Jupiter X / Release Notes

5 September 2019
Jupiter X themeJupiter X Core pluginRaven plugin
  • New Feature: Add Custom Single and Archive.
  • New Feature: Add Post Meta, Post Comment, Post Content elements.
  • New Feature: Add Dynamic Tags support.
  • New Feature: Add Custom Title Bar support.
  • New Feature: Add Post Content typography options.
  • New Feature: Add custom post types elements manangement.
  • Improvement: Improve theme registration process.
  • Improvement: Highlight issues in System Status page.
  • Improvement: Add support for new Elementor icon option.
  • Improvement: Improve Exceptions option in Customizer.
26 August 2019
Jupiter X themeJupiter X Core plugin
  • Improvement: Update WooCommerce outdated templates.
  • Bug Fix: Fix theme check issues.
20 August 2019
Jupiter X themeJupiter X Core pluginRaven plugin
  • New Feature: Multiple templates installation.
  • New Feature: Custom burger icon animations.
  • New Feature: Page elements management.
  • New Feature: Comment section styling.
  • Improvement: Custom Jupiter X categories in Elementor library popup. (Sync Library from Elementor > Tools)
  • Improvement: Improve Elementor incompatibility messages.
  • Improvement: Add Turkish translation.
  • Improvement: Improve UX of Control Panel > Updates page.
  • Bug Fix: Customizer Products Per Row/Pages settings error.
  • Bug Fix: Cart quick view scroll issue.
  • Bug Fix: Narrow Body Border field.
  • Bug Fix: TGMPA wp-repo in min version field.
  • Bug Fix: YITH WooCommerce Multi Vendor plugin issue.
14 August 2019
Jupiter X theme
  • Improvement: Add Spanish translation.
14 August 2019
Jupiter X themeJupiter X Core pluginRaven plugin
  • New Feature: Custom sidebar.
  • Improvement: Search function in setup wizard.
  • Improvement: Install free ACF plugin for all templates.
  • Improvement: Add help links to page template option.
  • Improvement: Update Google fonts list.
  • Bug Fix: Widget title HTML tags.
  • Bug Fix: Widget has no ID.
  • Bug Fix: Change template preview links.
  • Bug Fix: Sticky header hides some part of section.
  • Bug Fix: Remove user data from template installation.
  • Bug Fix: Duplicated menu ID validation error.
  • Bug Fix: Duplicated home menu link after template import.
  • Bug Fix: Duplicated image names.
8 August 2019
Jupiter X themeJupiter X Core pluginRaven plugin
  • New Feature: Adobe Fonts in Raven elements.
  • Improvement: Improve Control Panel > Updates section.
  • Improvement: Jupiter X Core plugin installation.
  • Improvement: Update HTTP urls to HTTPS for API calls.
  • Improvement: Add a warning message to Navigation Menu’s exception.
  • Improvement: Enable custom form styles in theme styles.
  • Bug Fix: Elementor Pro archive products conflict.
  • Bug Fix: Raven deprecated functions.
  • Bug Fix: Raven font awesome incomaptibility.
  • Bug Fix: Skicky menu issue in Customizer.
  • Bug Fix: Control Panel > Templates long title.
  • Bug Fix: JetPopup issue after template installation.
  • Bug Fix: Social align issue in Customizer.
  • Bug Fix: Meta options issue on Post Carousel element.
  • Bug Fix: Posts element random option
  • Bug Fix: Baseline difference in menu and submenu.
  • Bug Fix: Count(): Parameter must be an array.
  • Bug Fix: Form element name’s last letter gets cut off in the email.
3 July 2019
Jupiter X themeJupiter X Core pluginRaven plugin
  • Improvement : Pro Plugin codes are merged to theme itself and a notice is added for removing JupiterX Pro Plugin.
  • Improvement : Gutenburg compatibility.
  • Improvement : JX label is added to Raven Elements to help users distinguish the Raven elements.
  • Improvement : Jupiter X Core Plugin’s icon is updated.
  • Improvement : Plugin section in removed from Control Panel to use TGMPA to install plugins.
13 June 2019
Jupiter X themeJupiter X Core pluginJupiter X Pro pluginRaven plugin
  • New Feature : TGMPA is added.
  • New Feature : Steps settings are added for Cart and Checkout customization in Customizer.
  • New Feature : Plugin dependency feature is added.
  • Improvement : Flushing assets feature is improved.
  • Improvement : Gutenberg compatibility and optimization is improved.
  • Bug Fix : Images inside JetTabs are not compatible with Lazy loading.
  • Bug Fix : Page jumps while scrolling on mobile.
  • Bug Fix : Shopping Cart’s Quick View does not display properly.
  • Bug Fix : Raven’s Form button has unwanted border.
  • Bug Fix : Various of issues that found by Envato Theme Check.
  • Bug Fix : Google Tag functionalities are moved to Core plugin to solve Script_loader_tag issue.
  • Bug Fix : Add to cart and Stock badge options does not work properly in Customizer.
  • Bug Fix : After clicking anchor links, Sticky header hides some parts of the section underneath.
  • Bug Fix : Tracking codes strip slash issue
  • Bug Fix : Clear cache section in Overview dashboard for network is missing.
10 June 2019
  • Bug Fix : Maintenance issue.
10 June 2019
  • New Feature : Exception feature is added to Raven’s Navigation Menu element.
  • New Feature : Thumbnail, Remove Icon, Table, Body Text, Boxes, Steps settings are added for Cart and Checkout customization in Customizer.
  • New Feature : Select, Address options are added for Raven’s Form.
  • New Feature : Zapier action is added for Raven’s Form.
  • New Feature : Re-orderable feature is added for some Product List items such as Category, Name, Rating, Regular Price in Customizer.
  • Improvement : Pixel value rounding is improved in Customizer Settings.
  • Improvement : New help links are added in Control Panel.
  • Improvement : Added refresh behaviour after deleting plugin in Control Panel.
  • Improvement : System Status is improved by adding new fields such as Theme-mods in Control Panel.
  • Improvement : Outdated WooCommerce files are updated.
  • Improvement : An option to choose style is added for Elementor’s Sidebar Widget.
  • Improvement : Sidebar and Footer customization is improved by adding new options in Customizer.
  • Bug Fix : Theme overrides Polylang Pro settings.
  • Bug Fix : Raven Form’s button alingment option is not working properly.
  • Bug Fix : Translation template file can not be found in LocoTranslate plugin.
  • Bug Fix : Huge table under _options and 500 error.
  • Bug Fix : Some templates does not install in Setup Wizard.
  • Bug Fix : Spining icon stays on page after removing a template in Control Panel.
  • Bug Fix : System Status’ tooltip styles are missing in Control Panel.
  • Bug Fix : Product element does not display any product after clicking pagination.
  • Bug Fix : bbPress plugin’s archive does not work properly.
  • Bug Fix : Not possible to create backup db file when importing a template.
  • Bug Fix : Export feature does not properly in Control Panel.
  • Bug Fix : Sub Footer’s Space Between Item option does not work in Customizer side.
28 May 2019
  • Improvement : Update plugin mechanism.
15 April 2019
  • New Feature : Jupiter X Pro plugin is added. you must activate this plugin to take advantage of premium features
  • New Feature : Image settings are added for Product List.
  • New Feature : Avatar settings are added for Blog Single.
  • New Feature : Checkbox, Radio button, Date, Time fields are added for Form element.
  • New Feature : Hubspot integration is added for Form element.
  • New Feature : Download action is added for Form element.
  • New Feature : Double Opt-in, Custom API, Group, Automatic field mapping are added for Form element’s Mailchimp action.
  • New Feature : Quick view settings are added for Post element.
  • New Feature : Icon settings are added for Post element.
  • New Feature : Hover styles options are added for Column, Post, Post Carousel, Categories elements.
  • New Feature : Plugin limit notifier to warn user about possible performance issues.
  • New Feature : New system status fields are added to help better debug possible issues.
  • Improvement : Control panel > Plugin manager is improved.
  • Improvement : Help links are added for Control panel, Meta options and Customizer.
  • Improvement : Importing function is improved to fix import related issue.
  • Improvement : Logo settings are improved for mobile and tablet.
  • Improvement : Various of settings name, texts are made translatable.
  • Improvement : Date format improvements for Mailchimp and Hubspot actions of Form element.
  • Improvement : various control panel improvements.
  • Improvement : Various of WooCommerce related files are updated.
  • Improvement : Loading page is improved to reduce glitching while loading non-elementor pages such as archive, search etc.
  • Bug Fix : Body border is producing various of issues when its used with Header’s Overlap, Static, Fixed, Sticky options.
  • Bug Fix : Plugins stays active after deleting them via JupiterX Control Panel.
  • Bug Fix : Raven & JupiterX Core Plugins are not multisite compatible.
  • Bug Fix : Update theme button is not working properly in JupiterX Control Panel.
  • Bug Fix : Destination folder is already exist error while installing templates in JupiterX Control Panel.
  • Bug Fix : Default Add to cart button displays another icon after click, while adding the product.
  • Bug Fix : Fullwidth option of Navigation element does not work properly.
  • Bug Fix : Recaptcha undefined error in Form element.
  • Bug Fix : Post element’s load more is not working inside Jet Tabs plugin.
  • Bug Fix : Button element’s Gradient option is not working.
  • Bug Fix : Various of multilingual & translation file issues.
  • Bug Fix : Template installation stucks in WordPress.com.
  • Bug Fix : Global option of Meta options does not work.
  • Bug Fix : Meta fields has double border in ACF v5.7.13.
  • Bug Fix : Navigation element’s alignment option is not working.
  • Bug Fix : Woo categories block does not change icon and does not have animation on mobile.
  • Bug Fix : Update stucks without any message when the domain name is changed.
  • Bug Fix : Direction of bottom menu is wrong.
  • Bug Fix : Elementor is not working if user’s role is editor.
  • Bug Fix : Navigation element is not scrollable on mobile devices when it’s not “Full Width”.
  • Bug Fix : Posts filter shows only 5 items per page.
  • Bug Fix : Sidebar menu > sub menu items close too early after users click on them.
  • Bug Fix : Sometimes assets in the admin area doesn’t have proper permission to load.
  • Bug Fix : Missing wpml-config.xml issue in WPML.
  • Bug Fix : Social media widget’s Icon color selector does not display transparent.
  • Bug Fix : Comment Form place holders are not translatable.
1 March 2019

Important: Please update JetPlugins (e.g. Jet Elements) to their latest versions before updating Elementor to V2.5+

  • New Feature : Slack action for Elementor’s Form Element.
  • New Feature : Constants to enable/disable Control Panel tabs.
  • New Feature : Quick editing and adding for custom header and footer in Meta Boxes.
  • New Feature : New shortcuts in Elementor panel.
  • New Feature : Jupiter X overview dashboard widget.
  • New Feature : Elementor settings into template packages.
  • New Feature : Cache Busting option in Settings to fix caching issues.
  • New Feature : PHP version check.
  • Improvement : Warning messages to Customizer to notify users about possible conflicts with Elementor.
  • Improvement : Pagination of Elementor’s Post Element.
  • Bug Fix : Raven and Elementor 2.4 conflict is fixed.
  • Bug Fix : Header and footer initial loading glitch.
  • Bug Fix : Sticky header active menu color issue.
  • Bug Fix : Unclickable footer links when footer is fixed.
  • Bug Fix : Post navigation compatibility with Elementor.
  • Bug Fix : Mobile menu issue in one-page websites.
  • Bug Fix : Directory permission issues for our plugins
  • Bug Fix : A compatibility issue with Dokan plugin.
  • Bug Fix : Inconstancy of displaying some meta options.
  • Bug Fix : Dropdown’s padding option for Checkbox page in Customizer.
  • Bug Fix : Header behavior when we don’t select any header for Sticky option in Customizer.
  • Bug Fix : WPML Language switcher in Customizer.
  • Bug Fix : Polylang 500 issue.
  • Bug Fix : Out of stock behavior for Variable Products.
  • Bug Fix : Product element’s Background color.
23 January 2019
  • New Feature : Jet Tabs add-on addition to Plugins list.
  • New Feature : Jet Tricks add-on addition to Plugins list.
  • New Feature : Jet WooBuilder add-on addition to Plugins list.
  • New Feature : Jet Engine add-on addition to Plugins list.
  • New Feature : Jet SmartFilters add-on addition to Plugins list.
  • New Feature : Raven, Jupiterx Core, Advanced Custom Fields Pro, Jet Elements are updated to new version. Please head over to your “WordPress dashboard > Control Panel > Plugins” panel to update.
  • New Feature : Added buttons for editing / adding Custom Headers/Custom Footers in Customizer.
  • New Feature : Tracking code field for after opening head tag is added to Control Panel.
  • Improvement : Removed unnecessary JS templates.
  • Improvement : Prefix attributes are added for OG.
  • Improvement : Post & Products’ pagination behaviour is improved.
  • Improvement : Meta options behaviour is improved.
  • Improvement : Product page’s responsive look is improved.
  • Improvement : Plugins page is improved by adding Learn More pages for each plugin.
  • Improvement : Meta options are extended to use in Custom Post Types.
  • Improvement : Menu Icons plugin’s data is included to theme’s Export/Import function.
  • Improvement : Added space between option for submenu of Elementor’s Navigation element.
  • Bug Fix : Cosmetic issues in customizer options.
  • Bug Fix : Misleading text issues in Welcome Wizard & Customizer.
  • Bug Fix : Inner-spinner.js is causing repeating fields in checkout page.
  • Bug Fix : Filtering category dropdown looks messy in Control Panel.
  • Bug Fix : Category, tags thumbnails are not importing for Posts, Portfolios, Products.
  • Bug Fix : Fullscreen menu is not scrollable in Elementor’s Navigation element.
  • Bug Fix : In JetBlog, Posts’ excerpt text replaces the content and it cause Elementor stops working.
  • Bug Fix : Elementor’s Navigation element’s texts’ text-decoration option should not affect icons.
  • Bug Fix : Add to cart button’s hover color is not working properly in Elementor’s Products element on front end.
  • Bug Fix : Social widget looks unstyled in Customizer.
  • Bug Fix : Elementor’s Navigation element’s sub menu icon gets italic when the menu item text is italic.
  • Bug Fix : Some icons looks cutted in Elementor’s Icon element.
  • Bug Fix : Unwanted horizontal scroolbar on setup wizard.
  • Bug Fix : Elementor’s Post element’s Load more button is not working properly.
  • Bug Fix : Lazy load plugin conflict in Elementor’s Image comparation element.
  • Bug Fix : Various IE11 issues in Checkout pages.
  • Bug Fix : Unexpected line below menu while scrooling.
  • Bug Fix : Post’s featured images looks blurry.
  • Bug Fix : jQuery Conflict with Form Builder Plugin.
  • Bug Fix : Elementor’s Navigation element’s Drop down menu opens from bottom of the following section.
  • Bug Fix : Various elements are not compatible with WP-Rocket’s Lazy Loading.
  • Bug Fix : QuerySelector error messages in console log.
25 December 2018
  • New Feature : Jet Menu add-on addition to Plugins list.
  • New Feature : Jet Blog add-on addition to Plugins list.
  • New Feature : Jet Popup add-on addition to Plugins list.
  • New Feature : Anonymous tracking option is added for Google Analytics.
  • New Feature : Page based Custom CSS & JS feature is added to Elementor.
  • Improvement : Import and Export function is improved to carry JetMenu data.
  • Improvement : Import and Export function is improved to carry Revolution Slider data.
  • Improvement : Development mode is improved to provide pretty CSS.
  • Improvement : Add to cart feature of Button element behaviour is improved.
  • Improvement : Version checking is added for Core Plugin to keep the plugin up to date.
  • Improvement : System Status page is improved to display Iconv module status.
  • Improvement : Post Meta is improved to have more functional settings options.
  • Improvement : Lazy loading plugin compatiblity improvements.
  • Improvement : Cache plugins compatibllity improvements.
  • Bug Fix : Tracking codes that added via Control Panel does not work properly.
  • Bug Fix : Template installation fails when wp-content folder name is changed.
  • Bug Fix : Quick cart side block opens from both left & right sides.
  • Bug Fix : Side menu opens from both left & right sides.
  • Bug Fix : Body border and side menu’s close button have positioning and overlapping problem.
  • Bug Fix : Scrolling is not working for default menu.
  • Bug Fix : Scrolling is not working for Elementor’s Navigation element.
  • Bug Fix : Shopping cart buttons are under body border.
  • Bug Fix : Sortable option is not displaying all the categories which are added.
  • Bug Fix : Name, Email, Website fields are not full-width on mobile.
  • Bug Fix : Behaviour option is missing under Custom footer in Meta.
  • Bug Fix : Social widget produces fatal error on front and backend.
  • Bug Fix : Post excerpt and read more tags are not working properly.
  • Bug Fix : Last menu item is not visible in sub menu on mobile for Nav element.
  • Bug Fix : Checkout buttons are under mobile device’s bottom bar.
  • Bug Fix : Cart page’s product quantity is misaligned.
  • Bug Fix : Product rating starts are too small to click on mobile.
  • Bug Fix : Quick cart icon is functional even from Cart page itself.
10 December 2018
  • Improvements : Pagination behavior is improved for Products and Posts elements.
  • Improvements : Removed some options to improve usability for Photo Album element.
  • Improvements : Setup wizard improved to be not displayed for the users who is already registered their theme which is recently updated to the latest version.
  • Improvements : Setup wizard improved to be compatible with Php 5.6v.
  • Improvements : Overlay color options are added for Categories element.
  • Bug Fix : Broken article links in Control Panel.
  • Bug Fix : Sticky header conflicts with Elementor Pro.
  • Bug Fix : Site Logo does not show the primary logo in a mobile state.
  • Bug Fix : Sliding product image buttons are misaligned.
  • Bug Fix : Sub menu’s columns looks messed up for JetMenu.
  • Bug Fix : An empty pixel in the single products’ tabs.
  • Bug Fix : Ornaments options does not work properly for Heading element.
  • Bug Fix : 404 pages do not have a proper HTTP header for 404 pages.
3 December 2018
  • New Feature : Pagination options for Product List
  • New Feature : Plugin & Template installation wizard
  • New Feature : Add to Cart feature is added to Button element
  • Improvements : Added new effects for sidebar of Elementor’s Navigation Menu element
  • Improvements : Responsive selectors and new options are added to Navigation Menu element
  • Improvements : Border options are added to Photo Album element
  • Improvements : Various improvements to keep Core plugin active after uninstalling a template
  • Improvements : RSS URLs opens in new tab
  • Improvements : Normal / Hover options are added for Box shadow feature of Image element
  • Improvements : Run Setup Wizard message box is added
  • Bug Fix : Update to latest version feature produces Update package not available error
  • Bug Fix : Shop’s add to cart button displays a gear icon
  • Bug Fix : Border radius is not working for Navigation element’s submenus
  • Bug Fix : JS error while adding JupiterX template in elementor
  • Bug Fix : Sale price and Regular price has underline
  • Bug Fix : Gradient and Drop Shadow features does not work well together in Heading element
  • Bug Fix : Basket number is not getting updated in Cart element
  • Bug Fix : Customizer options does not work when we enter customizer from a shop page
  • Bug Fix : Cart pages’ steps section is missing in Elementor
  • Bug Fix : JS error in Elementor’s Category element
  • Bug Fix : Template installation produces errors
  • Bug Fix : Arrows overlaps our header section if page contains Testimonial element
  • Bug Fix : Rounded borders are not working properly in Photo Album element
  • Bug Fix : Header overlap feature is not working properly
  • Bug Fix : Various PHP warnings
  • Bug Fix : Typography options affect the WordPress admin bar
  • Bug Fix : Large gap below image after setting its’ height in Product template #2
  • Bug Fix : Search elements’ icon is still displaying even after removing it
  • Bug Fix : WP is not displaying author photo in blog template 2 despite its already set
  • Bug Fix : Customizer redirection of 404 and Maintenance options are not working properly
  • Bug Fix : Blog template 2’s border should work when featured image is disabled from meta or when there is no featured image assigned to post
  • Bug Fix : Various of alignment issue in Customizer
  • Bug Fix : Search icon should be right aligned as default when Full Screen is selected in Search element
  • Bug Fix : Parameter must be an array or an object that implements Countable error
  • Bug Fix : WooCommerce > Product Images redirects to blog posts instead of single shop page
  • Bug Fix : JupiterX logo displays at wrong place in Elementor
  • Bug Fix : Undefined index error in customizer > product list
  • Bug Fix : There should be no limitation for dropdown fields in Customizer
  • Bug Fix : Body border issue
  • Bug Fix : Form element does not work properly when its added to footer
  • Bug Fix : Installing templates produces errors
  • Bug Fix : Button focus is not right at bottom of buttons
16 November 2018

The day has arrived! Today we are rolling out the public release for Jupiter X. The most stable version of Jupiter X and ready for production! 😉

24 October 2018

This Beta release features some new additions, many improvements, and bug fixes.

  • New Feature : Multilingual Support
  • New Feature : RTL support
  • New Feature : WPML & Polylang support
  • New Feature : Ubermenu plugin support
  • New Feature : Raven > Form Element – Added Google reCAPTCHA field
  • New Feature : Select Icon for Menus support (Via Menu Icons plugin, install from control panel > plugins)
  • New Feature : Typekit Integration
  • Improvements : Many Under the hood improvemnts, 100% pass Theme Check plugin standards.
  • 2 October 2018

    Initial Beta 1 Release

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