June 5, 2019
  • New Feature : WPBakery Page Builder v6.0.3
  • Improvement : Gutenburg compatibility.
  • Bug Fix : Header builder templates are not visible.
  • Bug Fix : Unparsable structured data.
November 10, 2018
  • BugFix : Removed a php package that false postivitly has been considered as a trojan by google chrome.
  • BugFix : Fancy title element gradient bug
August 2, 2018
  • New Feature : Visual Composer V5.5.2
  • New Feature : Third party plugins updated (Master slider, Revolution Slider)
  • Improvement : PHP V7.2 fixes in WpBakery Page builder and in theme
  • Improvement : GDPR checkbox in comment form
  • Improvement : GDPR – Streaming youtube videos from a cookie-free domain
  • Improvement : Updating language files
  • Improvement : Mobile Main menu improvement for sublevels
  • Improvement : Let users add html markup on all GDPR checkbox texts.
  • BugFix : Contact info element email url rendering issue
  • BugFix : Some of videos are not automatically playing on page section
  • BugFix : WPML language switcher (only flag images) conflict with Logo In the Middle Option
  • BugFix : WooCommerce outdated template files
  • BugFix : Row element id option issue
May 25, 2018
  • New Feature : GDPR features : All Forms (Contact form shortcode & widget, quick contact form, Mailchimp subscribe shortcode) has consent checkbox and enabled by default you can disable them from their settings.
  • New Feature : WooCommerce V3.4 compatibility
  • New Feature : Layerslider updated to V6.7.6
  • Removed : removed Love button feature from Blog, Portfolio and Shop posts. Its outdated feature and no longer relevant. We will introduce more useful features instead!
  • Improvement : Fixed a performance bug related to image cropping & single product page
  • Improvement : Other minor improvements and code refactoring
  • BugFix : Fixed XSS bug (Special thanks to ERNW)
  • BugFix : Ajax portfolio dynamic style issues
  • BugFix : VC Row Id bug
  • BugFix : Photo Album speed performance fix
April 10, 2018
  • BugFix : Shop Customizer – Sidebar layout isn’t working in Shop Customizer Archive. Added option to set sidebar
  • BugFix : Grid Builder new block is not working in Modified Version of WPBakery Page Builder. Please update VC to V5.4.8
  • BugFix : Fancy title gradient text doesn’t display on Safari & Edge browsers when stip tags is disabled
  • BugFix : Theme wrapper margin cause unnecessary gap
  • BugFix : Process Builder is shown incorrectly on mobile on our demo
  • BugFix : WooCommerce – “Terms & conditions” section on Checkout page does not render shortcodes
  • BugFix : Blog teaser – Comment icon is visible despite comments are turned off
  • BugFix : Portfolio Carousel – Portfolio Carousel isn’t sliding automatically
  • BugFix : Header shortcode – Colors in Header shortcode does not work
  • BugFix : Blog Teaser – Blog Teaser slides 2 times. this happens in some other slides as well
  • BugFix : Bug in breadcrumb when no category is chosen for the blog post
  • BugFix : Some other minor css fixes
March 26, 2018
  • New Feature : WPBakery Page Builder V5.4.7
  • New Feature : LayerSlider V6.7.1
  • New Feature : Slider Revolution V5.4.7.2
  • Improvement : Some Language files are updated.
  • Improvement : WooCommerce Carousel major improvements and some fixes
  • BugFix : Woocommerce – outdated overrides fixes
  • BugFix : Centralized Fancy title aligns left when we use fullwidth
  • BugFix : Slideshow Box displays problem on the Firefox and Safari
  • BugFix : Shop Customizer option cause a conflict on Advanced Google Maps
  • BugFix : Initial Page load issue fix, Also introduced a new option (Theme Options > Advanced > Move Shortcode Styles to Footer)
  • BugFix : 500 Internal Server error on the theme directory (direct access)
  • BugFix : Custom Box Hover fills the container with the background despite it is set to Gradient Color
  • BugFix : User is unable to retrieve Instagram id and Access token
  • BugFix : Google map zoom feature issue
  • BugFix : Bug on Cart page with Shop Customizer in WooCommerce new version
  • BugFix : Vertical header > content is hidden behind header
  • BugFix : Related products, Product loop shortcode and WooCommerce carousel shows double images for some products
  • BugFix : Contact Form 7 shows red empty box at the bottom
  • BugFix : Fancy title gradient color is not working inside custom box
  • BugFix : rtl.css file will not load when the child theme is activatedv
  • BugFix : WP smush plugin and otf-regen-thumbs conflict that is making single product pages insanely slow.
  • BugFix : Some other minor bug fixes
February 2, 2018
  • BugFix : WooCommerce V3.2 backward compatibility when taxes are enabled
February 2, 2018
  • New Feature : Envato Hosted Support
  • New Feature : Export/Import content from Control panel
  • New Feature : 5 new layout in Shop Customizer
  • New Feature : New layout type (Full Width Layout) in Jupiter Page Options
  • New Feature : Add product field for Button Shortcode in WPBakery Page Builder
  • New Feature : Preview feature in Header Builder
  • New Feature : WooCommerce V3.3 Compatibility
  • New Feature : Image element disable hover overlay option
  • New Feature : Cyrillic fonts support in Header Builder
  • Improvement : Install template is improved! Regardless of your server resources you can now import pre-built template content including images.
  • Improvement : Major performance improvements in Header Builder
  • Improvement : Instagram and Linkedin icon updates
  • BugFix : Retina logo issue
  • BugFix : Various of issues in Shop Customizer
  • BugFix : Woo Cross sell issue in Shop Customizer
  • BugFix : Sidebar issue in Shop Customizer
  • BugFix : Hide accordion tabs issue in Shop Customizer
  • BugFix : Description, Additional Info, Review select boxes issue in Shop Customizer
  • BugFix : Responsive issues in Steps and Cart pages in Shop Customizer
  • BugFix : Various of cosmetic issues in Shop Customizer
  • BugFix : Various of issues regarding Sticky Header fixed in Header Builder
  • BugFix : Various of issues regarding Logo fixed in Header Builder
  • BugFix : Navigation element preview issue in Header Builder
  • BugFix : Navigation element alignment issue in Header Builder
  • BugFix : Navigation element burger style issue in Header Builder
  • BugFix : Navigation element animation issue in Header Builder
  • BugFix : Navigation element close button disappears after click in Header Builder
  • BugFix : Unwanted horizontal scroll issue in Header Builder
  • BugFix : Header Style 3 burger menu issue
  • BugFix : HTML Blockquote tag not showing blockquote symbol in Firefox
  • BugFix : Fancy title unwanted space issue in WPBakery Page Builder
  • BugFix : News tab does not show more than one tab issue on mobile in WPBakery Page Builder
  • BugFix : Blog offset issue in WPBakery Page Builder
  • BugFix : One Pager unwanted side paddings in WPBakery Page Builder
  • BugFix : Header Style 4 close button issue on mobile
  • BugFix : Dynamic ID cache issue in WPBakery Page Builder
  • BugFix : Button shortcode issue in Text Widget
  • BugFix : Sticky Header height issue with Header Style 2 and Header Style 3 in Theme Options
  • BugFix : Other minor visual issues in various parts of the theme
December 5, 2017
  • New Feature : WPBakery Page Builder updated to V5.4.5
  • New Feature : LayerSlider updated to V6.6.4
  • New Feature : Revolution Slider updated to V5.4.6.4
  • New Feature : Major improvements in Header Builder
  • New Feature : Two cache busting techniques are added
  • New Feature : Variation style options are added in Shop Customizer
  • New Feature : Translation packages are added for Spanish, Italian, Russian, Brazilian and Persian languages. Thanks for community contributions
  • Improvement : Some of text fields are removed to make Shop Customizer compatible with multi-language plugins
  • BugFix : Header Style 4 issue in Header Builder
  • BugFix : Navigation front end issues in Header Builder
  • BugFix : Error message when user select a template in Header Builder
  • BugFix : Logo element link to homepage issue in Header Builder
  • BugFix : Icon box shortcode issue in VC Front End Editor
  • BugFix : Video shortcode issue in VC Front End Editor
  • BugFix : Row shortcode issue in VC Front End Editor
  • BugFix : Page section shortcode issue in VC Front End Editor
  • BugFix : Dynamic IDs cache issue in WPBakery Page Builder
  • BugFix : Category showcase’s category link issue in WPBakery Page Builder
  • BugFix : Various UI issues in WPBakery Page Builder
  • BugFix : Various translate issues in Shop Customizer
  • BugFix : Color picker console error in Shop Customizer
  • BugFix : Checkout page Header Style 4 issue in Shop Customizer
  • BugFix : Add to cart button size issue in Shop Customizer
  • BugFix : Cross sell issue in cart
  • BugFix : Theme options does not work after changing theme name
  • BugFix : Category pages shows error
  • BugFix : “#” sign issue in URL
  • BugFix : Logo retina and SVG logo compatibility issue
November 17, 2017
  • New Feature : Visual Composer updated to V5.4.4
  • New Feature : Layerslider and Revolution slider updated to most recent versions
  • New Feature : WordPress V4.9 compatibility
  • Improvement : Major improvements in Header Builder
  • Improvement : WooCommerce Products shortcode 2 column image quality
  • BugFix : Space below footer area issue when user logged in
  • BugFix : WooCommerce single product quantity is not showing right after updating WooCommerce
  • BugFix : WooCommerce outdated files issue
  • BugFix : Sidebar misalignment issue in Shop pages
  • BugFix : Variations and Quantity dropdowns alignment issue in Shop Builder
  • BugFix : Navigation element preview issue in Header Builder
  • BugFix : Conflict with Jupiter styling options in Header Builder
  • BugFix : Shop icon overlapping issue in Header Builder
  • BugFix : Inheriting background color issues in Header Builder
  • BugFix : Activating and Inactivating header issues in Header Builder
  • BugFix : Renaming headers issues in Header Builder
  • BugFix : Displaying header twice issue in child theme when Header Builder active
  • BugFix : Hidden menu items issue in Header Builder
  • BugFix : Search field shows in mobile menu despite of Header Builder active
  • BugFix : Not clickable plus button issue in Portfolio shortcode in VC Front End Editor
  • BugFix : Page section shortcode vertical alignment issue in VC Front End Editor
  • BugFix : Body border issue in VC Front End Editor
  • BugFix : Transparent header issue in VC Front End Editor
  • BugFix : Page section shortcode video background issue in VC Front End Editor
  • BugFix : Image shortcode alignment issue in VC Front End Editor
  • BugFix : Countdown shortcode issue in VC Front End Editor
  • BugFix : Icon box shortcode issue in VC Front End Editor
  • BugFix : Icon box 2 shortcode issue in VC Front End Editor
  • BugFix : Icon box gradient shortcode issue in VC Front End Editor
  • BugFix : Message box shortcode issue in VC Front End Editor
  • BugFix : Ornamental title shortcode issue in VC Front End Editor
  • BugFix : Social networks shortcode issue in VC Front End Editor
  • BugFix : Background colors affects other icons issue in VC Front End Editor
  • BugFix : Accordion shortcode issues in VC Front End Editor
  • BugFix : Flickr shortcode issue in VC Front End Editor
  • BugFix : Page title box shortcode background repeat option issue
  • BugFix : Header style 4 overlaps Edge slider and Page section
  • BugFix : Text block conflict with Jupiter styling options
  • BugFix : Row and Page section extra padding issue in Visual Composer
  • BugFix : Top white space is missing in Portfolio shortcode
  • BugFix : Selecting templates cause putting Page section into Row issue in Visual Composer
  • BugFix : Horizontally flip effect comes with some delay issue in Edge Slider
  • BugFix : Error while displaying templates in Template Installation panel
  • BugFix : Redirection issue in Tour guide
  • BugFix : Box layout issue
  • BugFix : Minor alignment issues in Safari
November 9, 2017
  • New Feature : Shop Builder (Read more)
  • New Feature : Header Builder(Read more)
  • New Feature : Visual Composer’s Frontend Editor is now enabled.
  • New Feature : New element : Photo Roller
  • New Feature : Turn on Stick Template option globally
  • New Feature : Visual Composer V5.4.2
  • New Feature : LayerSlider V6.6.1
  • New Feature : Revolution Slider V5.4.6.2
  • New Feature : Master Slider V3.3.2
  • Improvement : Speed Improvements
  • BugFix : Majority of reported bugs are fixed in this version
September 6, 2017
  • Beta Release
  • New Feature : Shop Customizer added
  • New Feature : Header Builder – Icon element added
  • New Feature : Header Builder – Social Media element added
  • BugFix : Header Builder Undo/Redo issue
  • BugFix : Header Builder freezes while adding a new row
  • BugFix : Header Builder preview issue
August 22, 2017
  • Beta Release
  • New Feature : Header Builder added
August 11, 2017
  • BugFix : Contact info element custom class option not working
  • BugFix : WooCommerce checkout button missing from cart page
  • BugFix : Page section Element overlay option not working
  • BugFix : Theme options typography an issue on how the google fonts are rendered on page load
August 10, 2017
  • New Feature : Visual Composer updated to V5.2.1
  • New Feature : LayerSlider and Master slider updated to latest versions
  • New Feature : Video element > loop option added if autoplay is enabled
  • New Feature : Text Block element > design options tab added
  • Improvement : Now color pickers in VC can accept zero opacity
  • BugFix : Header navigation mobile auto close glitch
  • BugFix : Custom CSS option in theme option needed !important to work.
  • BugFix : Slideshow box element order option does not work
  • BugFix : Edge slider does not work properly with lazy load when no background image is provided
  • BugFix : RTL header minor issues
  • BugFix : Photo Album fixed compatibility issues by adding specificity to some css classes
  • BugFix : Control Panel > plugins sometimes shows wrong version after updating
  • BugFix : Control Panel > update theme, in some servers shows as up to date
  • BugFix : All theme css overrides to Gravity forms removed. there were some conflicts with latest versions of the plugin
  • BugFix : Theme options some minor issue fixes
  • BugFix : Layer Slider paginations are not vertically aligned with arrows
July 3, 2017
  • New Feature : Now VIP users will be able to chat with our support team right through Jupiter Control Panel
  • New Feature : Now you can download PSD templates of all templates from Jupiter Control Panel. You will just need to click on PSD icon
  • Improvement : Video Shortcode major improvements
  • Improvement : Font Icons shortcode alpha color option
  • Improvement : Edge Slider Prev/Next thumbnail cropping changed to native WP resizer
  • Improvement : Page Section > half layout sections : now the content part will follow “Fullwidth” toggle option. It will align with main grid content width
  • BugFix : Custom Box minor css glitch
  • BugFix : Edge Slider responsive bug
  • BugFix : Sticky header issue (Disabling sticky header causing issues)
  • BugFix : WooCommerce carousel prev/next arrows vertical location identically centered
  • BugFix : WooCommerce Carousel modern style did not display products
June 12, 2017
  • New Feature : Slider Revolution & LayerSlider updated to most recent versions
  • BugFix : Edge slider bug when full height is disabled
  • BugFix : Typography setting migration issues
June 5, 2017
  • New Feature : Typography settings in theme settings re-imagined, now you can add unlimited font families.
  • New Feature : Icon Selector : Now you can select icons right from shortcode options.
  • New Feature : Device Visibility option added to all theme elements(shortcodes)
  • New Feature : Video player element lightbox style
  • New Feature : Lazy loading images option (you can turn it on individually for each shortcode or turn it on for all through Theme Options > Speed Optimisations > Global Lazy Load). In this release we support some of the elements and in next update will add this feature to the rest of the shortcodes.
  • New Feature : Added Polylang plugin compatibility
  • Improved : Performance Improvements
  • Improved : Theme Options Improvements
  • BugFix : Menu anchors not working in fullscreen menu
  • BugFix : WooCommerce – Out of stock & Product catalog visibility doesn’t work
  • BugFix : WooCommerce – Add to cart visible on catalog mode
  • BugFix : HTTPS problems in ssl enabled sites with Vimeo videos
  • BugFix : Template importer various bug fixes
  • BugFix : IE 10 Sticky menu items height issue
  • BugFix : Un-Unified theme options in WPML prevents from choosing different fonts for each language
  • BugFix : Some other minor untracked fixes
April 28, 2017
  • New Feature : Slider Revolution updated to most recent version
  • BugFix : In some servers importing demo content with images fail with 500 error message(bug related to WP_Http so we had to replace it with wp_remote_get to battle this issue)
April 26, 2017
  • Removed : Old Theme Options has been removed
  • Improvement : Intelligent Components assets option has been removed due to its conflicts with caching plugins
  • Improvement : Speed Improvements
  • BugFix : Image Gallery post_in bug
  • BugFix : Mixed translation textdomain issues
  • BugFix : WooCommerce Catalog mode
  • BugFix : Control panel minor fixes
  • BugFix : Importing Demo content 500 error in some servers due to lack of zipArchive class
  • BugFix : WooCommerce Category Archive page does not follow shop page layout
  • BugFix : Caching plugin bugs related to Google fonts usage
  • BugFix : Some other fixes and improvements
April 19, 2017
  • New Feature: Brand new Control Panel
  • New Feature: Options to add border around website
  • New Feature: Text shadow effect on fancy title element
  • New Feature: Shadow effect on image element
  • New Feature: Elevation effect to custom box shortcode
  • New Feature: Shadow effect for custom box shortcode
  • New Feature: Video Shortcode, self hosted feature
  • BugFix : Image Gallery post_in bug
  • BugFix : Demo Importer fixes
  • BugFix : Header shortcode position conflict in mobile devices with WP toolbar
  • BugFix : Other minor bugs
April 11, 2017
  • New Feature: Brand New Theme options :
    • 100% developed in-house with latest technologies
    • Brand New User Interface
    • 3 times faster loading
    • User friendly option re-locations
  • New Feature: WooCommerce V3+ compatibility
  • New Feature: Visual Composer V5.1.1
  • New Feature: WooCommerce major code refactoring
    • Minimum file overriding via theme (only 5 files)
    • WooCommerce.css file size reduction by 2 times
    • Extra compatibility with older and newer versions
    • Single product gallery magnifier feature
    • UI improvements
  • New Feature: All plugins are updated to most recent versions
  • New Feature: Employee shortcode custom image size feature
  • Improvement : Demo Importer
  • BugFix : Demo Importer bug fixes (We are still working on some known issues)
  • BugFix : WooCommerce shop widget area is not working on product category page.
  • BugFix : Edge Slider IE issues
  • BugFix : Image Gallery post_in bug
  • BugFix : Other minor bugs
February 27, 2017
  • New Feature: Brand new Template Management system (Read More here : https://themes.artbees.net/docs/installing-template/).
  • New Feature: Brand new Plugin management for all third party plugins (visit Jupiter Control panel > plugins)
  • New Feature: Theme options > Multiple tabs synchronizations (to prevent conflicts and user errors)
  • New Feature: Theme options > revision history control (Will keep last 30 saved history)
  • Improvement : Theme options descriptions are improved
  • Improvement : WPML visual composer compatibility improvements (wpml-config.xml updated with the list of shortcode attributes)
  • BugFix : Recent Portfolio Widget styling fixes
  • BugFix : A bug that was creating issues for plugin installation (caused by BFI_thumb class)
  • BugFix : Gallery shortcode hover styling issue
January 31, 2017
  • New Feature: Visual Composer V5.0.2 update to “save template” and VC section shortcode problems
  • New Feature : New options to change Portfolio zoom/permalink icons
  • New Feature : Add a new option to show/hide the responsive logo in mobile size in the full-screen navigation
  • Improvement : Main navigation sub levels mouse out period doubled for better accessibility
  • BugFix : Nested menu elements (child) and back button issues in Full-Screen Navigation
  • BugFix : Flip Box image and rotation issue on IE
  • BugFix : Advanced Google Maps UTF characters with additional addresses
  • BugFix : Page background color is not working on WooCommerce template pages
  • BugFix : Center logo with 8 menu links broken
  • BugFix : Bbpress subscribe / favorite features missing
  • BugFix : Portfolio filter freezes on firefox for a second
  • BugFix : Employee element overlay is messed up in 2 column view
  • BugFix : Page does now show up at all if “Mailchimp Subscribe” element added to the page without filling “List ID”
  • BugFix : Portfolio filter “All” does not display all items when switched back from other categories
  • BugFix : GIF files lose transparency when cropped using theme BFI_thumb resizer
  • BugFix : YITH Filter plugin causes issue for drop-down sort
  • BugFix : Jupiter WooCommerce template not compatible with YITH WooCommerce Badge Management
  • BugFix : Product Variation only changes the image, the SKU will remain unchanged
  • BugFix : Instagram in not included in single post view
  • BugFix : WooCommerce JS error for product variations when Product Image is not set
  • BugFix : Fatal Error when WooCommerece is not active and you are using “WooCommerce Product Category” shortcode
  • BugFix : Shape divider thin line in mac (retina) chrome
  • BugFix : Page section full height vertical content align broken
  • BugFix : facebook title won’t work using YOAST
  • BugFix : Need to press enter twice when using full-screen search before form submits
  • BugFix : Related Posts widget doesn’t sort by categories
  • BugFix : Photo album’s social icons are too small on mobile
  • BugFix : Fix gap on scroll for Poseidon template
  • BugFix : Reload Captcha does not work in FireFox
  • BugFix : Frugifer Demo leaves white space in Microsoft Edge
  • BugFix : H1 repeated in the Single WooCommerce page
  • BugFix : Woocommerce Product Category widget issue with nested parent categories
  • BugFix : Blog monthly archive show pages and other post types
  • BugFix : Featured Image option for blog bold style options doesn’t work in Jupiter Post Options
  • BugFix : bug in button shortcode when using icon and letter spacing option together
December 19, 2016
  • New Feature : WordPress V4.7 compatibility
  • New Feature : Visual Composer updated to V5.0.1
  • New Feature : LayerSlider updated to V6.1
  • New Feature : Master Slider updated to V3.1.1
  • New Feature : Revolution Slider updated to V5.3.1.5
  • New Feature : Enable/Disable option for Like Button (Product Loop)
  • New Feature : Added filters to theme option to make it possible adding new options through child theme
  • Improvement : Improve sanitize file uploads
  • Improvement : EDGE BROWSER compatibility fixes
  • Improvement : Header toolbar Mailchimp subscription form is now connected via its API
  • BugFix : CSS class conflict with plugins
  • BugFix : Gradient color effect is not possible in One Half layout of Page Section
  • BugFix : Advanced Google Maps Content Background does not work
  • BugFix : Shape divider gaps when scrolling on a page
  • BugFix : bbPress forum title is used twice on breadcrumb
  • BugFix : Author Archive for: text not translatable
  • BugFix : Some SVG icons width issues in IE
  • BugFix : Translation issues for some variables
  • BugFix : Post offset and Pagination issue in mk_blog
  • BugFix : Footer is not clickable in Thor layout
  • BugFix : Gradient button visibility options not working
  • BugFix : Warnings after renaming theme folder
  • BugFix : Undefined index in Contact form widget
  • BugFix : php warning in dynamic-styles.php
  • Removed : Page Section shortcut in Visual Composer bar has been removed to keep it simple and streamlined.
  • BugFix : Few more minor fixes
November 8, 2016
  • BugFix : Fixed an issue that was causing some shop features not be clickable. Make sure to clear your CDN, server cache.
November 4, 2016
  • New Feature : Row shortcode parallax
  • New Feature : Responsive page section
  • New Feature : Secondary menu option for employee single pages
  • New Feature : Expand Page Title Section to Header option
  • New Feature : Side Dashboard font size
  • Improvement : “Meta Section” option should not be displayed when you have “Clear & Bod”
  • Improvement : Social icons in Blog modern style pop up differently in first post and the other posts
  • Improvement : here is no fallback image for Page Section video when Social video is used
  • Improvement : Incompatibility with YITH INFINITE SCROLLING
  • Improvement : YITH WooCommerce Ajax Product Filter compatibility
  • Improvement : Header cart dropdown in cart and checkout pages
  • Improvement : Cart icon disappears in tablet size landscape mode
  • Improvement : Cross-sells products responsive issue
  • Improvement : Edgeslider video background in small devices
  • BugFix : XING social network icon not showing
  • BugFix : Testimonial slider pagination rtl
  • BugFix : Page parallax background image issue
  • BugFix : header style 3 right aligned issue
  • BugFix : Select Specific Slides field shows trashed posts
  • BugFix : Pricing Table buttons apply a 15px right margin by default even if there is only one button
  • BugFix : Portfolio items repeating
  • BugFix : Like icon alignment in RTL
  • BugFix : Archive page for custom taxonomy broken
  • BugFix : Toolbar disappears and not show up unless enable Toolbar Date
  • BugFix : Photo album lightbox pinterest share broken
  • BugFix : And some other minor fixes
October 5, 2016
  • New Feature : Update Visual Composer to V4.12.2
  • New Feature : Fancy Title Shortcode > option to align title for mobile devices
  • New Feature : Option to disable adaptive images completely (Theme options > general > General Settings)
  • New Feature : Option to enable retina Site Preloader Logo (If enabled you should upload 2X size)
  • New Feature : FAQ shortcode > Select specific option auto suggester option
  • New Feature : Pot file with Gulp
  • New Feature : Twitter shortcode text and link color options
  • New Feature : Filter in Mk_Send_Mail > send_form
  • New Feature : Option to unify theme options in all languages for WPML plugin(You can find it in WP > Settings > general)
  • New Feature : Option for letter-spacing for buttons
  • New Feature : Add “No Follow” option for button shortcode link
  • New Feature : “Visibility For Devices” option for Divider shortcode
  • New Feature : New Theme Option for image size of Product category loop
  • New Feature : WooCommerce carousel shortcode modern style new options : select specific category, posts and author
  • New Feature : Added medium font weight option
  • New Feature : Custom Color options for Mobile Header
  • New Feature : Disable / Enable Greyscale Hover option for simple style employees shortcode
  • New Feature : 8 options to control typography and coloing for Testimonial Shortcode
  • New Feature : “None” option for portfolio shortcode meta element
  • New Feature : Target option for Flip Box Button Url
  • New Feature : Responsive Font option for Page Title Box shortcode
  • New Feature : Option to toggle on/off globally
  • New Feature : Image switch shortcode > link option
  • New Feature : “Force Responsive Font Size?” option for Blockquote shortcode
  • New Feature : Success or error message to the contact form
  • New Feature : option to change “ALL” text in sortable from shortcode options
  • New Feature : Option to disable responsive images for backgrounds
  • New Feature : Viewport Animation option for Divider
  • New Feature : Hide user email from author box
  • Improvement : Parallax is back in Safari and its as performant as other browsers!
  • Improvement : Admin menu custom post types and custom taxonomies are now translatable
  • Improvement : Contact info widget > email field ASCII characters
  • Improvement : Formstack plugin styling compatibility
  • Improvement : When you visit different category pages, you only see ALL PRODUCTS as section title. It needs show category name in title
  • Improvement : The photo album social share buttons needs to share the image in every slide not the page
  • Improvement : Custom menu widget sub level expansion UX problem. Now sub levels expand with click rather than hover
  • Improvement : Restrict User Access plugin compatibility
  • Improvement : WooCommerce variable products lightbox opens only featured image
  • Improvement : Double quantity buttons in single products
  • Improvement : jQuery V3 compatibility
  • Improvement : Subscribe shortcode improvements
  • Improvement : Data valisations on php outputs
  • Improvement : Add Max Input vars to the new compatibility class and show it in theme options header as well
  • Improvement : Complete code refactor in Contact form Javascript
  • Improvement : Prevent google to crawl “SVG” and consider it as keyword
  • Improvement : Twitter widget light and dark style improvements
  • BugFix : Header Style 4 visual issue
  • BugFix : Header style 3 – right alignment
  • BugFix : Duplicate posts in single post > Recent posts
  • BugFix : Difficult to scroll mobile in portfolio pages
  • BugFix : Zend server error compatibility
  • BugFix : Multiple audio posts in blog loop causes issues after load more pressed
  • BugFix : Slideshow Box shortcode’s issue with Fancy Title inside
  • BugFix : Empty space within header toolbar where all elements are disabled
  • BugFix : The Shape Divider that forms a pointed bottom doesn’t end in a point
  • BugFix : PhotoAlbum with null references
  • BugFix : “Portfolios” in breadcrumbs is not translatable
  • BugFix : Social Networks “Whatsapp” link won’t work
  • BugFix : Portfolio on mobile devices with double tap issue
  • BugFix : Edge – Flipbox does not behave normally on hover
  • BugFix : Edge – Overlay color for background image doesn’t work
  • BugFix : Product category in Tabs element does not look correct
  • BugFix : Photo albums IE image positioning
  • BugFix : PHP 7 compatibility fixes
  • BugFix : Set Main Navigation For Logged In User to Select Option by default and it’s creating confusion.
  • BugFix : Image shortcode title attribute will now load from image media attributes.
  • BugFix : Edge slider custom content animation for flip style is broken
  • BugFix : Division by Zero Error on SVG Icons warning
  • BugFix : Start Tour URL in Theme Options broken
  • BugFix : Divider shortcode > goto top style > Icon does not show up
  • BugFix : Fatal Error when The Events Calendar’s “Events List” widget is used inside Visual Composer’s “Widgetised Sidebar”
  • BugFix : Quick contact form description translation broken
  • BugFix : Savvy button bg color doesn’t fill background
  • BugFix : WooCommerce cart page + / – icons missing when cart is updated
  • BugFix : Edge slider content right alignment
  • BugFix : Recent Posts and Recent Posts widget used in Widgetized Sidebar break website
  • BugFix : Template Activation does not give green success messages
  • BugFix : Global portfolio single layout broken
  • BugFix : News shortcode does not print extra class name.
  • BugFix : PHP warnings in Jupiter widget filter
August 23, 2016

In Jupiter V5.2 we have evaluated and executed over 130 Jupiter backlog tasks.

  • New Feature : LayerSlider updated to V5.6.5
  • New Feature : Master Slider updated to V3.0.4
  • New Feature : Revolution Slider Updated to V5.2.6
  • New Feature : Theme options > added option to turn off featured image in single news post
  • New Feature : Device Visibility option For Divider shortcode
  • Improvement : More robust compatibility check class for theme core and template installation process.
  • Improvement : Edge Browser full support
  • Improvement : Skill diagram shortcode responive improvements
  • Improvement : If menu plugin incompatibility
  • Improvement : RTL major improvements in both backend and frontend
  • Improvement : Fullwidth slideshow > new option to set images fullwidth
  • Improvement : Permission checks for template install and dynamic assets class
  • Removed : “Responsive Menu Icon Alignment” option has been removed due to multiple conflicts with header styles and their alignments
  • BugFix : Header style 3 burger icon in macbook 13inch when menu is triggered is hidden
  • BugFix : Instagram widget API broken
  • BugFix : WooCommerce cart table misalignment
  • BugFix : Captcha reload image not working on Firefox and IE
  • BugFix : YITH WooCommerce Zoom Magnifier compatibility issue
  • BugFix : Meta tags issues in W3 Validator
  • BugFix : MailChimp Forms incompatibility issue
  • BugFix : In the post title when you enter a #, the text in twitter window stops at the #
  • BugFix : Twitter post type problem in responsive state
  • BugFix : Ornamental title with image broken
  • BugFix : Extra texts in Photo Album – hover options
  • BugFix : Subscribe text are not translatable
  • BugFix : Flip box issue in RTL
  • BugFix : Vertical header bug in firefox
  • BugFix : Custom Main Navigation Location not working
  • BugFix : Some dependency scripts load even though its not used in the page
  • BugFix : Media.css invalid css issues
  • BugFix : Social Share Icons break in Clear and Bold Single Post when Full Width Row is Added
  • BugFix : Portfolio Category Page Title in archive page not showing
  • BugFix : Page Title is not showing in BuddyPress pages
  • BugFix : Footer full width with header #4
  • BugFix : Shop columns not changing from theme options
  • BugFix : Images missing in Safari if names includes non-english characters
  • BugFix : PHPQuery issues
  • BugFix : Pinterest share doesn’t show the feature image of blog post
  • BugFix : Header tooltip search form focus broken
  • BugFix : IE not respecting top padding when using transparent header
  • BugFix : An empty space between author name and date missing
  • BugFix : Line break issue with blog set to thumbnail
  • BugFix : Client shortcode 6 columns broken in IE 11
  • BugFix : and 40+ More minor bugs & glitches fixes
July 29, 2016

This update is a quick patch for Google Maps API and some other minor fixes. Jupiter V5.2 with over 100 backlog tasks/issues is under progress.

  • New Feature : New option to add Google Maps API thorough Theme Options > General > General Settings > Google Maps API Key.
  • New Feature : WooCommerce v2.6.4 compatibility
  • BugFix : Photo Album Social share icons not showing
  • BugFix : Fatal error in System status for some servers
  • BugFix : Visual Composer V4.12.1 for VC built-in shortcodes css issues
  • BugFix : Instagram widget get UserId and Access Token broken
  • BugFix : php Warning in svg-icons.php file
June 24, 2016

This release is currently under Themeforest review process however you can immediately update theme from Jupiter Control Panel in your WordPress dashboard.

  • Improvement : WooCommerce V2.6.1 compatibility improvements in account pages
  • Improvement : Header cart icon will be shown in checkout & cart pages
June 22, 2016
  • New Feature : Visual Composer V4.12
  • New Feature : Row Shortcode > Disable element option
  • New Feature : Icon Box 2 shortcode link target option
  • Improvement : WooCommerce V2.6 compatibility
  • Improvement : Theme Options escaped attributes
  • BugFix : IE and Edge Browser issues with SVG icon widths
  • BugFix : Mobile Menu sub level link does not work if it has sub level items
  • BugFix : Auto-suggester options in shortcodes not updating (Update Visual Composer to V4.12)
  • BugFix : Gallery shrotcode load more button
  • BugFix : Blockquote shortcode icon is missing
  • BugFix : Few other minor bug fixes
June 14, 2016
  • BugFix : SVG icons not loading in some servers
  • BugFix : Header toolbar social icons vertical align
June 10, 2016

Update Note : If you have disabled dynamic assets via “Disable Dynamic Assets” option, After updating to this version, navigate to Theme Option > Advanced > Manage Theme and disable “Intelligent Components Technology” option.

  • New Feature : Defer styles and scripts option to get higher rank in google page speed. View Option.
  • Improvement : Better compatibility with W3 Total & Super Cache plugins
  • Improvement : Speed Improvements
  • Improvement : Theme package size reduced 3.9MB (previously 5.5MB)
  • Improvement : SVG icons delay resolved by injecting the SVG icons via php in backend rather than Javascript injection
  • Improvement : Option to disable theme internal caching if your server faces with problems.View Option.
  • BugFix : Various bug fixes
May 17, 2016
  • BugFix : Issue that causes error in Windows Server Hostings.
May 16, 2016
  • BugFix : Issue with Select2 jQuery plugin that causes WooCommerce product edit page face with Javascript error.
May 12, 2016
  • BugFix : Adaptive Background Images(such as in page sections) images gets scaled up when the image is smaller that the given size.
April 25, 2016

Jupiter V5.1 is the next destination on a continuing roadmap we sketched out months ago that contains all of the milestones we’ve elaborated on in this article in order to deliver the lightest and fastest WP theme. This version has brought Jupiter even closer to the ideal we strive to reach every day. Here we’ll take you step by step through each improved feature. Check Announcement here.

  • New Feature : Adaptive images technology. Now all images in theme will be relative to the screen size and pixel density. Mobile friendly and fully retina retina images without compromising performance.
  • New Feature : Converted Font Icons to SVG icons. It will reduce 700KB of requested data from server. only used icons will be called from server as SVG content.
  • New Feature : Select specific posts/author/categories in shortcode options changed to auto-suggester. Now you can type to get the list of posts from DB. It has speed improvement on loading shortcodes
  • New Feature : Advanced Google Map shortcode > Add unlimited markers to map is now possible.
  • New Feature : Added Woocommerce CART box icon for mobile devices
  • New Feature : Portfolio sortable > you can now choose between static and ajax mode.
  • New Feature : Visual Composer and Captcha plugin moved to external link to reduce theme size for easy updates (%60 less zip file size)
  • New Feature : Custom sidebars for custom post types. You can now define them from Theme Options > General > Custom Sidebars.
  • New Feature : Multiple images for different screens & device. You need to provide portrait and landscape images and we will crop the sizes accordingly (applies to page section, page title, edge slideshow, edge one pager)
  • New Feature : Theme auto update feature
  • New Feature : Woocommerce v2.6 compatibility
  • New Feature : Revolution Slider update to V5.2.5.1
  • New Feature : Option to turn on/off sound for social videos in page section shortcode
  • New Feature : Visual Composer support for legacy Jupiter 4.4.5
  • New Feature : Unify theme options in all languages (WPML and Polylang) are now possible via child theme functions.php
  • Improvement : add hook action to the bbpress forum index page
  • Improvement : Edge slideshow shortcode > finish the video and then go to next slide capability
  • BugFix : Header Shortcode RTL compatibility issues
  • BugFix : Previous & next posts from same category in portfolio posts is broken
  • BugFix : Facebook share in single post with portfolio format broken
  • BugFix : Mass import Blog Sidebar Problem
  • BugFix : Disabling single portfolio featured image when there’s no attachment
  • BugFix : Goodlayers LMS and Jupiter incompatibility
  • BugFix : Flip boxes create empty spaces on the right side
  • BugFix : Portfolio item hover skin is broken
  • BugFix : Icon Box 2 – left align issue
  • BugFix : Scrolling issue in links with ID (hash)
  • BugFix : Product Loop – When clicking close icon in view product, it jumps top of the page
  • BugFix : Multi level submenu is not working in touch devices
  • Removed : Skype shortcode removed, please use button shortcode to get the same design.
  • BugFix : Over 30 other minor bugs and glitches
April 14, 2016

This update contains some third party plugin updates.

  • Update : Visual Composer updated to most recent version to address some WP4.5 compatibility issues.
  • Update : LayerSlider updated to v5.6.5
  • Update : Revolution Slider updated to v5.2.4.1
March 28, 2016

This is a quickfix for some important bugs.

  • BugFix : Visual Composer native shortcodes not working correctly (You should update Visual Composer. How to upgrade? Read Here)
  • BugFix : Blog Teaser shortcode php syntax error
March 21, 2016

Please Read Here for upgrading Visual Composer to the latest version.

  • New Feature : Visual Composer new version v4.11.1
  • New Feature : All bundled Third party plugins are updated to most recent version
  • New Feature : Light / Dark close button for Full Screen Menu
  • New Feature : Add New Window option for Edge Slider Button
  • New Feature : Add gradient to edge slideshow
  • New Feature : Option for disabling burger menu for header shortcode
  • New Feature : Menu alignment options in Mobile navigation
  • New Feature : Add different height options in “Clear & Bold” style in single blog
  • Improvement : Ability to register custom post type inside child theme
  • BugFix : Client Shortcode css problems in Ipad and Mobile
  • BugFix : All php outputs in html atts are escaped. 67 files are affected
  • BugFix : Having multiple image galleries with different visibilities cause the page to crash with unresponsive script error
  • BugFix : When slider page with Kenburned effect is minimized the slides don’t change and the zoom goes too deep
  • BugFix : Scrolling in Safari v8 is broken
  • BugFix : Fixed footer in a non-boxed layout is hidden in the range of a screen width between 767px and 784px
  • BugFix : Gradient Button / Radial style dont need Angle option
  • BugFix : Woocommerce Carousel – Product Per View not working
  • BugFix : Woocommerce Carousel – Classic Version some some issues
  • BugFix : Woocommerce Carousel not responsive at 6 columns
  • BugFix : Product Loop – Image not visible at Quick View lightbox
  • BugFix : Product Loop – Display Best Selling Products option showing wrong post number
  • BugFix : Page section Parallax option (in self hosted video background) does not work
  • BugFix : Social Network icons “SIZE” option is not working in header Toolbar. Added dependency options to toggle off when option is not applicable
  • BugFix : WooCommerce Carousel classic style Responsive issues
  • BugFix : Portfolio Shortcode Hover is not shown on Mobile
  • BugFix : Full screen navigation is not working in Chrome
  • BugFix : CAPTCHA Correct message is not getting cleared once a message is successfully sent
  • BugFix : There is an unexpected padding (15px) from left and right in Rows inside Page Sections
  • BugFix : Header Shortcode Mobile Menu is not working
  • BugFix : Event Countdown – Mobile view
  • BugFix : Burger icon in header shortcode not working
  • BugFix : Smooth Scroll does not work when menu items are in Side Dashboard navigation
  • BugFix : Portfolio Ajax is not working when there is no hover scenario & when new items are added using pagination or load more button
  • BugFix : Contact form is not sending email to some mail providers
  • BugFix : The burger menu has rendering problem when header turns to sticky mode
  • BugFix : WPML Multilingual CMS Plugin and ajax search
  • BugFix : LearnDash plugin compatibility issues
  • BugFix : Tag Archive pages Show All Posts
  • BugFix : Testimonials thumbnail shows a color circle image for posts which don’t have any attached image
  • BugFix : And few more other bugs…
March 7, 2016
  • New Feature : Added exclude post format (image, video, audio, portfolio, blockquote,..) to the blog loop options.
  • New Feature : Added Shop archive loop number of columns per row settings (located in theme option > E-commerce > Shop Loop columns)
  • New Feature : Revolution Slider & Master Slider are updated to most recent version
  • Improvement : In Archive loop for posts category, the title “Archives” changed to the category name. Description of the category will be added as subtitle if available.
  • Improvement : Woocommerce product quantity increment/decrement > returned back the older design due to multiple request (WooCommerce depreciated this feature and we have added it via a plugin they have developed)
  • Improvement : iPad screen the mobile logo will be shown (previously desktop logo was shown)
  • Improvement : Full Screen Navigation > some responsive improvements
  • Improvement : Blog Thumbnail style featured image feedings and if no image provided meta will be fullwidth
  • BugFix : Edge slider image loading some minor fixes
  • BugFix : Contact info shortcode does not strip the HTTPS from website URL HTTP
  • BugFix : Having 4 steps in “step process” shortcode does not work
  • BugFix : Clear & Bold blog post style has height issue in FireFox
  • BugFix : Portfolio sortable > when specific categories selected in shortcode options, clicking on “All” link loads all other categories as well
  • BugFix : Full width option does not work correctly in Gradient Button Shortcode
  • BugFix : Button Align option is not working in Button & Gradient button shortcode
  • BugFix : In Portfolio Carousel “Visible Items at once” option is not working
  • BugFix : RTL minor issues
  • BugFix : Visibility settings > hidden in netbooks does not work properly
  • BugFix : Twitter Post Type, twitter link runs over the frame in blog grid 4 columns
  • BugFix : Laptop Slideshow – Extra space at bottom in page load
  • BugFix : Image Switch without Fading effect is not working
  • BugFix : Image Slideshow – Pause on Hover option not working
  • BugFix : Theatre Slider – Slider Align option not working
  • BugFix : Animated Columns right Border not showing
  • BugFix : Full screen menu is not closing in click for single page websites
  • BugFix : Header shortcode sub menu is overlapped by footer in mobile screens
  • BugFix : Shape Divider Big and small sizes (when used together) issue
  • BugFix : small pre-loader icon inside elements is rotating not exactly in center axis
  • BugFix : Images in the Prev / Next arrows in blog are not cropped properly (used hard crop to get complete square shape)
  • BugFix : Edge slideshow horizontal alignments won’t work properly
  • BugFix : Photo Album shortcode shows images in reverse mode
  • BugFix : The Pagination arrows in Search page are not working
  • BugFix : Some static assets returning 404 page
  • BugFix : Page Section/Video Background “Video Loop” option is not working
  • BugFix : The arrow in responsive header that brings down the Header Toolbar is not working in Header style 3
  • BugFix : Page section video background is wrongly positioned in Firefox
  • BugFix : Some WooCommerce fatal errors caused by third party plugins are prevented
  • BugFix : Contact form shortcode translation issue for “Your Message”
  • BugFix : Contact form new TLD’s email validation is broken
  • BugFix : When Main navigation is disbaled from header, the burger icon still shows on smaller screens
February 25, 2016
  • BugFix : Product single page responive issue in images.
  • BugFix : Load more button in image gallery
  • BugFix : Theme options > global preloaders selections not showing up.
February 24, 2016
  • New Feature : Add option for change of Portfolio categories slug
  • New Feature : Added employees and testimonials post type categories, now you can filter them by category
  • New Feature : Added image size option to swipe slideshow
  • New Feature : Added image size option to Portfolio Carousel shortcode
  • New Feature : Added image size option to blog thumbnail style. now you can choose any size you want.
  • New Feature : Added cover option to Local backgrounds.
  • New Feature : Option for disabling dynamic assets discontentedly added in advanced theme options.
  • Improvement : Client column style JS part reconstruction to fix some issues
  • Improvement : Added Loader icon for pagination => on scroll style to show the indication of infinite loop loading
  • Improvement : Added Transparent header support to header style 2
  • Improvement : Ornamental Title shortocde responsive improvements
  • Improvement : strict define default z-index to prevent layering problems
  • Improvement : Returned back the vertical nav hover scenarios
  • BugFix : Fixed an issue in blog medium style avatar
  • BugFix : Fixed gallery grayscale style in firefox
  • BugFix : Page Section inner image alignment in firefox
  • BugFix : Header style 2 transparent header issue
  • BugFix : When Woocommerce Shop Page Display option is set to both Products and Categories, the loop breaks in shop page
  • BugFix : Blog Single “Post Type Portfolio” custom image size size not working
  • BugFix : Image Gallery, Image Frame Style functionality problem
  • BugFix : Button shortcode has the same text style in text widget regardless the options with which is created
  • BugFix : Blog Single posts Next arrow have duplicated description and categories
  • BugFix : mk-single-content div wit the articleBody itemprop is giving errors in webmaster tools
  • BugFix : When hover of images in Blog Shortcode is disabled Images are not linking to posts and image icon is still shown.
  • BugFix : BFI thumb multiple issues related to ajax sortable and pagination. the loaded images were getting randomly wrong image sizes
  • BugFix : Focus smooth scroll on strict class rather than all links. You need to use js-smooth-scroll class for smooth scrolling your own links
  • BugFix : Pagination issue archive loop, loads wrong items.
  • BugFix : Date Pickers fail to work with Jupiter
  • BugFix : Image Gallery, Image Frame Style functionality problem
  • BugFix : Tab Slider Error in Windows Firefox
  • BugFix : Edge slider is showing 3 slides at a time on iPad
  • BugFix : Pricing Table Button URL in Pricing table Builder shortcode
  • BugFix : Main navigation do not open sub menus in Tablets if Responsive threshold is set to smaller number than 1140px
  • BugFix : Portfolio Carousel > hover style none > is showing +/-> icons
  • BugFix : Page Section Background Blend Modes not working
  • BugFix : Gallery Masonray in load more the grid messes up
  • BugFix : Page Section > Parallax effect > fixed background > in IE has problem
  • BugFix : IE 11 Page Section Video Background compatibility problem
  • BugFix : Product Loop – Style & Color options not working
  • BugFix : Plugin conflict with wp all import
  • BugFix : Security Fixes.
  • BugFix : We have fixed dozen of bugs in our regression testings that are not noted here.
February 9, 2016

V5.0.8 is still under development and we will soon release the major update that addresses all reported bugs and all the new features.

  • New Feature : Visual Composer V4.9.2
  • SecurityFix : XSS vulnerability
February 3, 2016

Important Note : This update is issued to fix couple of security glitches, updating to v5.0.7.1 is highly recommended to stay safer. The scheduled update with version tag of 5.0.8 is still in testing stage (We have encountered an issue with Visual Composer V4.9.2 that causes shortcodes not load via admin_ajax call. We are in touch with plugin author to resolve the issue). We are sorry for the extra delay caused by some unpredicted technical problems.

  • New Feature : Woocommerce V2.5.2 compatibility
  • SecurityFix : Security patch for Ajax search and Contact forms.
January 19, 2016

Before Updating please read Migration Note!
Before upgrading to V5.0 make sure you server complies with WordPress environment requirements. We have been using some OOP technics and standards that are not present in legacy versions (e.g. v5.2.X, v5.3.X). Minimum required version is PHP V5.4+

  • New Feature : 4 More new Templates
  • New Feature : Woocommerce V2.5 Compatibility.
  • Improvement : RTL improvements
  • Improvement : Added PHP version check
  • Improvement : Global theme Preloader improvements
  • Improvement : Edge Slider & Vertical header improvements
  • Improvement : Added preloader to post pagination, portfolio sortable and portfolio ajax load
  • Improvement : Ajax Portfolio code enhancements
  • BugFix : WooCommerce product variable image not changing when options changed
  • BugFix : Flickr widget not working
  • BugFix : Fullscreen navigation css and reposnive fixes
  • BugFix : Main Navigation location for logged in users not working
  • BugFix : Contact form > website field is not covered in the email
  • BugFix : Pricing table button issues
  • BugFix : Photo Album fixes
  • BugFix : News Tab not working correctly
  • BugFix : Image shortcode caption has overflow out of the image
  • BugFix : Image Gallery shortcode color overlay option not working
  • BugFix : Contact form translation issues
  • BugFix : Side Dashboard burger icon & portfolio sortable bug
  • BugFix : Some issues with load more post_in, author and archive wrong categories.
  • BugFix : mk_get_attachment_id_from_url recoded to fix multiple issues in some servers
  • BugFix : Shape divider browser issues
  • BugFix : Page section / Background blend modes (luminosity effect) not working at safari browser
  • BugFix : Some other unlogged bug fixes
January 6, 2016

Before Updating please read Migration Note!
Before upgrading to V5.0 make sure you server complies with WordPress environment requirements. We have been using some OOP technics and standards that are not present in legacy versions (e.g. v5.2.X, v5.3.X). Minimum required version is PHP V5.4+

  • New Feature : 3 More new Templates
  • New Feature : Option to change Page section and Edge Slider preloader background color from theme options.
  • New Feature : Revolution Slider update to v5.1.6
  • Improvement : Smooth Scroll issues with Magic Mouse and Macbook touchpad
  • Improvement : Improved CPU usage in some php functions by storing them into transients
  • BugFix : Edge Slider Responsive and height repaint issue
  • BugFix : JS errors when there edge slider in page but with no slides
  • BugFix : Pricing table button text option is missing!!
  • BugFix : A rare issue with OTF Regenerate script with some hostings
  • BugFix : Ajax portfolio bugs with some shortcodes
  • BugFix : Google Maps shortcode issue with address if some special characters is used
  • BugFix : Some other bug fixes
December 30, 2015

Before Updating please read Migration Note!
Before upgrading to V5.0 make sure you server complies with WordPress environment requirements. We have been using some OOP technics and standards that are not present in legacy versions (e.g. v5.2.X, v5.3.X). Minimum required version is PHP V5.4+

  • New Feature : 6 More new Templates
  • New Feature : FAQ shortcode > pane background color option
  • Improvement : Instagram icon for employee shortcode
  • Improvement : Portfolio loop sortable margins will follow grid spacings
  • Improvement : Recent Portfolio widget image will now stretch to the column
  • BugFix : Blog single image width was not set correctly
  • BugFix : Pricing table some options are not working
  • BugFix : Fixed some issues related to cache that happens for some users
  • BugFix : Post loops in category gets pagination while there is no post for the specific category
  • BugFix : Edge Slider content width option not working
  • BugFix : Custom Box > Custom class option not working
  • BugFix : Banner Builder shortcode not working
  • BugFix : Header toolbar padding issue in none-boxed header
  • BugFix : Double logo effect when logo added to the middle of the navigation
  • BugFix : Some header css issues
  • BugFix : BBpress and Breadcrumb php error
  • BugFix : Contact Form Widget button css issue
  • BugFix : Some other bug fixes
December 25, 2015

Before Updating please read Migration Note!
Before upgrading to V5.0 make sure you server complies with WordPress environment requirements. We have been using some OOP technics and standards that are not present in legacy versions (e.g. v5.2.X, v5.3.X). Minimum required version is PHP V5.4+

  • Improvement : Google Page Speed Option
  • Improvement : Header Toolbar phone number converted to link
  • BugFix : News Widget Slider not working
  • BugFix : FAQ css fixes
  • BugFix : Flip Box Responsive issues
  • BugFix : Button css fixes
  • BugFix : Blog single some font icon issue
  • BugFix : Blog and Portfolio Archive layout option not working correctly
  • BugFix : Prevent white screen or fatal error for older php versions (by fixing all compatibility issues for the backend) and return a warning that informs the user to upgrade PHP to V5.4 and above
  • BugFix : Woocommece css fixes
  • BugFix : Contact form some css issues
  • BugFix : Some other minor bugs