used in the page
  • BugFix : Media.css invalid css issues
  • BugFix : Social Share Icons break in Clear and Bold Single Post when Full Width Row is Added
  • BugFix : Portfolio Category Page Title in archive page not showing
  • BugFix : Page Title is not showing in BuddyPress pages
  • BugFix : Footer full width with header #4
  • BugFix : Shop columns not changing from theme options
  • BugFix : Images missing in Safari if names includes non-english characters
  • BugFix : PHPQuery issues
  • BugFix : Pinterest share doesn’t show the feature image of blog post
  • BugFix : Header tooltip search form focus broken
  • BugFix : IE not respecting top padding when using transparent header
  • BugFix : An empty space between author name and date missing
  • BugFix : Line break issue with blog set to thumbnail
  • BugFix : Client shortcode 6 columns broken in IE 11
  • BugFix : and 40+ More minor bugs & glitches fixes
29 July 2016

This update is a quick patch for Google Maps API and some other minor fixes. Jupiter V5.2 with over 100 backlog tasks/issues is under progress.

  • New Feature : New option to add Google Maps API thorough Theme Options > General > General Settings > Google Maps API Key.
  • New Feature : WooCommerce v2.6.4 compatibility
  • BugFix : Photo Album Social share icons not showing
  • BugFix : Fatal error in System status for some servers
  • BugFix : Visual Composer V4.12.1 for VC built-in shortcodes css issues
  • BugFix : Instagram widget get UserId and Access Token broken
  • BugFix : php Warning in svg-icons.php file
24 June 2016

This release is currently under Themeforest review process however you can immediately update theme from Jupiter Control Panel in your WordPress dashboard.

  • Improvement : WooCommerce V2.6.1 compatibility improvements in account pages
  • Improvement : Header cart icon will be shown in checkout & cart pages
22 June 2016
  • New Feature : Visual Composer V4.12
  • New Feature : Row Shortcode > Disable element option
  • New Feature : Icon Box 2 shortcode link target option
  • Improvement : WooCommerce V2.6 compatibility
  • Improvement : Theme Options escaped attributes
  • BugFix : IE and Edge Browser issues with SVG icon widths
  • BugFix : Mobile Menu sub level link does not work if it has sub level items
  • BugFix : Auto-suggester options in shortcodes not updating (Update Visual Composer to V4.12)
  • BugFix : Gallery shrotcode load more button
  • BugFix : Blockquote shortcode icon is missing
  • BugFix : Few other minor bug fixes
14 June 2016
  • BugFix : SVG icons not loading in some servers
  • BugFix : Header toolbar social icons vertical align
10 June 2016

Update Note : If you have disabled dynamic assets via “Disable Dynamic Assets” option, After updating to this version, navigate to Theme Option > Advanced > Manage Theme and disable “Intelligent Components Technology” option.

  • New Feature : Defer styles and scripts option to get higher rank in google page speed. View Option.
  • Improvement : Better compatibility with W3 Total & Super Cache plugins
  • Improvement : Speed Improvements
  • Improvement : Theme package size reduced 3.9MB (previously 5.5MB)
  • Improvement : SVG icons delay resolved by injecting the SVG icons via php in backend rather than Javascript injection
  • Improvement : Option to disable theme internal caching if your server faces with problems.View Option.
  • BugFix : Various bug fixes
17 May 2016
  • BugFix : Issue that causes error in Windows Server Hostings.