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Release History

Getting Started

Server requirements, How to install Jupiter X, How to register Jupiter X, How to install templates and bundled plugins


Upgrading to Jupiter X, How to revoke API key, What Post Types are available in Jupiter X, Different methods to update the theme


What is Elementor, Raven widgets in Elementor


Artbees Exclusive plugin to extend Elementor’s functionality


How to add fonts and assign them in Customizer panel, How to create custom Blog and Portfolio pages, How to add background to all pages and to a custom page


How to add sidebar globally and to specific pages, how to add widgets to sidebar

Page Options

How to override global settings for custom pages, Page Templates explanation


How to create a custom header, How to use built-in header, How to assign a header template to a site, How to create a sticky header


How to create a custom footer, How to configure built-in footer, Adding widgets to footer


How to translate Jupiter X, How to create a multilingual site


How to set up Shop page, Working with Shop Customizer


How to migrate content to Jupiter X, What to do if templates can’t be installed

Jupiter X Blog single page and archive page customization and settings


Jupiter X Portfolio single page and archive page customization and settings


How to inspect elements, How to add custom JS code, How to modify files via child theme


Common questions how to work with Jupiter X and Elementor, How to use API keys, How to add captcha to a form, etc.

Video Tutorials

Video tutorials for Jupiter X theme


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